History and Officers, 1875-1880

The Second Congregational Church was organized December 15, 1875. It was formed by the union of the Presbyterian and Wesleyan Methodist Churches, though the latter did not give up its organization.

Early pastors were:

Rev. Darius Bettes, first pastor

Rev. Levi F. Waldo, April 1, 1878-

Rev. A. H. Norris, May 23, 1880-

The original number of members was about 25, which at last reports was reduced to 21 (1880). The members are regularly incorporated as a society with seven trustees, clerk and treasurer.

They have worshipped in the schoolhouse most of the time since organizaation, but are now making preparations for building a frame building 33 x 48, with projections at the front and rear. The estimated cost unfurnished is $1,500.

They unite with the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Sunday-school this summer under Superintendent Alfred Depue. The number in school is about 50.

The present officers are:

Rev. Austin H. Norris Pastor

John D. McNaughton Deacon

Archibald McMillan Deacon

John Spence Trustee

John McPherson Trustee

John McMillan Trustee

Dugald J. McNaughton Trustee

William P. Russell Trustee

Robert Turner Trustee

Created: 13 July 2005