History and Members, 1865-1868  #95

The Baptist Church was organized about the year 1850, under the labors of Rev. Amos Chase, then in his old age, living with his son on a farm in the township of Ada about 3 and one-half miles from the village. Prominent among his co-workers in the formation of the society as constituentd members of the Church are:

Henry Holt and wife Harvey Barclay and wife

L. F. Chase and wife(son of Amos)

These with others bore burdens willingly to establish the new interest in the new country.

The first meeting of the church was held at the schoolhouse in Ada, January 29, 1858. Harvey Barclay and Jared Brazee? were chosen to preside at the election of Trustees:

The following were elected as Trustees:

Henry Holt Lafayette F. Chase

John H. Witting Jaredit Brazee?

Harvey Barclay Samuel H. Fowler

(Certification of Election, February 18, 1858)

In 1862, on account of the infirmities of Father Chase, the Church called to the pastorate Rev. S. E. Faxon, Jr., under whose labors a church edifice was erected and nearly enclosed. This was done with an amount of labor little understood by those who have labored only among well-established Churches.

After three years of labor the pastor resigned, and was followed by Rev. Volney Powell who labored until the house was completed and dedicated in 1867.

Rev. Charles Hulbert was next. He, after a short pastorate, was followed by Wm. Buell, who labored here for two years, when he was followed by N. Stilwell, who remained three years. During this period the Church gained a little, step by step. Rev. H. Petitt came, and though he stayed but one year, yet he established the Church in firmer work than it had previously enjoyed. He was followed in 1880 by Rev. D. Gostelow, who is now the pastor.

The Church has been recognized as growing in favor and vitality for the last 20 years, numbering at present members. Amos Chase died in the field and was buried by the society of that Church which he established.

Created: 13 July 2005