1881 Chapman’s History--Organizations

The Kent Scientific Institute,

Noticed on page 464, holds its meeting twice every month, when papers are read, scientific matters discussed, and demonstrations of a scientific character made. The institute issues the following publications: "List of the Collections of A. O. Currier;" "List of Plants of Kent County, with notes;" "Geology of Kent County;" "Shell-bearing Mollusca of Michigan;" while ready for publication is "Archaeology of Michigan." Publications of the society are exchanged with all such works of each scientific society in the United States and Europe. The field work in summer has been the exploration of Indian mounds, three of which are on the west side of the city, near the "old warehouse," 14 mounds three miles below city, on Grand river, and a number in Cascade and Plainfield townships. The researchers of the institute have proven of great value to science, and given the institute an honored name in scientific circles.

The present membership is 50. The officers are: Dr. J.C. Parker, President; Prof. Mitchell, Secretary. Among the prominent members are: John Ball, A.O. Currier (deceased), W.H. Decamp, J.C. Parker, A.J. Daniels, Prof. Mitchell, E.A. Stone, E. S. Holmes, S.L. Fuller and Wright L. Coffinberry.

The collection at the disposal of the institute is large and valuable. The society itself is the senior of such organizations in this State. In 1881 the institute organized two auxiliary sections--the Microscopical and Ichthyological.

Union Benevolent Association.

This association may be said to have been organized in 1847. At that early period in the history of Grand Rapids, a number of ladies banded themselves together for the purpose of relieving the unfortunate and educating the children of the poor. Notwithstanding the difficulties which oppose such enterprises, the members of the first benevolent society of Grand Rapids made the charitable work a success, overcome every obstacle, and gradually raised their first humble institution to a "home" which holds a very important place among the charitable establishments of the State. In the following summary of a sketch prepared by one of the members of the society, its history is given.

In the fall of 1847 a few ladies of the village assembled within the school-house which then stood on a portion of the ground where is now the Ledyard block. The object of this meeting was to establish a benevolent society which would provide for the poor and sick members of the community. Mrs. Charlotte Cumming presided at the formal meeting, and when organization was perfected she was elected President, with Mrs. Lucinda Shepard, Secretary. The plan was essentially that pursued by the U.B.A. of the present time,--a union of the ladies of the different Churches to assist the ailing and necessitous, to relieve and clothe the children of poor parents, to encourage among the indigent poor a taste for industry and cleanliness. In carrying out this program the village was laid off in districts, and two visitors appointed for each division. These visitors reported cases needing aid to the society, with the general result of having such aid tendered.

In 1857 the charitable members of the old society organized the Grand Rapids Orphan Asylum, still continued the system of outside relief, and operated both systems, under separate names and one board of management. A small house was rented in 1857, furnished, and called the "Grand Rapids Asylum." This institution was located on Prospect street, and placed in charge of Mrs. Lucia Johnson as matron. Within a short time the society purchased a house on La Grave street, where its beneficent work was ably carried on for the six years following. During the war for the Union, the number of soldiers who became ill here claimed the attention of the society, and in consequence the regular order of work was partially suspended. In 1863 Mrs. Johnson, the matron of the asylum, died from effects of pneumonia. Subsequently the few children under the guardianship of the society were provided for in another way; the house on La Grave street was rented, with the exception of one room therein, in which the general work was continued.

A revival of interest in the work of the society marked the years immediately following 1865. In 1869 the ground at the corner of College avenue and Fountain street was purchased, and the house on La Grave street sold. Pending the erection of a house of refuge, a small tenement, on Fountain street, was rented, and from September, 1870, to May, 1871, the work of benevolence was carried on there. It appears that during the two succeeding years various circumstance conspired to limit the usefulness of this organization. In 1873, however, the State Legislature authorized the reorganization of the society on a broader basis, and the same year the Gage property on Bostwick street was purchased, fitted up as a "home" and inaugurated December 1, 1875. This institution is supplied with city map, a directory, a list of visiting committees and districts, a record book of applicants for employment, a record of application for domestics or laborers, record cards, newspapers, together with all the articles which go to render the working of such an institution perfect in detail.

In 1875-’6 the association sent a delegate to the convention of the State Board of Charities and Poor Superintendents. A dispensary was inaugurated in 1877, which contributes greatly to the efficiency of the home. The building and grounds of the association are paid for, partly by public contribution, but principally by a generous citizen of Grand Rapids.

The roll of the society comprises the names of 45 active members. The Board of Trustees for 1880-’81-’82 is as follows:

Dr. Charles Shepard, President; T.D. Gilbert, Treasurer; Mrs. S.L. Withey, Vice-President; William Hovey, Gains Dean, N.L. Avery, Mrs. Wealthy Morrison, Mrs. S.L. Fuller, Mrs. William Berkey, Mrs. C. Potter and Mrs. L.R. Atwater. This Board of Directors, composed of 30 ladies, manage the affairs of the home. Mrs. Ellen Wilson is the able Secretary of the association, and Miss Josephine Tolford, Deputy-Treasurer. At the annual meeting, held September 6, 1881, Mrs. J.M. Dudley was elected Secretary.

The Ladies’ Hebrew Benevolent Society

was organized in 1872, with 15 members. The first officers were Mrs. J. Wolf, President, and Mrs. B. Geis, Secretary. The ladies meet in the vestry of the synagogue. Charity to all in the city is the object of the society. The present membership--35. Present officers: Mrs. Joseph Houseman, President, and Mrs. B. Geis, Secretary.

The Young Men’s Christian Association

was organized June 25, 1866, Rev. J. Morgan Smith was the first signer of the constitution, The first officers included: M.S. Crosby, President; John T. Miller and Edwin Hoyt Jr., Vice-Presidents; J. Morgan Smith, R.S.; H.W. Slocum, Treasurer. The present officers are: Julius Berkey, President; E.F. Sweet and Rev. Moredike, Vice-Presidents; F.P. Rowland, Gen. Secretary; C.H. Gleason, Treasurer. Directors: Harvey J. Hollister, John G. Shields, J.H. Huggart, Edwin Hoyt, Jr., L. Lowers, M.S. Crosby, J.W. Jones, N.W. Smith, F.E. Tuttle and James Gallup.

The association first opened on Canal street June 25, 1866, with meetings and reading-rooms and gymnasium. The second place of meeting was on Monroe street, from which it moved into the Ledyard building when it was erected. The membership has increased to about 300. This association stands in better relation to the community than the majority of Y.M.C. association in other cities, It has always been well supported by the Christian and other classes of this city, and also by the pastors of many of the Churches, with whom the members work unanimously. The order of entertainments comprises religious meetings, literary and musical reunions, socials and classes. Sometimes 15 religious meetings are held each week for months by this association. A musical society is now being organized for the purpose of musical instruction. Trades receptions have formed an important feature of the work, special attention being exercised in behalf of railroad men. A reading-room for their benefit is always open near the Union depot. The association has employed four general secretaries during its existence. It is now fortunate in possessing S.P. Rowland, formerly Secretary of the Boston, Y.M.C. Association 15 years, and of the Philadelphia for five years. He is the senior Secretary in the work in the United States. The details of the work are managed by different committees. Men are found employment by the employment committee, and so with the railroad, musical, financial, religious and social committees: each controls a special department. J.G. Read, Librarian, has been in this employ of the association for several years. The reading-room is supplied with 125 newspapers and magazines, showing a list equal in number to that of the Boston society. There is a collection of shells displayed in the room of the association, valuable for its variety and extent.

B’nai B’rith

Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 238, I.O.B.B.--This lodge was instituted June 6, 1875, with 20 members. Julius Houseman was elected President. The organization is under the jurisdiction of District No. 6, with headquarters at Chicago. The object of the order is to elevate the standing of Judaism, to alleviate the needy and the sick, to watch with and bury the dead, and protect our orphans and widows. The officers of the lodge are elected in January and July annually, consisting of president, vice-president, treasurer, vice-treasurer, recording secretary, financial secretary, warden, outside guardian and three trustees. The financial secretary and trustees are elected annually. The present officers include: G.A. Wolf, President; T.C. Levi, Vice-President; M. Tyroler, Recording Secretary; M.A. Heyman, Financial Secretary; M. May, Treasurer; L. Vossen, Warden; L. Mainszer, Outside Guardian; Joseph Houseman, J. Barth and T.C. Levi. Trustee.

Central W.C.T.U.

was organized April 23, 1874. The first officers of the Union were: Mrs. Spencer, President; Mrs. Henry Spring, Secretary; Mrs. E.L. Briggs, Treasurer, with an advisory committee of 15 members. In 1877-’78 five branches were established, viz: Bridge street, 6th Ward, East street and 5th ward. The last named has ceased to exit. The Central Union is now in a flourishing condition, as are all the branches. The present officers of the Central are: Mrs. Leonard, President; Mrs. J. Wheeler, Secretary; Mrs. Julius Berkey, Cor. Sec., and Mrs. M.P. Sapp, Treasurer. There are 42 members enrolled.

The officers of Bridge Street Union are Mrs. Canfield, President; Mrs. Taylor, Secretary, and Mrs. Cordiss, Treasurer. The number of members is 20.

The Sixth Ward Union is presided over by Mrs. P.J. Howard, with Mrs. Freeman, Secretary. There are 35 members belonging to this branch.

The East Street Union claims a membership of 27, and is presided over by Mrs. O. Kellogg, with Mrs. Orsor, Secretary.


Valley City Lodge, No. 52, was organized January 12, 1878. Its present officers are: Martin Gilbertson, W.C.T.; Carrie Plank, W.V.T.;; Elmer Willey, W.S.; Jennie Dale, W..T.; Hattie Escott, W.I.G.; Fred Willey, W.O.G.; C.H. Bacon, W.M.; Annie Dale, W.F.S.

Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 814, is the pioneer lodge of the I.O.G.T. in this city. The present official list is as follows: W.D. Norton, W.C.T.; Miss Jennie Knight, W.V.T.; W.T. Hawk, W.R.C.; T. W. Dwight, W.F.S.; J. Mack, W.T.; C.F. Mitchel, W.M.; Miss Louisa Lowe, W.I.G.; Miss Laura Bailey, L.H.S.; Miss Lina A. Jahnson, R.H.S.; Miss Lizzie Scruby, W.S.S.; A.F. Burch, W.C.; W.E. Grove, P.W.C.T.


Walhala Lodge, No 249, was organized January 12, 1875, with 30 members. The first election of officers resulted in the choice of the following: Henry Hammel, N.G.; Joseph Rupprecht, V.G.; Edward Fleischer, R.S.; Fred Loettgert, Treasurer. The present officers are: John Fox, N.G.; Ferdinand Richel, V.G.; C.F. Mertz, R.S.; August Schmidt, Treasurer; Joseph Rupprecht, D.D.G.M.

Grand Rapids Lodge, No.11, was organized in 1858, with a membership of seven. The first officers included: Jacob Barnes, N,.G.; A.. Carey, V.G.; S. O. Kingsbury, J. W.; George W. Griggs, Sentinel; Elias Matter, R.S., and Ebenezer Anderson, Treasurer. The present officers are: Thomas Remington, N.G.; R.A. Farrell, V.G.; -----Smith, J.W.; William E. Grove, Rec. Scribe; Peter O. Voorhis, P.S.; Ebenezer Anderson, Treasurer. These, together with 94 members, form the lodge.

Grand Rapids Encampment, No. 43,
was organized in 1871. Its present officers are: C.N. Armstrong, C.P.; Rev. Charles Fluhrer, Chaplain; Dorr Skeels, H.P.; James H. Partridge, Scribe; Frank Mattison, Treasurer; R.A. Farrell, S.W. The present membership is 36.

Enterprise, No.212, was organized in 1874. The present officers are: C.N. Armstrong, N.G.; J.. Fogg, V.G.; F.P. Guibert, R.S.; James Melville, P.S.; Hiram Madden, Treasurer. This lodge numbers 46 members.

Together with the lodges named, are Purity Lodge, No.58, D. of R.; West-Side Lodge, No. 250, organized in 1875, and the Odd-Fellows’ Mutual Benefit Association of Western Michigan. The organization of this order here is perfect in detail, and its prosperity unquestioned.

The first lodge of Odd Fellows established here was known as Irving Lodge No.11, chartered in 1846. In 1858 it was reorganized, under the name Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 11.

Masonic Lodge

Grand Rapids Chapter, No. 7, Royal Arch Masons was organized by a special dispensation issued by the M. E. Grand High Priest of the State of Michigan, March 19, 1850. The following are the names of the officers at its organization: Samuel L. Bigalow, H.P.; Joshua Boyer, K.; Amos Roberts, S.; Truman H. Lyon, Treas.; F.D.A. Foster, Sec’y; Jas. P. Scott C. of H.; H. Dean, P.S.

The following are the names of the several H.P’s since its organization, and the years of their office: Truman H. Lyon, 1851; John Almy, 1852; John Clancy, 1853; John Almy, 1854; John Clancy, 1855; D. S. Leavitt, 1856; Wm. P. Innes, 1857; Geo. Gray, 1860; L.A. Rogers, 1861-’4; L. Moore, 1865-’7; J.W. Champlin, 1868; L.H. Randall, 1869; C.H. Johnson, 1870; L.H. Randall, 1872; C.J. Kruger, 1873-5; W.K. Wheeler, 1876; J.W. Champlin, 1877; Geo. W. LaBour, 1878-81.

The officers at present are: Geo. W. LaBour, H.P.; James N. Davis, K.; W.H. Wheeler, S.; N.B. Scribner, C. of H.; F. A. Holcomb, P.S.; Geo. E. Kirk, R.A.C.; A.J. Elliot, M.3 V1; J.W. McGowen, M.2; H.M. Dumas, M.1; E.D. Benedict, Treasurer; L.A. Rogers, Secretary; and Ira W. Evans, Tyler. The present membership of the chapter is 220.

Grand River Lodge, No. 34, was organized March 19, 1849, by a special dispensation from the Grand Master of the State of Michigan. The first officers were: Truman H. Lyon, W.M.; Ira S. Hatch, S.W.; Aaron Dikeman, J.W.; Henry Eaton, Treasurer; Wm. D. Moore, Secretary; Julius Granger, S.D.; Geo. M. Mills, J.D.; Harry Dean, Tyler,--all of whom are dead except Aaron Dikeman and Harry Dean. The present officers are--Isaac H. Parrish, W.M.; B.S. Hanchett, S.W.; DeWitt C. Blackmerm, J. W.; Eben Anderson, Treasurer; L.A. Rogers, Secretary; James Cooper, S.D.; John M. Butler, J.D.; Ira W. Evans, Tyler. The present membership is over 300.

Valley City Lodge No. 86, was organized under dispensation, November 25, 1856, with David S. Leavitt, W.M.; J.W. Sligh, S .W.; Ed S. Earle, J.W. The charter members composed: Wm. R. Barnard, Wright L. Coffinberry, Ed S. Earle, John T. Holmes, Wm. P. Innes, Samuel L. Judd, Ed. D. Benedict, John C. Buchanan, David S. Leavitt, Julius Leonard, Alex V. Mann, John McConnell, Ed. McCollum, Seymour S. Porter, Adam Patterson, Benj. F. Porter, Wm. H. Reynolds, Jas. W. Sligh, Henry Spring. The charter officers, elected January, 1857, were: David S. Leavitt, W.M.; Jas. W. Sligh, S.W.; Ed. S. Earle, J.W.; Seymour S. Porter, Treasurer; Wm. H. Reynolds, Secretary; Benj. F. Porter, S.D.; Sam. A. Judd, J.D.; Henry Dean, Tyler.

The worshipful masters from organization to the present time, included: D.S. Leavitt, 1857-’8; Jas. W. Sligh, 1859; Ed. D. Benedict, 1860-’1; W.K. Wheeler, 1862-’3-’4-’5-’6-’7-’8-1870-’1; J.C. Parker, 1869; J.N. Davis, 1872-’3-’4; Wm. P. Innes, 1875; Geo. W. La Bour, 1876-’7-’8-’9’’80-’1; The officers for the year 1881, are: Geo. W. La Bour, W. M.; R.D. Swartwout, S.W.; Willis P. Shape, J.W.; Ed D. Benedict, Treasurer; Jas. N. Davis, Secretary; Jas. Rawson, S.D.; Allan Bell, J.D.; Ira W. Evans, Tyler.

Tyre Council was organized July 27, 1860, with 14 charter members, The following were the first officers: E.D. Benedict, T.I.G.M.; W.P. Innes, D.I.G.M.; David A. Davitt, P.C.W.; T.H. Lyon, Treasurer; Wm. H. Reynolds, Rec.; S.A. Judd, C. of G.; L.A. Rogers, S.; H. Dean, Sentinel. The T.I.G. Master from organization to the present time, include E.D. Benedict, David S. Leavitt, William H. Tanner, Charles H. Johnson, J. Goldsmith, Jr., William J. Long, George Voorhis, and John W. Champlin. The present officers of the Council are: George Voorhis, T. I.G.M.; John Goldsmith D.I.G.M.; John Bole, P.C. of W.; Thomas Gibbins, Treasurer; John L. Curtis, Recorder; George W. La Bour, C. of G.; Peter Gorter, Sentinel. This branch of the order comprises 56 members at present.

Humboldt Lodge, No. 276, was instituted in 1870. After an existence of 10 years, it surrendered its charter and records to Col. W. P. Innes, Grand Secretary.

North Star Lodge No.4 (colored) was organized in January, 1872, with ten members. The first officers were: Jacob Hiwarden, W.M.; George Anderson, S.W.; J.C. Craig, J.W.; Jesse Walker, Treas. The present officers comprise: Henry Daley, W.M.; J. C. Ford, S.W.; Charles Deartson, J.W.; J.C. Craig, Treas.; George Alexander, Sec.; William Clark, S.D.; Harry Robinson, J. D.; George Wilson, S.; Daniel Johnson, S.; George Washington, T. Present membership, 28.

‘Mason’ Mutual Benefit Association of Western Michigan was instituted in 1875 with 35 members. The officers elected July 6, 1875, were: William P. Innes, President; Crawford Angel, Vice-President; E.D. Benedict, Jacob Barth, L.A. Rogers, E. Anderson, J.M. Davis, J.B. Graves, William H. Reynolds, C. J. Kruger, Trustees; L.A. Rogers, Secretary; E.D. Benedict, Treasurer. The present Officers are: W.P. Innes, President; Crawford Angel, Vice-President; Ed. D. Benedict, Secretary; and Jacob Barth, Treasurer. The Board of Trustees comprises: A.B. Botsford, John L. Curtis, James N. Davis, William Dunham, A.H. Fowle, Elias Matter, Grand Rapids; O.B. Barber, Caledonia; W.H. Fish, Sparta; R.A. Hall, Coldwater; S.J. Koon, Lisbon; E.J. Pruin, Spring Lake; M.W. Riker, Hastings; W.J.H. Saunders, Grand Haven; and A.P. Thomas, Howard City. The two classes of membership comprise 3,840 members.

Doric Lodge No. 342 (West Side) was organized August 23, 1876, with 32 members. The first officers were: W.M., William K. Wheeler; S.W., N.B. Scribner; J.W., W.B. Folger; Treasurer, J.B. Folger; Secretary, C.W. Loud; J.D., D.E. Emery; S.W., Joseph Albright; T., Philip Young. This lodge claims, at present, a membership of 75, including the following named officers: W.M., W.K. Wheeler; S.W., M.L. Northrop; J.W., W.N. Quackenbush; Treasurer, J.B. Folger; Secretary, C.W. Loud; S.D., Alexander Dale; J.D., A.C. Hydom; Tyler, Philip Young.

The De Witt Clinton Consistory, S.P.R.S., 32d, was organized in 1866 at Kalamazoo, and removed to Grand Rapids by permission of the "Supreme Council, where it was re-organized August 15, 1878. The present officers are: John D. Jennings, 33, Illustrious Com. In Chief; Alonzo C. Whitcomb, Ill. 1st Lieut. Com.; Heman N. Moore, Ill. 2nd Lieut. Com.; William P. Innes, 33, Ill. Min. of S. & G.O.; J.Q. Adams, Ill. G. Ch..; Alonzo H. Fowle, Ill. G.M. C.; E.D. Benedict, Ill. Sec. K. of S.; Jacob Barth, Ill. Treasurer; John W. Drew, Ill. G. Eng. & A.; John Goldsmith, Ill. S. B.; Fred J. Morrison, Ill. Capt. Of G.; Leonard T. Guild, Ill. G. Org.; Charles S. Robinson, Ill. G.T.

The Rose Croix Chapter was organized December 1, 1866, at Kalamazoo, Mich., and reorganizes at Grand Rapids in October, 1878. The present officers are W.P. Innes, 33, M.W. & P.M.; Charles H. Brown, 33, M.E.&P.K.S.W.; ----- -----, M.E. & P.K.J.W.; Daniel Striker, M.E.&P.K..O.; R. D. Swartout, R. & P.K. Sec. & K. of S. &A.; Jacob Barth, R. & P.K. Treasurer; E.H. Fowle, R.& P.K.G.M.C.; Fred J. Morrison, R. & P.K. Capt. Of G. the chapter claims 125 members.

Cyrus Council, Prince of Jerusalem, was organized in April, 1868, and was reorganized in August, 1876. The present officers include: W.P. Innes, 33,M.E.S.G.M.; Charles H. Brown, 33, S.G.W.; Eugene E. Winsor, Sec.; Jacob Barth, Treasurer; Alonzo H. Fowle, M.C.; Fred J. Morrison, M.E. The present membership is 125.

Moriah Lodge was organized in April, 1868, and reorganized in August, 1876, by E.D. Benedict, P.T.P.G.M.; Geo. Voorheis, P.D.G.M., with 30 members. The first officers were: John D. Jennings, T.P.G.M.; George Voorheis, D.G.M.; E.D. Benedict, Sec.; C. Burchard, Treas. The present officers include Charles B. Judd, T.P.G.M.; Daniel Striker, D.G.M.; N.. Scribner, S.G.W.; Eugene E. Winsor, J.G.W.; R.D. Swarthout, Sec.; Jacob Barth, Treas.; Alonzo H. Fowle, M.C.; George E. Hubbard, G.O.; Fred J. Morrison, C.G.; Michael Rosenfield, S.; Leonard T. Guild, G. Organist. The number of members belonging to this lodge is 134.

The Knights Templar Lodge was instituted here in November, 1856, by David S. Leavitt, E.C. with 25 charter members. The present officers are: H.. Moore, E.C.; J. Utley, G.;J.C. Smith, C.G.; Rev. Charles Fluher, P.; H. F. Hastings, S.W.;J. D. Lacey, J.W.; Thomas Freeman, Treas.; E.D. Benedict, Recorder; John Brennan, Std. B.; S.E. Watson, Swd. B.; George E. Kirk, W.; F.A. Holcomb, S.; N.D. Scribner, A.J. Elliot, C.B. Judd, Guards. The Eminent Commanders of the order were D.S. Leavitt, E.D. Benedict, J.C. Buchanann, J.W. Champlin, George Gray, L.R. Atwater, L.H.. Randall and H.M. Moore, the present E.C. The commandery now claims 152 members.

Knights of Honor

Samaritan Lodge, K. of H., 387, was organized October 10, 1876, with the following charter members: William H. DeCamp, Henry A. Formby, O.L. Goyette, W.C. Dennis, James R. Morton, William Crawford, William, L. Wilson, J. B. Parker, Allen Durfee, Smith Pratt and Cyrus Pedrick. The officers elected at organization were: J.B. Parker, P.D.; W.L. Wilson, D.; Cyrus Pedrick, V.D.; Smith Pratt, A.D.; H.A. Hormby, R. and F.R.; W.H. DeCamp, Treasurer; O.L. Goyette, Chaplain; William Crawford, Guide; Allen Durfee, Guard and Sentinel; J.B. Parker, Allen Durfee and Smith Pratt, Trustees. The following are the officers elected for the ensuing term by Samaritan Lodge, No. 387, K.of H., January 23, 1881: Edgar A. Fletcher, Dictator; William B. Loveland, Vice-Dictator; Lewis R. Lansing, Assistant Dictator; John G. Steinecke, Past Dictator; Albert H. Standish, Reporter; Henry A. Formby, Financial Reporter; James Dolbee, Treasurer; Isaac Sigler, Chaplain; A.T. Gray, Guide; Jared O. Smith, Guardian; William Ickler, Sentinel, and Dr. James M. Sligh, Medical Examiner.

Columbus Lodge, K. of H., 664, was organized May 29, 1877, with the following charter members: Moses May, Jacob I. Levi, E. Gerechter, A.C. Davis, Charles . Dyer, H.E. Fuller, Bernhard Allen, DeForest Hunt, G.H. Outhouse, Isaac C. Levi, Abram Wilzinski, Wellington Johnson, Charles J. Hupp, Max Treusch, S. Gutman, Nathan Rodman and W.G. Cathcart. The officers elected at organization were: C.H. Dyer, P.D.; J.L. Levi, D.; E. Gerechter, V.D.; H.E. Fuller, A.D.; A.C. Davis, R.; Moses May, F.R.; Nathan Rodman, Treasurer; W. Johnson, Chaplain; C.J. Hupp, Guide; W.G. Cathcart,Guardian; G.H. Outhouse, Sentinel; Moses May, C.H. Dyer, I.C. Levi, Trustees.

December 4, 1878, Columbus Lodge surrendered its charter and consolidated with Samaritan Lodge; since which date the lodge membership has been increased by the accession of 21 members. The following is a list of the Past Dictators, belong to the lodge at the present time, with respective dates at which they were raised to the offices: J.B. Parker, Oct, 13, 1876; C.H. Dyer, May 29, 1877; W.L. Wilson, July 11, 1877; Jacob I. Levi, Jan. 10, 1878; Smith Pratt, July 3, 1878; E. Gerechter, July 11, 1878; A.B. Richmond, Dec. 18, 1878; A.H. Standish, July 2, 1879; Moses May, Jan. 7, 1889; E.J. Herrick, July 8, 1880; I.M. Wilcox, Jan. 9, 1881, and A. Steinecke, July 6, 1881.

Mystic Lodge, 689, west side, was organized July, 1877, when the following were elected first officers: W.H. Powers, P.D.; James H. Walker, Treasurer; Charles Pelton, R.; George A. Hall, F. R.; The present officers of the lodge are: H.M. Reynolds, P.D.; Lyman Keeney, P.; William Cox, Treasurer; J.W. Haywood, F.R.; W.W. Hall, R. The present membership numbers 25.

Independent Order of Foresters

The officers of Court Zunder, No. 8, for 1881-’2 are: Harry Newman, C.R.; Charles Fox, V.C.R.; Eber Rice, Receiving Secretary; .A.C. P arker, Treasurer; D.A. Laubenstein, Financial Secretary; Wm. Echternacht, S.W.; Seidell, J.W.; J.H Nettle, S.B.; A. Worfell, J.B.; Dr. Laubenstein, Physician. The State High Court of the Independent Order of Foresters closed its session at Grand Rapids Aug. 10,1881. The following officers of the State Court were elected for the ensuing term: John H. Roberts of Grand Rapids, State High Court Chief Ranger; J. W. Johnson, of Lawton, State Vice High Chief Ranger; Eber Rice, of Grand Rapids, State High Secretary; Nathan Kint, of Detroit, State High Treasurer; Charles H. Hosken, of Jackson, State High Physician; Charles Trebing, of Grand Rapids, State High Marshall; F. Schulte, of Jackson, State High Counsellor; Samuel Shellfish, of Detroit, State Senior Woodward; Aaron Kaufman, of Detroit, State Junior Woodward; Charles Gillespie, of Lawton, State Senior Beadle; Mr. Steyskehl, of Detroit, State Junior Beadle; Louis Zunder, was elected High Representative from this State to the Supreme High Court of the Foresters, which meets at Terre Haute, Ind., on the second Tuesday in June,1882

Knights of Pythias

A lodge of Knights of Pythias was organized with 28 members Sept. 19, 1881. The officers elected were: H.D.C. Van Asmus, P.C.; A.S. White, C.C.; John Goldsmith, B.C.; W. S. Emery, P.W.; J.M. Wolcott, K. of R. and S.;S.P. Bennett, M. of V.; L.E. Hawkins, G.W. Munson and H.D.C. Van Asmus, Trustees. Application was made for a charter, and the officers were installed by the officers of the Grand Lodge in October,1881.

The Red Men

Henry Coole, Grand Sachem of the Independent Order of Red Men of the State of Michigan, instituted a tribe of this order at Grand Rapids, in September 1881, which started out with a charter membership of about 40. The object and aims of the order are stated to be: "To promote the exercise and practice of the true principles of benevolence and charity, to care for and protect the widows and orphans, and to cultivate and establish friendly relations among mankind." The new tribe is officered as follows: Geo. N. Miller, Grand Sachem; H.A. Ruhlman, Senior Sagamore; John Hart, Junior Sagamore: T.W. Teeven, Chief of Records; Peter Reynders, Keeper of Wampum; L.V. Moulton, Prophet; L. Hart, Guard of Wigwam; J. Miller, Guard of Forest; Alexander Harper and H.S. Williams, Sanapes; J. Kridler, W.P. Howe, B.F. Lockwood and R. Johns, Warriors; E. Wenn, J.H. Jones, A.A. Kinney and J.H. Sheller, Hunters.

Royal Arcanum

Bryant Council, No. 182, was organized Oct. 18, 1878, by , D.G. Regent, R.A. McCarty, with 17 members. The officers elected were: Regent, A.H. Standish; Past Regent, Jno. M. Hoon; Vice Regent, J.M. Wilcox; Orator, E.M. Adams; Secretary, E.C. Allen; Collector, W.Y. Barkley; Treasurer, W.R. Adams; Chaplain, R.M. Luton; Guide, W.E. Remington; Warden, A.L. Bennett; Sentry, S.N. Watson; Trustees, H.H. Holton, J.M. Wilcox, R.K. Putman.

The Regent for 1879 was J.M. Wilcox, and for 1880, W.C. Weatherby. The officers for 1881-’2 are: Regent, A.L. Bennett; Vice-Regent, W.B. Loveland; Orator, A.J. Holt; Secretary, H.H. Holton; Collector, S.W. Watson; Treasurer, W.R. Adams; Chaplain, R.A. Baker; Guide, J.B. Barlow; Warden, C.W. Remington; Sentry, J. Waddell; Trustees, J.M. Wilcox, G.W. Gay, A.J. Holt; Rep. Grd. Cl., W.C. Weatherby; Alternate, A.J. Holt.

Dr. J.M. Sligh, District Deputy of the Royal Arcanum, organized and instituted a new lodge of the order in this city, Aug. 10,1881, when the following were elected: Past Regent, Dr. C.H. Dyer; Regent, Isaac Siegler; Vice Regent, W.H. Sheller; Orator, B.F. Sliter; Recording Secretary, F.J. Wurzburg; Collector, John H. Noreus; Treasurer, Louis Zunder; Chaplain, Edward H. Horton; Guide, Charles Yales; Warden, Ernest Siegler; Sentinel, E. Sundberg; Trustees, Jacob Jacobson, Albert Rosenthal and Charles Wright; Medical Examiners, Doctors Sligh and Church.

The Grand Army of the Republic

Was organized here under Department Commander Col. A.T. McReynolds. Perhaps in no other quarter of the Union is the association so influential as here in this old military center. The posts represented here are the "Custer" and "New Champlin." the latter of which was organized Sept. 10, 1881, with the following officers:--Post Commander, E. O. Stevens; Senior Vice P.C., A.A. Milmine; Junior Vice P.C., John Lindsey; Quartermaster, A.S. Richards; Surgeon, Henry Cadwell; Chaplain, Wm. Nesbitt; Officer of the day, H.A. Hydorn; Officer of the Guard, James Simonds; Adjutant, C.L. Shattuck.

The Holland Mutual Aid Society

Is an organization, whose main object is to assist sick members by paying to them a sum of money every week during their sickness and to furnish them with watchmen if necessary, and in the second place to educate their members in literature. It was started March 4, 1874, by J. Hensen, T. Jansen, J.C. Dortmond, W. Benkers, B.J. Van Onsenoord, J.D. Stockers, J. Nisters, M. Heisma and H. Lindhout, and it was organized according to the laws of the State of Michigan, by the then officers of July 29, 1876. The first election of officers took place May 27, 1874, resulting as follows: President, J. Hensen; Vice-President, J.C. Dortmond; Corresponding Secretary, J. Van Osenbruggen; Treasurer, H. Lindout; Trustees, M. Heisma, W. Borrendamme, C. Sonke, J. Nisters, H. Gaalken, T. Jansen, B. Sonke and J. Eike.

The following shows the election of officers of said society from that time up to 1881:

1875 1877 Tres., J.M. Metz

Pres. J.D. Stockers Pres., P.H.Eleveld Trustees, W. Brummeler

V.Pres., J.C. Dortmond V.Pres., M.B. Kimm P. Jansen, J.Hensen

Cor.Sec. J.Vander Osenbruggen Cor.Sec. H.M. Buhrmann 1880

Fin Sec. W. Vander Maas Treas. J. Hensen Pres. S. Jansen

Treas. J. Hensen Trustees,S.D.Z7ylstra J. M.Metz Vice-Pres.R. Vander Werp

Trustees, B.Sonke, M.Eyke R. Kimm Cor Sec. J.C. Heyboer

W. Heisma,C.Sonke,P.Jansen 1878 Fin Sec. S.D. Zylstra

A. Qierleyn, P.H. Eleveld, Pres.P.H. Eleveld Treas. J.M. Metz

P.J. Heystek V.Pres. J.C. Dortmond Trustees, P. Van Dyk, J.

1876 Cor Sec. H. Van Aalderen Hensen, H. Van Aalderen

Pres. P.H. Elevoed Fin Sec.H. Vincent 1881

V.Pres. T.Jansen Treas. J.M. Metz Pres. P.H. Eleveld

Cor Sec. J. Van Osenbruggen Trustees,S.D. Zylstra, J. Vice Pres H.M.Buhrmann

Fin Sec J.Quiderhock Grieber, M.B. Kimm Cor Sec H.Van Aalderen

Treas. J. Hensen 1879 Fin Sec W. Brummeler

Trustees,H.M. Buhrmann Pres. P.H. Eleveld Treas. J.M. Metz

J.M.Metz, H.Van Aalderen V.Pres. R.Kimm Trustees, J.Luback, P.

Fin Sec. H. Vincent Van Dyk, J. Hensen

During the time of its existence the society lost only two members by death. It has now a membership of 144.

Organizations of Recent Date

Covenant Mutual Benefit Association.--The first meeting of this society, since its re-organization and consolidation with the Covenant Mutual Benefit Association of Illinois, was held July 28, 1881, in the hall of the Grand Rapids Lodge, No.11, I.O.O.F There were present 125 members in person and by proxy. The report of the trustees showed that 1,890 applications for membership had been received during the preceding six months; that the present membership was 6,812, being a net gain in six months of 1,306;that there had been 23 deaths and 23 claims paid. The total amount paid beneficiaries was $65,887,73, being an average of $2,429.90. The death rate per 1,000 had been 3.73, or one death in every 267 members. The receipts during the six months were $81,592.72, and the total expenses had been $71,586.32. The net balance in the hands of the treasurer was $19,725.91, of which $15,000 was in U.S. Bonds and $4,725.91 in cash. After reading the reports of the trustees, secretary, treasurer and finance committee, the following Trustees were elected for the ensuing year: Rev. Chas. Fluhrer, Dr. C.W. Prindle, P.O. Voorheis, Charles N. Armstrong, Jay L. Deming, Dr. H.S. Holden and Frederick Loettgert. The Trustees elected as officers for the year, 1881-’2, are the following persons: President, Rev. Charles Fluhrer; Vice-President, Dr. C.W. Prindle; Secretary, P.O. Voorheis; Treasurer, Frederick Loettgert.

The Lowell Club.--The organization of Lowell citizens, living at Grand Rapids, into a body known as the "Grand Rapids, Lowell Club," selected the following board of Officers for the initiatory term, beginning July 11, 1881: President, F.H. Hosford; Vice-President, Frank W. Hine; Secretary, George L. Stone; Treasurer, Albert W. Hine;

Executive Committee, Willard Keeney, Louis E. Hunt and Fred C. Devendorf. A number of social and literary entertainments, to be held here and at Lowell, are contemplated by the society.

Miscellaneous Societies

A new boat club was organized in the upper part of the city, called the "Neversink,"

Aug. 2, 1881. The club built a boat-house on the river just below the Leonard street bridge, 16x24 feet in size, and is building a barge 60 feet long, to be used for pleasure excursions.

St. George’s Society.--The following officers have been elected for the six months ending Dec. 12,1881: President, Wm. Jackson; Vice-President, George Smalley; Treasurer, Harry Cooper; Financial Secretary, Thomas Brinton; Recording Secretary, John Wood; Physician, Dr. Hazelwood; Trustees, Alfred Cooper, S. Curtis, E. Jones; Visiting Committee, Messrs. Weeks, Lawrence, Formby, Curtis and Newman.

Sanitary Association.--The officers elected for the year 1881-’2, are: President, Right Rev. G.D. Gillespie; Vice-President, Prof. E.A. Strong; Secretary, Dr. C.H. Maxin; Treasurer, A.T. Page; Executive Committee, Rev. J. Morgan Smith, Robert Sproul, Dr. Stevens and E.B. Fisher.

Mutual Benefit Association.--The employees of C.C. Comstock organized a mutual benefit association, the object of which is specified in the name, and elected the following officers, Aug. 2, 1881:President, Fred Taylor; Vice-President, Albert Babcock; Secretary, Wm. H. Vanderheyden; Treasurer, Chauncey H. Fisher.

St. Mark’s Guild, which was formed in June, 1881, by the Rev. S. Burford, for the benefit of the young people of St. Mark’s Church, has done and is doing a noble work in different parts of the city through the various committees. Early in August the reverend gentleman found another guild at the chapel of the Good Shepherd, for the purpose of doing a good work in connection with the Church in that part of the city. The grounds and building are to be beautified by this guild. The Sunday-school at this place is large, and the services are held every Sunday afternoon by the Rev. S. Burford, and are well attended.

We-que-ton-sing.--At the recent meeting of the Wequetonsing Resort Association ( Presbyterian Resort) at Harbor Springs, the following Directors were chosen for the ensuing year: L.H. Trask, W.O. Hughart, I. Montgomery, H.H. Northrop, H.M. Morey and H.H. Pope. The officers were re-elected as follows: President, I.H. Trask; Vice-President, W.O. Hughart; Secretary and Treasurer, H. H. Pope.

The Wood-Carvers.--At the semi-annual meeting of the Wood Carvers’ Association the following officers were elected: President, S. Lopez; Vice-President, M. Condon; Receiving Secretary, O. Fuller; Financial Secretary, M. Heintz;` Corresponding Secretary, M. Manning; Treasurer, T. Gleason; Trustees, R. Spencer, R. Fife and W.Vogelsaug; Librarian, M. Condon; Sergeant-at-arms, H. Hehno. The association is prosperous. It has about 50 members, has permanent rooms, and meets regularly once in two weeks.It has the nucleus of a fine art library already. The association is also arranging for a benefit of about $5 per week for members who may suffer from illness.

The organization of the Grand Rapids Furniture Manufacturer’s Association was completed at the meeting held June 27, 1881, bt the election of the following Directors: Julius Berkey, of Berkey & Gay, three years; E.H. Foote, of Chair Company, and O.L. Howard, of the Phoenix, two years; J.E. McBride, of Nelson, Matter & Co., and J.C. Moore, of the Grand Rapids Furniture Company, one year.These directors, together with the following officers chosen at a previous meeting, constitute the Executive Board of the association: Elias Matter, President; T.F. Richards, Vice-President; J.C. Darrah, Secretary.

Land League.--At the last regular meeting of the local Land League, held June 29, 1881, the following officers were elected: President, Thos. Nester; Vice-President, P. McMahon; Secretary, E.J. Reynolds; Treasurer, Thos. Doran; Executive Committee, Thos. Welch, M. Caulfield, A.A. Brown.

The Valley City Choral Society is the name of a new musical organization with 40 members, established here in September, 1881, for the purpose of elevating and advancing the cause of music in this city. It had its origin in the desire of many good musicians to place the cause of music on a more solid footing than it has previously occupied here. It bid fair to be the most successful enterprise of such a character ever originated in Grand Rapids. There will to be two classes of members, active and associate. The following officers have been chosen to serve till January 1, 1882: President, Hon. T.D. Gilbert; Vice-President, C.H. Gleason; Secretary, W.H. Loomis; Treasurer, J.H.P. Hughart; Board of Directors, L.P. Eddy, H.W. Nash, L.D. Follett. The resident, Secretary and Treasurer are ex officio members of the above Board of Directors. At the first meeting of the Board of Directors, Prof. A.R. Wellenstein was selected to fill the position of Musical Director.

Among the societies failing to supply data ot names are the following: St. George’s, St. Joseph’s, St. Patrick’s, and St. Delbert’s (polish) Benevolent societies; Lawrence Barrett Dramatic Club, Yung Maenner Band, Moghawk Club and the Workingmen’s Aid Society.


Every characteristic of the village of 1849 is changed, or has disappeared. The march of improvement has dwarfed the past, and risen above its highest hopes. Where was the log cabin or the diminutive frame dwelling or store-house of the first settlers, are now great business blocks, showing larger proportions, and bespeaking more honest wealth than those great fendal castles of the old, dull, monarchical world. Away up and down that river are the busy mills and factories of a beautiful city, which, less than a half a century ago, swept past the rude villages of the savage allies of the British in their last efforts to destroy the young Republic. Hills have been cut down, streamlet courses changed, the swamps filled up, and the very face of old Dame Nature changed in every feature.

The manufacturing industries of Grand Rapids are generally of that class which are known throughout the Union; not few of them hold a high reputation in Europe; all of them form a testimony to the enterprise of a people which cannot be surpassed. Today the city is the center of the furniture trade, and on other branches of manufacture it has outgrown many of its older rivals.

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