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Sign and a View of the Cemety

Washington Park Cemetery
Walker Township, Kent County, Michigan

D.A.R. Reading (1930)
Transcribed by Debbi Manni
A-J     K-Z

Manni Reading (2000)
Cemetery reading and reporting by Debbi Carpentier Manni and Michelle Manni.
Aa-Az    Ba-Bz   Ca-Cz   Da-Dz   Ea-Ez   Fa-Fz   Ga-Gz 
   I-J   Ka-Kz   La-Lz   Ma-Mz   Na-Nz   Oa-Oz 
   Qa-Qz   Ra-Rz (Records mission)  Sa-Sz   Ta-Tz   Ua-Uz   Va-Vz 
  Ya-Yz   Za-Zz

2010 - Summer Updated

The cemetery was walked by Evelyn Sawyer to record the "R's" and to update the records to July, 2010

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