Index to the Mount Calvary Cemetery Records - June, 2013

A       Ba-Bl       Bo-By       C       D       E-F       G       Ha-He       Hi-Hy       I-J       K       L
Ma-Mc       Me-My       N-O            Q-R       Sa-Sh       Si-Sz       T-U-V       W-X-Y-Z

The 2013 cemetery records include four kinds of records.
1) The records transcribed in 1930
2) The Burials Records from St. Mary's Catholic Church to 1956
3) The cemetery cards that were filmed in 1983 and placed in the Grand Rapids Public Library - 4th Floor
4) The cemetery was walked and transcribed in 2012 and 2013 and all four records combined by Evelyn Sawyer

Sections:  1, 2, 3, 4, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and J plus LMC.
Section A is where some of the priests are buried.  Although some are buried in their family's burial lot.
Section B contains family lots, a mausoleum, and some lots that were set aside for the burial of nuns and one Mother.
Section LMC=Little Mount Calvary contains some of the nuns and mothers.  This lot was dedicated in 1910
Section F is located next to the LMC and contains two rows of young women. 
Section 1 contains an area where individuals were buried who stay at the Little Sisters of the Poor Home.  This section is very hilly
and part of it is covered with sand that flows down the hill so there are gravestones that are covered and difficult to find.
The remaining sections have individual and family lots in them.
OLD are the records that were transcribed in 1930 where the connection to the cemetery sections was not found.

Dau = Daughter
Fr =  Father
Hb = Husband
Mr = Mother
Trans = Transferred
Wf = Wife

Polish Words:
Mother = Matka
Father = Ojciec
Son = Syn
Daughter = Corka
Grandma = Babcia or Busia
Husband = Maz


Created: 3 July 2013