Greenwood Cemetery
Walker Township, Kent Co., Michigan

DAR Records

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N,    O,    P-Q,    R,    S,    T,    U,    V,    W,    XYZ

Greenwood Cemetery Maps and Signs

Schermerhorn Gravestones
Shinn Gravestone

Records to 2001

A,    B,    C,    D,    E,    F,    G,    H,    I,    J,    K,    L,    M,    N, 
O,    P,    Q,    R,  S,      T,    U,    V,    W,    X,    Y,    Z

NOTE: Lot/Block/Grave information added to the deaths through 1879.  Also, all names that were not mentioned in these records, the Name, Lot/Block/Grave and burial date have been added. (2006)

(Note: The last entry in these records is July 9, 2001.)


Greenwood Cemetery
Walker, Michigan


Created 4 June 2003