[an error occurred while processing this directive] Fox's Corner's Cemetery (GR. 42)
Vergennes Township
Cemetery visited and headstones transcribed by the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) on or about October 21, 1928

Adams, Cora L.
  see Krum

Adams, O. O.
b.1839 d.1909; 2nd Col. Cav.

Adzit, Henry
b.May 11,1809 d.Jan. 1,1862

Alger, John
d.__ 6,1853; a.-70y 7m

Alger, Lewis
d.Jan. 26,1884; a.-61y 4m 11d

Alger, Lovena
w. of Lewis;
d.Jan. 18,1879; a.-52y 8m 22d

Atwood, Sarah
w. of William;
d.March 4, 1865; a.-63y 11m 4d

Atwood, Wm.
b.1800 d.1889

Avery, Edward
d.March 27,1872; a.-52y 6m 27d

Avery, Hanna A.
  see Robinson

Bailey, Hattie B.
w. of Wm; d. of Wm. & H.T. Sherrard;
d.Sept.27,1898; a.-26y 17d

Beard, Caroline
  see Page

Bills, Charles H.
s. of Stephen & Amy J.;
d.July 20,1854; a.-3y 4m 26d

Bisby, Artemissea
w. of Geo.;
b.Dec. 20,1817 d.Sept. 29,1871

Bisby, George S.
s. of G.B. & A.;
d.Sept. 11,1870; a.-18y 3m 11d

Bisby, John
s. of G.B. & A.;
d.May 13,1845; a.-4y 2m
--also other children of G. & A.

Bisby, Mary V.
d. of G. & A.;
b.Sept. 15,1850 d.Sept. 18,1874

Burch, Alpeus
d.Jan. 27,1873; a.-76y

Burch, Elizabeth
w. of A.;
d.July 11, 1871; a.-63y

Burroughs, James C.
d.Oct. 31,1865; a.-64y

Chrysler, Francis
s. of Jacob & Naoma;
d.Feb. 17,1849; a.-5y 9m

Cole, Abner
d.Aug.12,1855; a.-69y 5m 3d

Conklin, Eliza C.
d. of J.B. & P.S.;
d.Dec.30,1861; a.-5y 8m 5d

Davis, Adelia
d. of W. & E.;
d.Sept.12,1859; a.-3y 9m 17d

Denton, Wm. K.
d.Sept. 18,1863; a.-33y 11m

Devendorf, Emma
b.Aug.17,1859 d.Jan.10,1860

Devendorf, James F.
s. of J.J. & N.;
d.March 3,1854; a.-17y 2m 6d

Devendorf, Thomas J.
d.Nov.28,1860; a.-30y 11m

Deyarmond, A.F.
b.Feb.28,1811 d.Dec.7,1890

Douglas, Maria
b.March 26,1841 d.June 10,1886

Dudbridge, Millison
w. of John;
d.Oct.29,1872; a.-73y 3m 11d

Evans (?), Dora
n.d.; on lot with Manela

Evans, Manela
w. of Jay J.;
b.Aug.27,1864 d.Feb.5,1899

Evans, Oren
b.Sept.6,1852 d.May 14,1912

Evans, Viola (Wife)
b.Jan.13,1860; o.d.; on lot with Oren

Evens, Charles
b.Jan.14,1862 d.Oct.18,1896

Evens, Cora E.
d. of John & Lucinda;
b.Dec.29,1873 d.Oct.14,1892

Evens, G. Harold
s. of C.A. & R.C.;
b.Aug.29,1894 d.Jan.29,1897

Evens, John
b.Dec.5,1825 d.Nov.27,1894

Evens, Lovisa H. Landon
w. of John Evans(?);
d.Sept.12,1852; a.-21y 3m 5d

Evens, Lucinda
w. of John;
b.Aug.15,1837 d.Dec.1,1911

Fairchild, Isaac B.
d.Sept.17,1854; a.-39y 7m 3d

Fallas, Carrie J.
  see Rice

Fallas, Frances Jane Page
w. of Jno. E.;
b.Dec.23,1842 d.May6,1868; teacher

Fallas, Minerva
w. of S.S.;
d.May 28,1863; a.-57y 7m 28d

Ford, Alva S.
b.1829 d.1901

Ford, Lucinda
b.Aug.13,1833 d.March 3,1870

Foster, Henry
b._ _,1806 d.Sept.23,1892

Foster, Juliza
b.Nov.26,1811 d.Oct.4,1886

Fox, Barbara
b.1816 d.1899

Frazier, Julia Elma Page
w. of Clark L.;
b.Nov.8,1847 d.Feb.10,1902; teacher

Fullington, Mary
b.1823 d.1909

Garter, Henry
d.Aug.8,1860; a.-76y 5m

Garter, Mary
w. of Henry;
d.April 22,1875; a.-85y 11m 22d

Goodsell, ______
s. of J.B. & M.E.;
d.Sept.15,1882; o.d.

Goodsell, Emma E.
w. of R.N.; d. of A.K. & L. Shaw;
d.May 17,1860; a.-20y 3m 2d

Goodsell, Millard
s. of J.B. & M.E.;
d.March 28,1867; a.-9m

Hagle, Bertha
b.1858 d.1923

Harrow, John R.
s. of F. & S.O.;
d.Sept.14,1862; a.-2y 7m 15d

Hendrickson, Benny
s. of C. & E.;
b.April 29,1871 d.Sept 28,1873

Hendrickson, Cam
n.d.; Co.F, 9th Ind. Inf.

Hopkins, Elizabeth
w. of John T.;
d.March 7,1872; a.-60y

Hopkins, Henry
s. of J.T. & E.;
d.May 5,1874; a.-19y 10m

Hopkins, Rosettie
d. of J.T. & E.;
d.March 13,1871; a.-19y 11m 13d

King, Ann E.
  see McKelvey

King, Arza H.
d.Jan.25,1906; a.-89y 6m 9d

King, Catharine
w. of David Jr.;
d.Oct. 16,1855; a.-61y 4m

King, David, Jr.
d.Oct.21,1844; a.-58y 18d

King, Delila
w. of A.H.;
d.Nov.1,1893; a.-74y 7m 13d

King, Lucinda G.
w. of Myron J.;
d.March 7,1902; a.-77y 8m

King, Mary
w. of Norton G.;
d.Dec.9,1855; a.-34y 9m 21d

King, May A.
d. of M.A. & S.A.;
d.April 12,1871; a.-1m 1d

King, Myron J.
d.Dec.28,1884; a.-70y 7m

King, Norton G.
d.Dec.27,1843; a.-26y 10m 27d

King, Reuben
s. of A.H. & D.;
d.Dec.9,1863; a.-17y 8m 22d

Knapp, Amasa
d.March 8,1871; a.-68y 1m 7d

Krum, Cora L. Adams
w. of John;
b.1873 d.1910

Lambertson, Robert H.
s. of W. & H.;
d.Oct. 6,1862; a.-27y 6m
"-he gave his life in defense of his country."

Landon, Lovisa H.
 see Evens

Lee, Charles J.
s. of S. & H.;
d.Feb.20,1847; a.-4y 6m 3d

Lee, Edwin R.
s. of Charles & Alice;
d.Nov.16,1873; a.-4m 21d

Lee, Emmegemea
b.Jan.28,1851 d.May 30,1858

Lee, George D.
b.Nov.11,1844 d.July 25,1859

Lee, Harriet (Wife)
b.Nov.7,1821 d.July 11,1901
on lot with Solomon

Lee, Solomon
b.Feb.18,1814 d.Feb.26,1881

Leslie, Cyrus
d.March 19,1869; a.-77y 4m 7d

Leslie, Hanna A.
  see Robinson

Leslie, Hannah MacMartin
w. of Cyrus;
d.Sept.15,1891; a.-94y 4m 15d

Long, Marion J.
w. of W.;
b.1845 d.1912

Lucas, Clement
d.Aug.16,1881; a.-51y 8m 15d

Lucas, Lamira
w. of Clement;
b.1840 d.1906

Lyon, Lovisa
w. of Morgan;
b.June 9,1812 d.Aug.6,1848

Lyon, Mary
w. of Morgan;

Lyon, Morgan
b.Oct.16,1810 d.April 1,1893

Lyon, Thomas
inft. s. of M. & M.; n.d.

McCabe, Elizabeth M.
w. of John;
d.March 3,1865; a.-32y 11m

McCabe, Frances Jennett
w. of John;
d.March 31,1853; a.-28y 11m 18d

McCabe, John F.
d.Oct.29,1877; a.-63y 9m 22d

McCabe, Mary R.
d. of John F. & Frances J.;
d.Sept.4,1859; a.-15y 10m 23d

McKelvey, Ann E. King
b.Oct.26,1836 d.March 4,1899

McKelvey, Bertie W.
s. of C. & A.E.;
d.Sept.17,1865; a.-11m

McKelvey, Cornelius
b.Jan.15,1822 d.Aug.23,1876

McKelvey, Myron J.
s. of C. & A.E.;
d.July 24,1863; a.-1y 3m 14d

MacMartin, Hannah
  see Leslie

Maracle, Charles
d.April 9,1854; a.-50y 10m

Miller, James B. (Husband)
b.June 7,1821 Orange Co., N.Y.
d.April 3,1877

Moye, Charles
s. of S. & M.;
d.Nov.28,1858; a.-17y 10m 1d

Moye, Mary
w. of Samuel;
d.Feb.19,1909; a.-89y 6m

Moye, Samuel
b.Deisbach, Switzerland.
d.Sept.22,1878; a.-65y 11m

Nevers, Samuel
d.April 9,1863; a.-48y 1m 8d

Newton, Charles
d.Oct.16,1855; a.-48y 4m 21d

Onan, Ann Eliza
w. of Gaberiel;
b.Dec.18,1839 d.July 24,1899

Onan, Charlie H.
s. of G. & A.E.;
d.April 28,1868; a.-7m 13d

Onan, Gaberiel
b.Jan. 18,1830 d.Sept.2,1906

Page, Caleb Dexter
b.Aug.31,1809 Vermont  d.May 4,1854
-Pioneer of Vergennes Twp.

Page, Caroline Beard
w. of C.D.;
b.Oct.13,1809 Connecticut  d.Aug.__,1863
-Teacher of the 1st school within the corporation of Lowell,
when it was an Indian village known as "The Mouth"

Page, Caroline Minerva
b.Dec.19,1841 d.May 29,1863; Teacher

Page, Frances Jane
  see Fallas

Page, Julia Elma
  see Frazier

Parker, (?)  (Mother)
n.d.; on lot with George

Parker, George
d.Dec.27,1848; a.-57y 9m

Peck, Cordelia
w. of C.W.;
d.June 19,1868; a.-29y 1m 15d

Purple (?), ______ (Mother)
----------, ______ (Sister)

Purple, Dr. M.N.
d.Sept. 4,1884; a.-68y

Rexford, Elmina
w. of Ensign;
b.Feb.28,1818 d.Oct.25,1881

Rexford, Ensign
b.March 13,1812 d.Aug.1,1895

Rexford, Nathanael
b.___ __,1841 d.April 2,1870

Rice, Alfred F.
s. of H.A. & C.J.;
d.April 15,1866; a.-13d

Rice, Carrie J.
w. of H.A.; d. of Dr. S.S. & Minerva Fallas;
b.May 2,1840; m.Oct.191862; d.April 9,1866

Rice, Harvey Adams
b.Oct.16,1811 d.April 5,1891

Richards, Arba
d.Aug.11,1870; a.-67y

Richards, Ellen M
d. of Arba & Emily;
d.Dec.29,1856; a.-1y 19d

Richard, Emily K.
w. of Arba;
b.April 10,1820 d.Nov.27,1889

Richards, Philena (Sister of Arba)
d.Feb.28,1869; a.-72y

Richards, Rosetta E.
d. of A. & E.;
d.May 27,1847; a.-2y 3m 7d

Richard, Thales W.
s. of A. & E.;
d.Jan.3,1844; a.-1y 10m 16d

Richmond, Eunice A.
b.March 31,1840 d.May 9,1917

Richmond, J.G.
b.June 1,1821 d.Nov.2,1895

Richmond, Susan L. (Wife)
b.April 26,1826 d.May 5,1864

Riker, Hannah (Wife)
d.Sept.3,1844; a.-70y

Riker, James
d.Jan.7,1845; a.-70y

Robinson, Delila
w. of L.;
b.Feb.25,1805 d.May 12,1879

Robinson, Hanna A.
d. of C.& H. Leslie; w. of Seth T.;
widow of Edward Avery; n.d.

Robinson, Lucas
b.April 2,1804 d.Feb.13,1876

Robinson, Mary
d. of S.T. & A.;
d.Aug.24,1866; a.-6y 11m 13d

Robinson, Mary
w. of Rodney;
d.April 29,1859; a.-54y 17d

Robinson, Phebe
d. of Susan;
b.Jan.22,1838 d.Aug.11,1850

Robinson, Rix
s. of Susan;
b.April 7,1830 d.__ ___,1849

Robinson, Seth T.
b.March 24,1829 d.Aug.9,1893

Robinson, Susan
b.March 8,1798 d.Sept.14,1851
-stone is "in memory of Susan Robinson and her children"
and also bears the names of Rix and Phebe.

Rogers, Alexander
b.Aug.4,1809 d.June 20,1889

Roger, Ann
w. of Alexander;
b.Jan.16,1816 d.Nov.18,1882

Ryder, George
s. of J.H. & M.;
was drowned July 10,1878; a.-17y 9m 25d

Ryder, Matilda
w. of John H.;
d.Sept.14,1877; a.-42y 1m 8d

Sabin, Alida S.
d. of Wm. and Mary;
d.June 6,1859; a.-11y 5m

Sanders, Joel
d.Dec.26,1870; a.-70y

Sanders, Sarah
w. of Joel;
d.June 14,1856; a.-49y

Sanders, Sarah
d. of J. & S.;
d.June 16,1861; a.-16y

Shaw, Alason K.
d.Aug.13,1883; a.-73y 4m 1d

Shaw, Edwin P.
d.March 7,1871; a.-34y 8m 28d

Shaw, Emily A.
d. of A.K. & L.;
d.July 25,1857; a.-12y 7m 15d

Shaw, Emma E.
  see Goodsell

Shaw (?), Georgie

Shaw, Lucy
w. of A.K.;
d.Feb.10,1873; a.-58y 6m 10d

Shaw, M.D.
b.1805 d.1888

Shear, Sabra A.
b.Aug.4,1826 d.Feb.9,1864

Shepard, Mrs. Huldah
d.Sept.3,1868; a.-72y 4m 23d

Sherrard, Hattie B.
  see Bailey

Sherrard, Helen T.
w. of W.;
d.Aug.26,1880; a.-41y 5m 1d

Sherrard, Helen T.
d. of W. & H.T.;
d.Sept.9,1869; a.-2y 1m 12d

Sherrard, John H.
s. of W. & H.T.;
d.Aug.7,1880; a.-16y 28d

Slaght, Agusta
d.June 11,1857; a.-11m 9d

Slaght, Anna E.
w. of C.;
d.Sept. 12,1870; a.-72y 5m 26d

Slaght, Augusta
d. of C. & Anna;
d.June 18,1858; a.-11m

Slaght, Cornelius
d.Sept.6,1864; a.-74y 8m 1d

Slaght, Frank
s. of C. & Anna;
d.May 20,1855; a.-2y 7m 1d

Slaght, Harry A.
o.d. 1892

Slaght, Sarah
b.1833 d.1911

Snelling, Mary
  see Thompson

Snow, Sarah
w. of Warren;
d.April 28,1855; a.-63y 20d

Snow, Warren
d.Feb.4,1882; a.-90y 8m 3d

Snow, Warren K.
d.May 23,1857; a.-20y 11m 8d

Sweetland, Deedie
d. of S.E. & D.D.;
d.Aug.27,1871; a.-5m 15d

Thompson, Charlie H.
s. of J. & M.S.;
b.Nov.4,1846 d.July 14,1848

Thompson, James
b.June 8,1806 London, Eng.
d.May 29,1874

Thompson, James
s. of J. & Mary Snelling;
b.March 25,1837 d.July 16,1842

Thompson, Mary Snelling
b.Sept.12,1810 London, Eng.

Towl, Benjamin W.
d.Jan.21,1847; a.-33y 5m

Towl, Caroline
w. of Benjamin;
d.Jan.6,1884; a.-67y 10m 14d

Trumbull, Elizabeth Wells
w. of Orrin S.;
b.Feb.11,1825 d.April 26,1916

Trumbull, Orrin S.
b.Sept.10,1821 d.Dec.24,1886

Tunks, Charles E.
s. of John & Phebe J.;
d.Oct.15,1871; a.-19y 3m 5d

Underhill, Elizabeth
w. of Alfred;
d.June 20,1860; a.-41y 1m 9d

Wardwell(?), E.L.

Wardwell, Jerome C.

Wardwell, Matilda J.
d.Dec.8,1899; a.-63y

Wells, Benjamin
d.Jan.6,1862; a.-67y 4m 12d

Wells, Elizabeth
  see Trumbull

Westbrook, Mary (Wife)
b.1828 d.April ___,1855

Westbrook, Thomas
b.Aug.12,1809 d.March 24,1891; a.-81y 7m 13d

Whisler, Andrew
b.Oct.31,1820 d.Dec.9,1904

Wickham, Frank
s. of H.S. & Lucy F.;
d.April 2,1869; a.-12y 8m 22d

Wickham, Giles S.
s. of H.S.& L.F.;
d.Jan.15,1858; a.-20y

Wickham, Harrison C.
b.1812 d.1873

Winegar, Eleanor
w. of Ashbell;
d.June 30,1866; a.-34y 9m 27d

Woodruff, Harriet
b.Oct.14,1818 d.Dec.12,1857

Wright, Mariah
b.May 6,1832 d.May 10,1863

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