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Fallass Cemetery, Fallass Tombstone and the Fallassburg Bridge

Fallasburg Cemetery (GR 44)
Vergennes Township
Cemetery visited and headstones transcribed by the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) on or about May 27, 1928
(*See Cemetery Index for pictures of the cemetery.)

Airs, Mary A.
d. of G. and S.; d.July 8, 1852; a.-1y 10m 8d

Airs, Rosey A.
d. of G. and S.; d.June 27, 1871; a.-3y 9d

Airs, Sarah A.
d. of G. and S.; d.June 20, 1852; a.-3y 5m 27d

Airs, Wm. H.
d.Dec.31, 1855; a.-30y 4m 17d

Bovee, Angelina
w. of Peter (information from Sexton);
b.1835 d.1914

Bovee, Cornelius
s. of P. and A. (p.i.); b.1856 d.1923

Bovee, Peter
b.1825 d.1890

Bovee, William
s. of P. and A. (p.i.); b.1859 d.1925

Brown, Henry M.
d.Sept.13,1855; a.-37y 5m

Burgess, Betsey F. Fallass
w. of John M.;
d.Nov.11,1888; a.-74y 1m 4d
on same stone with Wm. and Hannah, and marked father, mother and daughter.

Calvin, James (Father)
b.1833 d.1903

Calvin, Mary Ellen (Mother)
w. of James; b.1843 d.1907

Denny, Charlotte
s. of M.; b.1846 d.1922

Denny, Maxim
b.1841 d.1912

Douglass, Mary
b.March 21,1803 d.July 8,1882

Douglass, Orlin
b.March 14, 1803 d.May 12,1873

Douglass, Samson
b.Nov.2,1834 d.Jan.4,1856

Fallass, Alphleda J.
d. of Wm. and Wealthy;
d.Feb.1,1855; a.-23y 1m 23d

Fallass, Betsey F.
  see Burgess

Fallass, Elizbeth
w. of Wm.; d.March 31,1863; a.-40y

Fallass, Hannah
b.Aug.27,1779 Hartford, Mass.
d.June 10,1860
(very small handwritten note; hard to read but appears to
say "w. of William")

Fallass, John Wesley
b.April 16,1812 d.Nov.5,1896

Fallass, Mary J.
d. of Wm. and Wealthy;
d.Feb.11,1849; a.-21y 14d

Fallass, Orlando
d. of W. and W.;
d.Oct.9,1853; a.-18y 11m 2d

Fallass, Phebe Brown
w. of John W.;
b.March 1,1815 d.Sept.7,1891

Fallass, Wealthy
w. of Wm.;
d.June 3,1854; a.-49y 2m 23d

Fallass, Wm.
b.Feb.3,1775 Boston, Mass.
d.July 31,1854

Fallass, William
d.April 12,1863; a.-59y 2m 13d

Gardner, Alice M. (very dim)
d.--,1853; a.1y 5m

Gardner, Lorenzo D.
d.Nov.16,1854; a.-5m

Hale, Ruby L.
d. of S.P. and E.J.R.;
b.Feb.3,1891 d.Feb.8,1891

Johnson, Eleazor R.
b.May 29, 1816 d.Feb.7,1856

Moon, Satira Fallass,
b.1839 d.1920

Moon, Wilber H.
b.1839 d.1912

Ostram, Charles T.
b.1852 d.1923

Parker, Charles C.
b.1857 d.19--

Parker, Victoria
b.1858 d.1926

Rummel, George
n.d.; Co.K, 16th Mich. Inf.

Sage, Benjamin (Father)
b.June 3,1837 d.Dec.11,1910

Sage, James O.
b.April 15,1849 d.July 4,1914

Sage, Mary E.
w. of Benj.;
b.March 22,1849 d.Sept.26,1896

Sherrard, Earnest B.
b.April 18,1896 d.Feb.15,1899

Sherrard, Frank J.
b.Nov.22,1858 d.May 3,1912

Sherrard, Mary L. Wickham
b.Dec.31,1869 d.Jan.13,1900

Whedon, Augustus
b.1852 d.1927

Wickham, Mary L.
  see Sherrard

Worthington, Ruth
b. 73 yrs.; d. 23 Aug 2013
Hb-Wayne, Sr.
Ch-Dianna, Wayne, Tracy, Billie

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
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