Tower Private Cemetery
Oakfield Township, Kent County, MI


Gate to Tower Cemetery

Monument erected for early Tower Family burials

An early private cemetery of the Tower Family
12 Mile Road and Harvard Avenue

Monument Side One Facing entrance, north

"This memorial was erected by Ray J. Tower in memory of his mother, Editha Newton Tower and in memory of his sisters, Sarah, Augusta and Georgia, who rest here and in memory of his brother, George, who sleeps near Murfreesboro, Tennesee.

This stone shall also be a memorial to those members of the Tower family whose names appear hereon, and who were buried near this stone."

Monument Side Two Facing west

"In Memory of "

Sarah M. Tower, 1849-1852
S. Augusta Tower Turner, 1853-1873
Georgia Tower, 1863-1863
George Burns Tower, 1845-1863
died at Murfreesboro, Tennesee, Grave #2424, National Cemetery

Monument Side Three Facing south

"In Memory of"

Isaac Tower, 1783-1848, married Susanna Field, 20 January 1805
Susanna Field Tower, 1785-1850
Susan Burns Tower, 1817-1847
Winslow Tower, 1817-1854
Elizabeth J. Tower, 1825-1875
Rachel Tower, 1831-1861
Ellen A. Tower, 1853-1854
Carl S. Tower, 1859-1864
Ann Field, 1790-1863

Monument Side Four Facing east

"In memory of our mother, Editha Newton Tower,"
Born 10 January 1824
Married Samuel Tower, 2 October 1848
Died 15 August 1863

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