[an error occurred while processing this directive] Horton Cemetery (GR-71)
Oakfield Township
Cemetery visited and headstones transcribed by the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
on or about Nov. 8, 1928

__, bro. and sister; n.d.

Atkins, Edward

Atkins, Emma
b. Aug. 8, 1855
d. Feb. 8, 1890

Atkins, Harold
s. of C. and M;
b. March 18,1902
d. Jan. 16,1904

Atkins, Mary E.
w. of C.;
b. 1878
d. 1918

Babcock, Benj.
n.d.; Co.H, 197th Ohio Inf.

Briggs, Ray
b. 1881
d. 1916

Brown, Deborah J Tooker
w. of Samuel;
b. April 12,1832 in N.Y. State
m. March 2,1851 in Illinois
d. Jan. 1,1891
a.-58 yrs; pioneer in Courtland Twp. 1855

Brown, Samuel
b. Feb. 24, 1828 in Pennsylvania
d. March 31,1905
a.-77yrs; Co.F, 12th Mich. Inf., 1861-1865;
pioneer in Courtland Twp. 1855

Brown, chn. of Samuel and Deborah J.
Chas. S. b. April 22,1852 in Illinois
Lymon C. b. April 12,1856 in Courtland, MI.
Elbridge A. b. Jan. 16,1859 in Courtland, MI.
Cassius M. b. Nov. 6,1861 in Courtland, MI.
Meeda A. b. July 29, 1867 in Courtland, MI.
Sarah T. b. May 16, 1869 in Courtland, MI.

Degraw, Margret F.
w. of Nilson;
d. Dec.11,1863; a.-44yrs.

Elsbey, Daniel B.
d. Nov. 26, 1863; a.-29y. 1d.

Griswold, Robert C.
s. of S.D. and E.;
d. Jan. 2, 1875; a.-7m. 25d.

Hart, Ezra
d. May 8, 1861; a.-30y 5m

Hart, Harry
s. of L. and M.L.; n.d.; a.-1y 6m 1d

Hart, Leon J.
s. of N.W. and M.A.;
d. Feb. 9, 1889; a.-2y 2m 4d

Hart, Lorenzo C.
d. March 30, 1865; a.-22y 2m
Killed at Battle of Five Forks, Tinwitty Co., Va.

Hart, Louisa
d. of M and S.;
d. June 22, 1859; a.-19y 4m 17d

Hart, Luther
d. June 21, 1882; a-48y 1m 18d

Hart, Mary L.
w. of L.;
b. 1838
d. 1922

Hart, Morris
d. Oct. 20, 1868; a.-59y 5m 5d

Hart, Nelson
s. of Morris and Sarah;
d. March 2, 1857; a.-19y 20d

Hart, Sarah
s. of Morris;
d. March 15, 1888; a.-87y 6m

Hart, Sirena A.
d. of M and S;
d. Feb. 21, 1849; a.-11m 22d

Hiscock, Benjamin
n.d.; Co.I, 9th Mich. Inf.

Horton, Edwin W.
b. 1862
d. 19--

Horton, Emma
b. 1870
d. 1922
on lot with Edwin W.

Horton, Harriet A.
b. June 1, 1859
d. April 25, 1862

Horton, Harriet
w. of Warren;
d. March 2, 1853; a.-49y 17d

Horton, Millard
b. Jan 17, 1858
d. Aug. 11, 1858

Horton, Phebe
b. Feb. 25, 1833
d. June 19, 1874
on same stone w/ Silas P.

Horton, Silas D.
b. Oct. 4, 1828
d. Sept. 16, 1906
on same stone w/ Phebe

Knickerbocker, Frankie
s. of W. and M.;
d. Nov. 28, 1870; a.-4y

Lanning E.
b. Feb. 17, 1822
d. April 3, 1905

Lanning, Mariet R.
w. of E.;
d. June 17, 1888; a.-64y 3m 5d

Martin, Josiah
n.d.; Co. E, 6th Mich. Cav.

b. Nov. 12, 1893
d. Dec. 19, 1893

Moore, Alfred M.
d. April 29, 1864 in Tenn.; a.-28y 4m 25d

Moore, Augusta
d. of N.H. and H.M.;
d. Sept. 8, 1862; a.-1y 2m 14d

Moore, David S.
b. 1840
d. 1912

Moore, George S.
b. 1856
d. 1920

Moore, Hiram
b. Sept. 14, 1798
d. June 12, 1885

Moore, Lydia
w. of DW.;
d. Sept. 4, 1864; a.- 88y 2m 24d

Moore, Margaret E.
w. of Wm. L.;
d. March 19, 1886; a.-52y 7m 14d

Moore, Mariah
w. of H.;
b. April 16, 1805
d. Aug. 22, 1887

Moore, Sarah A.
b. 1846
d. 1867

Moore, Wm. L.
d. April 5, 1913; a.-87y 1m 9d

Reynolds, Henry
d. March 29, 1882; a.-59y 7m 2d

Rowley, Anna
w.of John J.;
d. Oct. 7, 1885; a.-82y 5m 22d

Rowley, Azariah V.
d. July 4, 1874; a.-42y 10m 24d

Rowley, Carrie
d. of AV. and MJ.;
d. March 2, 1875; a-5y 5m 1d

Rowley, Earl
s. of HE. and ME.;
d. Aug. 17, 1872; a.-3m

Rowley, Emily J.
d. of AV. and MJ.;
d. April 4, 1863; a.-2y 1m 27d

Rowley, H.E.
b. May 22, 1840
d. Aug. 13, 1913

Rowley, John J.
d. Dec. 19, 1868; a.-76y 8m 2d

Rowley, Kenneth
s. of GL. and EM.;
b. May 27, 1903
d. Nov. 20, 1903

Rowley, Mary E.
w. of H.E.;
b. March 26, 1844
d. Nov. 6, 1898

Rowley, Milton E.
s. of AV. and MJ.;
d. March 23, 1860; a.-2y 1d

Rowley, Rhoda
b. Feb. 22, 1835
d. May 15, 1898

Salyer, Elizabeth
w. of Joseph A.;
b. March 29, 1857
d. ------------

Salyer, Joseph A.
b. Nov. 11, 1855
d. Nov. 21, 1912

Sanderson, Myra
w. of J.;
d. May 9, 1894; a.-38y

Sanderson, Myra
d. of J. and M.;
b. Nov. 27, 1890
d. Dec. 1, 1890

Scram, Almira R.
w. of J.R.;
d. Feb. 22, 1866; a.-44y 1d

Scram, John R.
d. Aug. 23, 1866; a.-56y 5m 23d

Scram, Nancy
d. of JR. and AR.;
d. July 7, 1862; a.-19y 8m 16d

Scram, Sarah A.
d. of John R. and Almira R.;
d. Sept 10, 1867; a.-21y 9m 7d

Slawson, Charles
s. of David and Mariah;
d. Dec. 5, 1851; a.-8y 7m 11d

Slawson, Leander
b. 1845
d. 1919

Slawson, Mariah
w. of DC.;
d. April 8, 1858; a.-"could not read"

Slawson, Nettie
b. 1847
d. 1908

Sovereign, James
b. 1858
d. 1926

Tooker, Deborah J.
 see Brown

Trego, Martha E.
b. Sept. 12, 1851
d. Jan. 22, 1873

Wilson, Dorlesca A.
w. of OD.;
b. Feb. 18, 1847
d. July 11, 1879

Wilson, OD.
n.d.; Co.H., 21st Mich. Inf.

Wood, Joseph
d. Sept. 7, 1872; a.-73y

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
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