[an error occurred while processing this directive] Punches Cemetery (GR-30)
Nelson Township
Kent County, Michigan
Cemetery visited and headstones transcribed by the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
on or about October 11, 1927

Abby, Chas A.
s. of S & L.L.;
b.March 27,1863 d.March 23,1870

Bailey, Alzina
b.Feb. 2,1826 d.Jan. 3,1867

Bailey, Bradford
d.Sept. 17,1880; a.-55y 1m 29d

Bailey, Charlie
b.April 8,1855 d.May 12,1867

Bailey, Church
d.Feb.25,1858; a.-54y 1m 23d

Bailey, Estella M.
b.July 12,1866 d.Jan.18,1868

Bailey, Eugenia
d. of J.J. & M.A.;
d.Oct. 28,1867; a.-1m 23d

Bailey, James J.
d.March 28,1868; a.-35y 24d

Bailey, Jemima
w. of Church;
d.Nov.26,1858; a.-54y 19d

Bailey, Joseph C.
b.Oct.21,1822 d.Nov.14,1893

Bailey, Laura W.
w. of Jos;
o.d. April 23,1833

Bailey, Lucinda H.
d. of G.S. & E.;
d.Oct.2,1868; a.-3y 1m 6d

Bailey, Oliver F.
s. of B. & E.M.;
d.May 22,1867; a.-4y 5m 22d

Bailey, Sanford H.
b.Sept.20,1819 d.Oct.4,1879

Bailey, Theodore F.
b.Sept.22,1853 d.May 25,1867

Baird, Julia A.
w. of Samuel H.;
d.Ot.18,1874; a.-29y 1m 16d

Barnes, Ethel
b.1883 d.1892

Barnes, Urial W.
b.1853 d.1920

Barret, Manley
d.Sept.23,1865; a.-56y 13d

Barret, Mergy M.
w. of S.M.;
d.Aug.30,1882; a.-51y 8m 9d

Barret, Smith M.
d.Nov.15,1888; o.d.

Bessey, Adelbert
d.April 26,1868; a.-21y 7m

Bicknell, Mary Jane
  see Kirchner

Briggs, Isabel
d. of I. & J.;
d.Nov. 25,1872; a.-3y 4m 15d

Briggs, Jason
n.d.; Co.F, 29th Ohio Inf.

Brown, Geo. F.
s. of P.C. & M.E.;
d.Sept. 9,1876; a.-1y 8m

Cavner, James Sr.
d.Sept.5,1875; a.-62y 1m 3d

Clark, Aseneth A.
w. of Joseph M.;
d.May 19,1867; a.-59y 4m

Cornwell, Charles
b.June 26,1820 d.Aug.2,1891

Cornwell, Hattie M.
w. of S.V.;
b.1858 d.1884

Cornwell, Isaiah
s. of C.M. & C.;
d.Nov.10,1869; a.-21y 5m 9d

Cummer, Albert George
d.J__ 14,1869; a.-26y

Eddy, Barton
b.April 15,1811 d.Jan.1,1869
a.-57y 8m 20d

Farr, Dannie A.
s. of E.A. & E.;
d.Aug. 31,1884; a.-3m

Farr, Frankie N.
s. of E.A. & E.;
d.Sept.25,1874; a.-11m 9d

Farr, Lauran M.
d.of E.A. & E.;
d.Sept. 27,1868; a.-1y 10m 9d

Frost, Lenora Besey
w. of Byron;
b.March 26,1871 d.Jan.17,1894

Graham, Albert E.
s. of E.F. & S.;
d.July 15,1873; a-9m 25d

Graham, Jennie
w. of Charles R.;
n.d.; a.-26y 7m 3d

Graham, Susie
d. of Charles R. and Jennie;
n.d.; a.-9m 11d

Hardy, John
d. April 10,1874; a.-64y
NOTE: The correct death date is 10 April 1874 not 10 April 1871
as previously recorded. (Per family member - Cheryl Gierczak - 25 October 2012)

Henricks, Wm. F.
s. of Z. & R.;
d.Aug. 29,1868; a.-11y 2m 20d

Ingell, Christine
d.March 4,1877; a.-54y 2m 10d

Ingell, Gracie
d. of Julia;
d.March 1,1878; a.-7m 7d

Ingell, J.A.
d.May 6,1863; a.-46y 7m 4d

Ingell, Samuel
s. of J.A. & C.;
d.Feb. 14,1874; a.-18y 11m 5d

Ingell, Zadock A.
s. of J.A. & C.;
d.May 4,1868; a.-26y 10m 2d

Kimball,Charlie B.
s. of C.Wm. & C.A.;
d.Sept. 13,1868; a.-1y 1m 15d

Kirchner, Mary Jane
w. of J.A.; d. of Jas Bicknell;
d.July 28,1870, Cedar Springs; a.-32y

Leake, Byron Orsa
s. of Charles & Sarah J.;
d.April 14,1862; a.-2y 11m 21d

Little, Amelia N.
w. of Ortha;
d.March 11,1880; a.-92y 6m 21d

Phillips, Louis N.
b.July 28,1816 d.Feb.9,1884

Phillips, Mary M.
w. of L.N.;
b.Oct.13, 1821 d.May 14,1875

Price, Julia C.
d. of Lewis & Martha;
d.Oct.3,1869; a.-6y 8m

Proper, John J.
d.Dec.22, 1877; a.-42y 8m 25d

Proper, Wilber
s. of J.J. & M.E.;
d.May 13,1872; a.-13y 7m 7d

Punches, Elizabeth
w. of Samuel;
d.Feb. 8,1877; a.- 51y 2m 20d

Punches, Frankie
s. of S. & E.;
d.June 4,1861; a.-2y 9m 16d

Sheldon, Eliza A.
w. of Morris B.;
b.May 27,1830 d.March 20,1906

Sheldon, George O.
s. of G.W. & S.W.;
b.Feb.3,1868 d.July 25, 1869

Sheldon, Morris B. (Father)
b.June 15,1823 d.Aug. 20,1895

Simmon, Henry
d.Nov. 1,1879; a.-46y

Simmons, Jonas
d.Sept. 23,1875; a.-82y

Simmons, Sophronia S.
w. of Wm. W.;
d.Aug.9,1865; a.-30y 11m 4d

Sisson, Mary E.
d. of S.B. & D.M.;
d.Dec. 28,1863; a.-2y 9m 12d

Smith, Amelia H.
w. of O.;
b.1815 d.1893

Smith, Julivett
b.Sept. 3,1845 d.Sept. 11,1912

Smith, Orlow
d.March 26, 1871; a.-62y 9m

Smith, Orlow L.
b.July 17,1842 d.July 27,1914

Smith, Watson
s. of O.L. & J.E.;
d.Dec. 12,1876; a.-10y 5m 4d

Starks, John L.
s. of J.M. & F.;
d.June 30,1857 d.Oct.20,1870

Stoddard, Almira
s. of E.B.;
d.Jan. 12, 1892; a.-57y 5m 7d

Stoddard, Anna L.
d. of C.S. & B.L.;
d.April 30,1866; a.-8y 11m 4d

Stoddard, Betsey L. (Mother)
b.1834 d.1915

Stoddard, Chester S. (Father)
b.1829 d.1911
Co. B., 1st Mich. L.A.

Stoddard, Eli B.
d.June 10, 1895; a.-63y 7m 22d

Stoddard, Hannah
w. of L.;
d.June 3,1882; a.-70y 8m 25d

Stoddard, Loammi
d.Feb.13,1868; a.-73y 6m

Stoddard, Mary M.
d. of L & H;
d.March 10,1868; a.-22y 1m 8d

Streeter, Caroline
b.1825 d.1871

Streeter, H. Gould
b.1867 d.1886

Streeter, Harmon D.
b.1828 d.1896

Streeter, Morris A.
b.1863 d.1886

Stricker, E.W.
d.June 24,1882; a.-57y 2m 7d

Tompkins, N.H.
d.July 12,1876; a.-56y 19d

Weeks, Eva
b.1861 d.1863

Weeks, John
b.1832 d.1900

Weeks, Wilet
b.1855 d.1867

Whipple, Louis
d.Oct.28,1893; a.-31y 8m 11d

Wood, Charles A.
s. of G.A. & N.A.;
d.Feb. 20,1867; a.-10m 13d

Wood, James H.
s. of G.A. & N.A.;
d.Sept. 10,1865; a.-2y 3m 13d

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
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