[an error occurred while processing this directive] East Nelson Cemetery (G.R.29)
Nelson Township
Cemetery visited and headstones transcribed by the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
on or about October 11, 1927

____, Irene L.; b.1871 d.1913

Arnold, Abram H.; b.Oct.11,1827 d.Mar.2,1904

Arnold, Claude; n.d.

Arnold, Esther A. Thomas; w. of Abram H.; b.June 18,1835 d.Sept.30,1911

Avery, Charlotte; w. of Robt.; b.July 18,1816 d.Aug.24,1893

Avery, Jacob; b.Aug.22,1845 d.Dec.25,1884

Avery, Katie Florence; b.1906 d.1918

Avery, Robert (Father); b.Feb.15,1817 d.Mar.22,1885

Baird, Anna; d. of S.H. and R.A.; d.Dec.31,1878; a.-10m 20d

Benjamin, Earl; s. of W.D. and H.E.; b.June 13,1891 d.Sept.24,1891

Benjamin, Wm. C.; d.Aug.11,1870; a.-48y 9m 22d

Borst, Andrew J.; s. of P. and M.A.; d.Oct.21,1879; a.-2m 20d

Borst, Maggie A.; w. of Philo; d.Jan.27,1892; a.-48y 5m 1d

Borst, Philo; b.1841 d.1912; Co. C, 107th N.Y. Inf.; Co. A, 50th N.Y. Eng.

Bunn, Eva; d.May 1,----; a.-1m 9d

Bunn, Howard W.; d.Feb.13,1884; a.-6y 4m 27d

Campbell, Alfred; s. of F. and A.; d.June 5,1873; a.-2y 7m

Campbell, Gurtruge M.; ch. of F. and A.; d.May28,1873; a.-5y 9d

Campbell, Mary E.; w. of P.; d.July 20,1895; a.-84y 4m 23d

Campbell, Peter; s. of M.E.; d.June 4,1871; a.-10y 8m 27d

Campbell, Peter; d.Aug.10,1897; a.-79y 10m

Cargill, David; b.Feb.28,1825 d.May 5,1904

Church, Gephas; n.d.; Co. G, 19th Mich. ----

Conant, Marion A.; b.1840 d.1879

Cook, Cornelia E.; d.Jan.25,1884; a.-58y 1m 15d

Cook, Ezra; d.May 12,1899; a.-75y 4m 12d

Cook, Ida C.; d. of E. and C.; d.Apr.23,1871; a.-12y 4m

Cook, John S.;b.Apr.14,1850 d.Apr.29,1910

Cook, Lena May; d. of J.S. and G.M.; d.Feb.13,1885; a.-12y 6m 29d

Cowles, Shepard B.; o.d. 1826

Cowles, Sylvester M.; b.1836 d.1884

Crandall, Belle; b.1860 d.1925

De Cou, Frank; b.1837 d.1912

De Cou, George W.; d.Mar.6,1882; a.-47y 5d

De Cou, James C.; s. of Geo. and Mary; d.Oct.20,1888; a.-27y

De Cou, Julia Ann; d. of Geo. and Mary; d.Sept.5,1873; a.-11m 5d

De Cou, Louise; w. of Frank; b.1849 d.1907

De Cou, Margaret; w. of Frank; b.1839 d.1904

De Cou, Mary A.; b.1839 d.1923

Douglass, Hattie M.; d. of R. and J.; d.Nov.27,1886; a.-10y 2m 26d

Douglass, Julia E. (Mother); b.Mar.14,1835 d.Feb.7,1907

Douglass, Robert (Father); b.Mar.17,1822 d.Apr.2,1911

Durfey, C. A.; b.1857 d.19--

Durfey, George W.; b.1877 d.1893

Durfey, John A.; b.July 11,1850 d.May 3,1886

Durfey, M.J.; b.1830 d.1892

Durfey, Minnie F.; b.1859 d.1916

Durfey, Sarah M.; b.1835 d.1898

Durfey, Walter F.; b.1897 d.1898

Earl, James J.; b.Mar.16,1836 d.Apr.21,1897

Easton, Paulina; w. of C. A.; b.Jan.17,1835 d.May 11,1876

Easton, Rebecca R. Pierce; b.Oct.13,1813 d.Nov.11,1891

Eurich, Leonhardt; b.1836 d.1913

Fish, Lilly; d. of Ellon and Martha B.; d.Feb.23,1871; a.-2y 10m 20d

Fletcher, Louise J.; b.1832 d.1863

French, _____; d. of G.S. and R.J.; d.May 26,1892; a.-4m 22d

French, Frankie; s. of J.W. and O.L.; d.May 24,1885; a.-2m 21d

French, John Wesley; b.Dec.1,1832; o.d.

French, Maggie E.; d. of J.W. and O.L.; d.May 13,1875; o.d.

French, Olive L.; w. of J.W.; b.Oct.12,1842; o.d.

Furner, Carrie A.; b.1861 d.1927

Furner, G. Frank; b.1856 d.1919

Furner, Sophia (Mother); w. of Stephen; b.Dec.7,1830 d.July 15,1891

Furner, Stephen (Father); b.July 19,1826 d.July 18,1889

Grant, Harry A.; s. of O. and M.; d.Dec.6,1899; a.-2y 5m 7d

Harder, Anna E.; w. of Gilbert J.; d.Aug.28,1881; a.-27y 3m

Hauscom, Geneva B.; d. of Z.J. and Sarah; d.Feb.26,1821; a.-3y 7m

Hauscom, Sarah H.; n.d.

Hauscom, Zebulon J.; d.Dec.29,1892; a.-76y 10m 2d

Hig_by, Clarence; s. of Albert and Esther; b.Aug.6,1876 d.July 20,1903

Higby, Ester C.; b.1860 d.1921

Hillman, Elizabeth R.; w. of Sam B.; b.Mar.15,1835; o.d.

Hillman, Samuel B.; b.Oct.4,1830 d.Sept.6,1902

Hunter, Mary; w. of J.; b.Mar.31,1850 d.Aug.1,1873

Hutchins, Warren T.; d.Mar.17,1868; a.-17y 5m 12d

Kilts, George L.; d.Aug.20,1891; a.-19y 9d

Kilts, Lucinda; w. of W.H.; b.1850 d.1911

Knight, Laura B.; d.July 23,1883; a.-60y

Knight, Lura; d.Nov.10,1878; a.-24y

La Bar, Crystal E.; d. of C.E. and N.L.; b.Jan.18,1899 d.Sept.12,1899

La Bar, Gerald J.; s. of C.E. and N.L.; b.Jan.12,1895 d.Sept.10,1899

La Bar, Homer E.; s. of C.E. and N.L.; b.1893 d.1918; Co. G, 14th Amm.
Train, Camp Custer

Lockerby, Ora A.; s. of Jacob and Anna; b.Apr.6,1883 d.Mar.18,1901

Mallary, Butler T.; s. of M.B. and M.C.; d.Feb.16,1871; a.-7y

Mallary, Editha; d. of M.B. and M.C.; d.Feb.8,1871; a.-8y

Meisner, Henry; d.July 15,1877; a.-52y

Mulford, Elsie Ann; w. of Thos.; b.Sept.16,1815 d.July 20,1893

Mulford, Thomas; b.Mar.5,1808 d.June 23,1896

Newman, Hannah; b.July 1,1834 d.Sept.27,1898

Newman, Lewis; b.Jan.8,1832 d.Feb.25,1904

Newman (?), Lola; n.d.

Otterbacher, Helen S.; w. of C.M.; b.Aug.18,1798 d.May 23,1888

Overley, Alex N.; b.1859 d.1918

Overley, David A.; b.Sept.6,1854; o.d.

Overley, Elizabeth; b.July 7,1855 d.Oct.21,1896

Overley, Emmaline; w. of Thos.; d.Aug.7,1881; a.-64y

Overley, Grace; d. of D.A. and E.; b.Jan.4,1894 d.Sept.8,1894

Overley, Jennie L.; b.1864 d.19--

Overley, Martin V.;b.1837 d.1913

Overley, Mary F.; b.1843 d.1917

Overley, Roy; s. of D.A. and E.; b.Mar.10,1890 d.Sept.10,1890; a.-6m

Overley, Zella; d. of D.A. and E.; b.Oct.17,1896 d.May 2,1899

Overlie, George W.; b.Apr.12,1861 d.July 31,1899

Pangborn, Lula; b.1887 d.1908

Pangborn, Matilda; b.1858 d.1910

Parks, Beriah G.; b.Aug.28,1826 d.May 28,1912

Parks, Elbert E.; b.Sept.25,1858 d.May 6,1883

Parks, Mary A.; w. of B.G.; b.Nov.1,1825 d.Dec.19,1900

Pierce, Rebecca R.;  see Easton

Plumb, Ellen; w. of John; b.1849 d.1871

Plumb, Eugene C.; s. of John and Ellen; b.1869 d.1887

Plumb, John; b.1840 d.1924

Plumb, Martha A.; w. of John; b.1857 d.19--

Plumb, Rufus F.; s. of John and Martha; b.1872 d.1907

Pomeroy, Arvilla; w. of J.L.; b.1849 d.1910

Porter, Catherine E.; b.1848 d.1925

Porter, Martilles (Father); b.1838 d.1913

Porter, Raphael (Grandfather); b.1789 d.1881

Randall, Betsy; w. of Abram; d.Sept.9,1867; a.-79y

Reams, Mary Jane; w. of Wm.; d.June 9,1876; a.-32y

Reynolds, Lura;  see Skinner

Rivett, Harry; s. of E. and M.; b.Mar.21,1892 d.Feb.9,1903

Roberts, Jas. H.; n.d.; Co C, 13th Mich. Inf.

Sabin, Daniel; b.1816 d.1880

Sabin, Mary; w. of Daniel; b.1817 d.1893

Schmidt, William F.; b.1850 d.1915

Sipple, Alvah; b.Nov.19,1878 d.Aug.3,1903

Sipple, Fredrick; b.1860 d.19--

Sipple, Kate; w. of Wm.; d.May 20,1889; a.-39y

Sipple, Nettie; b.1867 d.1925

Skinner, Daniel McRay; d.Nov.24,1864; a.-82y

Skinner, Henry E.; d.Apr.27,1852; a.-27y

Skinner, John R. M.; d.July 15,1879; a.-59y

Skinner, Lura Reynolds; d.July 21,1868; a.-75y

Skutt, Betsy; w. of Peter; b.Mar.24,1792 d.Oct.24,1873

Skutt, Myron H.; b.1845 d.1904

Skutt, Peter; b.Feb.9,1789 d.Nov.24,1866

Skutt, Sarah E.; b.1847 d.1914

Spaulding, Thomas J.; b.1847 d.1914

Squires, Chas. W.; b.1851 d.1926

Squires, Emeline; b.1830 d.1907; on same lot as Jason R.

Squires, Eunice A.; w. of C.W.; b.1856 d.1896

Squires, Freddie E.; s. of J. and H.; d.July 22,1890; a.-10y 11m

Squires, Gideon; b.May 29,1832 d.Mar.7,1893

Squires, Jason R.; b.1825 d.1900

Thomas, Esther A.; see Arnold

Tisdel, Jesse O. (Father); b.1887 d.1926

Tompsett, Patient; w. of Jesse; d.Mar.5,1886; a.-68y

Trill, David P.; b.1840 d.19--

Trill, Margery; w. of David P.; b.1841 d.1912

Trill, Nina; n.d.

Trill, Samuel; n.d.; Sergt. Co. E, 1st Mich. Cav.

Trill, T. F.; n.d.

Wall, Della; b.1889 d.1908

Wheeler, Betsey; w. of Wm. B.; d.Mar.23,1876; a.-71y 6m 22d

Wheeler, Harriet A.; b.1833 d.1916

Whitney, George F.; d.Aug.20,1887; a.-28y 1m 14d

Whitney, Minnie; w. of George F.; d.July 5,1886; a.-23y 4m 14d

Whitney, Solomon; d.Aug.20,1886; a.-77y

Whitney, William Ray; d.Aug.14,1867; a.-77y

Wilkinson, Mrs. Helen J.; (b.)Aug.22,1826; a.-71y 8m 21d

Willocox, George M.; b.Nov.18,1896 d.June 17,1914

Wilmarth, Caroline P.; d.Sept.22,1863; a.-6y 14d

Wilmarth, Darius A.; d.Apr.14,1882; a.-62y 1m 11d

Wilmarth, Ida M.; d.Mar.13,1871; a.-10y 3m 26d

Wilmarth, Sarah A.; w. of Darius; d.Aug.27,1875; a.-45y 1m 25d

Wilmarth, Sarah F.; d.Sept.5,1863; a.-9y 2d

Wilson, Daniel Warren; d.Feb.14,1888; a.-33y 5m 14d

Wilson, Johnie; s. of Henry and Jane; d.Dec.3,1873; a.-17y 5m 18d

Wingard, Frank H.; b.1868 d.1924

Wingard, Lydia A.; b.1876 d.19--

Woodworth, A.J.; n.d.

Woodworth, Eleota; b.1805 d.187

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
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