Oakwood Cemetery - D. A. R. and 1997 Transcriptions
Also known as Lowell Cemetery
Lowell Township, Kent County, Michigan
(*See Cemetery Index for a picture of the cemetery.)

Transcribed on or about 15 October 1928 by the
Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)

Transcribed for the Internet by Debbi Manni 
and Ronnie Aungst.

Aa-Az  Ba-Bz  Ca-Cz  Da-Dz  E-F  Ga-Gz  Ha-Hz  I-J  
  La-Lz  Ma-Mz  Na-Nz  Oa-Oz P-Q  Ra-Rz  Sa-Sz  
U-V  Wa-Wz  Y-Z

Oakwood Cemetery
Lowell, Kent County, Michigan

Transcribed by Evelyn Sawyer, 1997

A,   Ba-Bl,   Bo-By,   Ca-Cl,   Co-Cz,   D,
E-F,   G,   H,   I-J,   K,   L,   M,   N-O,   P-Q,   R,
S,   T,   U-V,   Wa-Wh,   Wi-Wy,   Y-Z


Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library

URL: http://kent.migenweb.net/cemeteries/lowell/oakwood/index.html
Created: 17 September 2000

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