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Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan

Packard, Stary, (Corp'l.)
 n.d. Co. B. 176th Ohio Inf.

Paddock, H.C.
 n.d. Co. K. 54th N.Y. Inf.

Page, Edway G.
 n.d. Co. A. 28th Mich. Inf. (Corp'l.)

Palmer, Alva H. (Lieut.)
 n.d. Co. C. 48th Ind. Inf.

Palmer, George H.
 n.d. Co. G. 7th Mich. Inf.

Palmer, Sgt. Henry C.
 n.d. Co. A. 13th Ill. Inf.

Palmer, Sarah
 d. Feb 3, 1915. o.d. On lot with Sgt. Henry C.

Palmerton, Lester
 d. Oct. 25, 1931. o.d.

Pamphere, John W.
 n.d. Co. H. 7th Mich. Inf.

Pancost, James M.
 n.d. Co. K. 25th Ohio Inf.

Parker, Allen
 n.d. Co. I. Mich. Engineers

Parker, Chas[.] F.
 n.d. Co. G. 53rd Pa. Inf.

Parker, Ella
 d. July 24, 1926. o.d.

Parker, Henry A.
 n.d. Co. H. 2nd Mich. Cav.

Parker, Jennie
 d. Jan. 12, 1920. o.d.

Parker, John
 n.d. Co. E. 19th U.S. Inf.

Parker, Jos.
 n.d. Co. B. 24th Mich. Inf.

Parker, Joseph
 n.d. Co. B. 2nd Mich. Inf.

Parkhurst, Dan'l
 n.d. Co. C. 10th Mich. Inf.

Parkhurst, J.E. (Corp'l)
 n.d. Co. I. 97th N.Y. Inf.

Parkiel, James
 n.d. Co. H. 8th Mich. Inf.

Parkhill, Ella P.
 d. Jan. 12, 1929. o.d.

Parks, Burnett
 n.d. Co. B. 41st Ohio Inf.

Parks, Daniel
 n.d. Co. F. 29th Mich. Inf.

Parks, John W.
 n.d. Co. C. 1st Mich. S.S.

Parmenter, W.W.
 n.d. Co. B. 14th Iowa Inf.

Parmeter, Rebecca M.
 d. Feb 15, 1927. o.d.

Parmeter, Samuel
 n.d. Co. F. 66th Ohio Inf.

Parrish, L.S.
 n.d. Co. B. 126th N.Y. Inf.

Patterson, Jno.
 n.d. Co. H. 15th Mich. Inf.

Pattibone, Harvey
 n.d. Co. B. 16th Mich. Inf.

Pattibone, Sarah
 d. Apr. 26, 1918. o.d.

Patton, Jno.
 n.d. Co. D. 51st Ohio Inf.

Patton, T.J.
 n.d. U.S. Navy

Paulin, John G.
 n.d. Co. M. 33rd Mich. Inf.

Paxson, Michael T.
 n.d. Co. B. 34th Ind. Inf.

Payne, C.C.
 n.d. Co. F. 155th Ill. Inf.

Peck, Willard S.
 n.d. Co. K. 33rd Ohio Inf. (1st Serg't.)

Pellen, Nelson
 n.d. Co. E. 24th Mich. Inf.

Pennell, Edw. D.
 n.d. Co. H. 2nd Mich. Cav.

Percey, Faunce
 d. Sept. 13, 1923. o.d.

Perkins, C.L.
 n.d. Co. K. 4th Mich. Cav.

Perkins, Peter B.
 n.d. Co. K. 17th Mich. Inf.

Perry, Alex
 n.d. Co. D. 6th N.Y.H.A.

Perry, Chas.
 n.d. Co. A. 30th Ind. Inf.

Perry, Edwin S.
 n.d. Co. D. 4th Mich. Inf.

Perry, Elenor
 d. Feb. 9, 1923. o.d.

Perry, John H.
 n.d. Co. K. 9th Mich. Inf.

Perry, Krusen
 n.d. Co. G. 3rd Mich. Inf.

Persing, Alba
 n.d. Co. A. 8th Mich. Inf.

Person, David
 n.d. Co. G. 36th Wis. inf.

Perway, Anthony
 n.d. Co. C. 2nd N.Y. Cav.

Peser, Henry
 n.d. Co. D. 14th Mo. Inf.

Peters, Geo. H.
 n.d. Co. G. 10th Mich. Cav.

Peterson, J.F.
 n.d. Co. H. 24th Mich. Inf.

Peterson, J.S.
 n.d. Co. F. 1st Mich. Cav.

Peterson, Jno.
 n.d. Co. E. 9th Ind. Inf.

Pettibone, Nathan
 n.d. Co. H. 74th Ind. Inf. (Serg't.)

Petyt, John
 n.d. Co. G. 30th Mich. Inf.

Pfifer, Antoine
 d. Dec. 31, 1887. o.d. Co. G. 10th Mich. Inf.

Pfister, John
 n.d. Co. A. 1st W. Va. L.A.

Phelan, Francis
 n.d. Co. I. 50th Mass. Inf.

Phelps, Geo. B.
 n.d. Co. D. 1st Ill. L.A.

Phelps, Lucy
 d. 1923., b. 1843. On lot with Geo. B.

Phelps, W.D. (Q.M. Sgt.)
 n.d. Co. C. 1st Mich. Cav.

Phillips, Clairissa L.
 b. Aug. 1, 1851., d. Feb. 28, 1925.

Phillips, David
 n.d. Co. H. 2nd Mich. Inf.

Phillips, Geo. W.
 n.d. Co. D. 21st Mich. Inf.

Phillips, H.J.
 n.d. Co. D. 3rd Mich. Cav.

Phillips, Harvey
 n.d. Co. F. 144th Ohio Inf.

Phillips, R.C.
 n.d. Co. F. 42nd Ill:[.] Inf.

Pickle, Russel
 n.d. Co. D. 56th Ohio Inf.

Pierce, Sophronia
 d. Feb 21, 1904. o.d.

Pike, Geo.
 n.d. Co. K. 1st Mich. Inf.

Pike, Manuel
 n.d. Co. A.  72nd Ohio Inf.

Pinney, Benj. L.
 n.d. Co. I. 68th N.Y. Inf.

Pique, Chas.
 n.d. Co. C. 14th Mich. Inf.

Pitcher, J.A.
 n.d. Co. E. 1st Mich. Cav.

Pittam, Thomas
 n.d. Co. C. 3rd N.Y. Light Art.

Pitts, Thos. (Wagoner)
 n.d. Co. G. 5th Mich. Inf.

Place, Dan'l
 n.d. Co. C. 1st Mich. Cav.

Place, Orrin, J.
 n.d. Co. A. 10th Mich. Cav.

Planck, Chas. E. (Corp'l.)
 n.d. Co. G. 114th Ill. Inf.

Platt, Royal G.
 n.d. Co. F. 1st Mich. S.S.

Plummer, C.W.
 n.d. Co. e. 124th Ill. Inf.

Plummer, G.M.
 n.d. Co. E. 124th Ill. Inf.

Pollard, James
 n.d. Co. F. 22nd Mich. Inf.

Pollock, Joseph
 n.d. Co. E. 11th U.S. Inf.

Pollock, W.H.
 n.d. Co. I. 19th N.Y. Inf.

Pope, Chas[.] I.
 n.d. Co. K. 5th Vet. Res. Corp. (Corp'l)

Porter, Castherine
 d. Feb. 27, 1918. o.d.

Porter, Geo.
 n.d. Co. B. 8th Ill. Cav.

Porter, George W.
 n.d. Co. I. 8th Mich. Inf.

Porter, S.H.
 n.d. Co. H. 34th N.Y. Inf.

Porter, Sabine
 n.d. Co. e. 21st Mich. Inf. (Sgt.)

Porter, Seth.
 n.d. Co.  B. 26th Mich. Inf.

Posner, Traugott, A.
 d. Oct. 15, 1929. o.d. Mich. Corp'l 16th U.S. Inf.

Post, Helen M. [Helen crossed out by hand and Ellen added]
 d. Dec. 6, 1907. o.d. On lot with Philip.

Post, Isaac H. (Serg't.)
 n.d. Co. H. 23rd, Mich. Inf.

Post, Jacob
 n.d. Co. E. 2nd Mich. Cav.

Post, Philip
 n.d. Co. E. 2nd Mich. Cav.

Powell, H.A.
 n.d. Co. E. 30th Mich. Inf.

Powell, James E.
 n.d. Co. M. 2nd Mich. Cav.

Powell, Jno. D.
 n.d. Co. H. 16th N.Y.H.A.

Powers, Alfred
 n.d. Co. H. 2nd Mich. Cav.

Powers, Alphonso A.
 n.d. Co. A. 2nd N.Y. Mtd. Rifles.

Powers, John
 n.d. Co. A. 7th Ill. Inf.

Powers, M.H.
 n.d. Co. F. 2nd Mich. Cav.

Prendall, John
 n.d. Co. H. 11th Mich. Inf.

Prentice, Louisea
 d. Dec. 9, 1904. o.d.

Pressley, C.E.
 n.d. Co. D. 11th Mich. Inf.

Preston, James (Serg't.)
 n.d. Co. K. 10th Ohio Cav.

Price, Manuel
 n.d. Co. I. 18th N.Y. Cav.

Procter, Clara
 d. Nov. 15, 1924. o.d.

Proper, Elizabeth
 d. Nov. 16, 1901. o.d.

Proper, William
 n.d. Co. C. 1st Mich. Engineers.

Prosper, Guerman
 n.d. Co. G. 110th N.Y. Inf.

Prouty, James A.
 n.d. Co. E. 19th Mich. Inf.

Punches, Mary D.
 d. Aug. 30, 1917. o.d.

Punches, Perry
 n.d. Co. K. 25th Ohio Inf.

Putnam, Claud
 n.d. Co. C. 44th Ohio Inf.

Putnam, James
 n.d. Co. D. 4th Mich. Cav.

Putnam, L.A.
 n.d. Co. B. 8th Mich. Cav.

Pyant, Pierre (Sgt.)
 n.d. Co. B. 17th Wis. Inf.

Quackenbush, Eben
 d. Jan. 24, 1887. o.d. Co. B. 1st Mich. Cav.

Qualaski, Joseph
 n.d. Co. D. 8th Mich. Cav.

Quest, Frances M.
 d. Dec. 26, 1903. o.d.

Quick, James K.
 n.d. Co. F. 26th Mich. Inf.

Quimley, John g.
 n.d. Co. E. 11th Me. Inf.

Quinn, Jas. B.
 n.d. U.S. Navy

Quinn, John (Sgt.)
 n.d. 98th N.Y. Inf.

Quinn, Sylvester. (Corpíl)
 n.d. Co. E. 14th Me. Inf.

Quinn, Thos.  (Sgt.)
 n.d. Co. I. 1st P.H.B. Md. Cav.

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Karen Blumenshine
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