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Oakhill Cemetery
Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan
Record completed October 10, 1931
(*See Cemetery Index for a picture of the cemetery.)

Transcribed by Ronnie Aungst and 
Susan M. Gates Davis

Aa-Az  Ba-Bz  Ca-Cz  Da-Dz  Ea-Ez  Fa-Fz  Ga-Gz Ha-Hz  Ia-Iz  Ja-Jz 
Ka-Kz  La-Lz  Ma-Mz Na-Nz  Oa-Oz PaPz  Qa-Qz  Ra-Rz  Sa-Sz 
Ta-Tz  UV  Wa-Wz  XYZ

Maps of Cemetery

For further information you can call or write the following:
Grand Rapids Cemeteries - 2530 Kalamazoo SE., Grand Rapids, 49507
Ph# (616) 831-1600

Valley City Cemetery was once an independent burying ground, but is
now integrated with Oak Hill as the southern section. You may want to
cross-check our Valley City Cemetery transcription for your ancestors.

Some Monuments and Views Oakhill Cemetery

Further Information in:
Chapman's 1881- History of Oakhill Cemetery
Baxter's 1891- History of Oakhill Cemetery
Fisher's 1918 - History of Oakhill Cemetery

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcribers: Ronnie Aungst, Susan M. Gates Davis
Created: 15 September 1999[an error occurred while processing this directive]