Burial Records from
Fulton Street Cemetery Offices
From 1838 to 1994

Transcribed for use by the Kent Co. MI GenWeb Project 
by Lauren J. Tanis

If possible families have been grouped together, incomplete records are due to early fire damage.
****Oldest Date of Birth in cemetery.

Aa-Al,  Am-Az,  Ba-BatBau-Bj,  Bk-Bo,  Bp-Bz,  Ca-Cl, 
Cm-CzDa-Dei,  DeJ-Deu,  DeV-Di,  Dj-Dz,  E,  F,  Ga-Goo, 
Gor-Gz,  Ha-He, Hf-Hon,  Hoo-HzI-J,  Ka-Kl,  Km-Kz, 
La-Li,  Lj-Lz,  Ma-Me,  Mf-Mz,  N,  O,  Pa-PerPes-Pop
Por-Py  , Q,  Ra-RiceRicf-RzSa-Sl,  Sm-Sz
T-UVa-VanMVanN-VzWa-WhWi-Wz,  X-Y-Z

Created: 16 April 2003
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