[an error occurred while processing this directive] Old Rockford Cemetery (G.R. 25)
Courtland Township, Kent County, Michigan
Transcribed on or about October 27, 1926 by the
Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)

--, Libbie; d. of ---- and Eliza; n.d.

Ackley, Julia Ann; d. of Hiram and Caroline; d.Jan. 3,1854; a.-3m 20d

Allen, Eva; d. of Morgan and Harrid; d.Aug.27,1863; a.-3y 5m 8d

Allen, Fanny E.; d.Dec. 25,1856; a.-14w

Allen, Fanny H.; d.Oct. 1,1856; a.-25y 8m 23d

Allen, Frank; s. of Morgan and Harrid; d.Sept.11,1863; a.-6y 8m 11d

Allen, Melvin; s. of Morgan and Harrid; d.Mar.13,1862; a.-4y

Allen, Oscar; d.Dec.5,1852; a.-21y 4m 3d

Annis, James; d.Oct.18,1871; a.-75y

Arbor, A.; n.d.

Austin, D. C.; n.d.; Co. D, 6th Mich. Cav.

Austin, Eleanor D.; d. of Almeren and Elizabeth; d.Dec.1,1853; a.-4y 2m

Bailey, Duit C.; d.Sept.13,1864; a.-40y 5m 3d

Bailey, Ethan; s. of D.C. and Rachel; d.Aug.10,1863; a.-5m 8d

Bailey, Rachel; formerly w. of D.C.; d.Aug.8,1881; a.-45y 1m 27d

Bailey, Talatha; d.Jan.23,1873; a.-84y 4m

Baily, A. Ethan; n.d.; a.-85y 7m 25d

Baker, Barbara; w. of J.W.; d.--,--,1873; stone broken

Baker, John; s. of J.W. and B.A.; d.Aug.10,1871; a.-1y 11m 5d

Barber, Niel; d.Feb.28,1861; a.-52y 11m

Bayard, Henry B.; d.Mar.16,1856; a.-18y 4m 4d

Berry, Robert; s. of Robert and Jane; d.Aug.24,1854; a.-6y 5m 3d

Blake, Cary May; d. of J. and M.; d.Oct.18,1870; a.-7y 5m 13d

Blake, Joseph; h. of Martha; d.June 11,1875; a.-56y

Brabb, Elmer; s. of G. and F.V.; d.Mar.6,1870; a.-1y 11m 23d

Brabb, Frances V.; w. of Geo.; d.Sept.12,1872; a.-34y 1m

Brown, Annie A.; d. of W.H. and M.J.; d.Dec.7,1871; a.-1y

Casada, Albert B.; d.Dec.1,1887; a.-56y

Casada, Almon B.; s. of A.B. and E.M.; d.Feb.2,1873; a.-12y 6m 10d

Casada, Delia M.; d. of A.B. and E.M.; d.Aug.3,1864; a.-2y 1m 12d

Clark, Georgy Jos.; s. of J. and H.; d.Sept. 20,1864; a.-3y 4m

Collins, Harley D.; s. of Geo. and Rosalie R.; n.d.; a.-2m 8d

Cook, Lucina; d. of Emory and Miranda; d.July 28,1854; a.-1y 2m 6d

Cornell, Eliza; w. of James; b.Sept.7,1839; d.Apr.16,1888; in her 49th y.

Cornell, Jas.; n.d.; Co. F, 6th Mich. Cav.

Danforth, George W.; s. of Wm. A. and Caroline A.; d.July 16,1867; a.-11d

Davis, Aseneth; w. of H.S.; d. Nov.11,1872; a.-52y 4m 29d

Davis, Eddie O.; s. of H.R. and M.M.; d.Feb.12,1871; a.-3y 2m

Davis, Gilbert S.; s. of H.R. and Asenath; d.Feb.15,1860; a.-3y 10m 7d

Dawley, Annette; d. of Charles and May A.; d.Nov.--,1861; a.-5y

Dawley, Georgia; see Flora

Decker, Mary Jane; d. of W.M. and Sarah; d.June 29,1860; a.-19y 7m 17d

Deer, Sarah; d.Jan.27,1873; a.-81y

Eldred, George W.; d.Aug.3,1868; a.-69y 7m 15d

Eldridge, Samuel S.; b.Sept.20,1840 d.Sept.12,1864

Elkins, J.W.; d.Nov.6,1872; a.-72y 10m 23d

Fitzpatrick, Robert B.; s. of P. and B.; d.Jan.16,1868; a.-6m 6d

Flora, Georgia Dawley; w. of Chas. A.; b.Apr.18,1860 d.May 29,1898

Fowler, Ann C.; w. of John; d.Feb.14,1853; a.-27y 7m 9d

Fowler, Lester A.; s. of John and Ann C.; d.Jan.5,1853; a.-2y

French, Cynthia A.; w. of Cyril R.; d. of J.M. and Lucy --;
d. Sept.26,1875; a.-24y

Frost, Everline; w. of Martin F.; m. of Emily T., Luther P., and Durm W.;
d.Sept.27,1855; a.-33y 6m 3d

Gross, Samuel; d.Mar.10,1881; a.-6y 1m 26d

Hall, Wm.; d.Sept.13,1855; a.-27y 4m 9d

Heath, Ella E.; d. of L.D. and Susan; d.Aug.16,1864; a.-1y 4m

Hicks, Allen; n.d.; Co. D, 10th Mich. Cav.

Hicks, Emeline V.; w. of Wm.; d.May 20,1855; a.-35y 7m -d

House, Hattie M.; d. of O.- and M. E.(?); d.July 5,1871; a.-6y 7d

Hunter, William; s. of Wm. and Dolly; d.Apr.14,1849; a.-15y 11m 28d

Irons, Lydia E.; d. of G.N. and E. Stoddard; w. of B.C.; d.July 2,1861;
a.-19y 10m 29d

Jewell, Henry; n.d.; Co. H, 8th Ohio Inf.

Johnson, Sarah; w. of Jos.; d.Feb.6,1865; a.-38y 21d

Latimer, William; b.Dec.4,1846 d.Oct.23,1872

Leach, Pamelia L.; w. of Collins; d.July 28,1870; a.-74y 2m

Long, John Sr.; d.June 9,1861; a.-in his 88th y.

Long, John Jr.; d.Oct.11,1858; a.-in the 49th y. of his a.

Long, Mary; w. of Thompson; d.Sept.16,1881; a.-76y 9m 6d

Long, Rachel; w. of John; d.Apr.21,1880; a.-73y

Long, Susannah; d. of Thompson and Mary; d.May 6,1855; a.-20y 9m 24d

Long, Thompson; d.Feb.9,1867; a.-62y 1m 8d

Loomis, Silas; d.Jan.22,1854; a.-18y 1m 17d

Morningstar, Jacob; d.Feb.9,1863; a.-42y 4m

Nichols, Julia Elizabeth; d. of Willard and Phebe;
d.May 30,1866; a.-24y 8m 25d

Nicholson, Lucy J.; w. of W.D.; d.July 29,1884; a.-50y 1m 19d

North, Abram L.; d.May 27,1873; a.-65y 3m

Otis, Mary R.; d. of P. and L.; d.Aug.13,1857; a.-1y 7m -d

Pettey, Frank M.; s. of S.P. and E.A.; d.Feb.13,1881; a.-2y 4m 16d

Picket, Winfield F.; c. of Lewis and Catharine; drowned Aug.4,1853; a.-2y

Pope, Edward J.; d.Mar.15,1868; a.-15y 5m 25d

Pope, John; d.Oct.24,1860; a.-35y 3m 5d

Porter, Harriet A.; w. of Dennis; d.May 10,1865; a.-32y

Porter, Rebecca; w. of S.; d.Feb.15,1890; a.-52y 2m 4d

Porter, Rheumina; w. of Seth; d.Jan.6,186(4?); a.-78y

Powell, Lovisa; b.Aug.15,1797; d.Mar.9,1869

Raymor, Winfield S.; s. of John and Clista J.; d.Jan.6,1862; a.-3y 6m 14d

Reiley, Lena E.; d. of Rev. Will M. and F.A.; d.Mar.3,1873; a.-4y 5m

Rounds, Araminty; w. of Horton; d.May 13,1848; a.-60y 4m 19d

Rounds, Hosea B.; s. of L.D. and E.J.; b.Aug.-,18--could not read;
d.Mar.20, 18-- could not read.

Rounds, Jos.; n.d., Co. K, 3rd Mich. Inf.

Rounds, Nathan W.; d.June 29,1866; a.-60y 11m 5d

Rowell, Mary J.; w. of A.G.; d.Nov.22,1865; a.-34y 8m 3d

Scoville, Willie; s. of C. and A.; d.Sept.8,1864; a.-5y 10m 18d

Shadduck, Betsey; d. of A. and A.; d.Nov.1,1863; a.-23y 1m 3d

Shaw, Alice A.; d. of Winslow and Olive; d.Oct.5,1862; a.-5y 2m 27d

Shaw, Ella A.; d. of W. and O.; d.Sept.17,1861; a.-12y 5m 9d

Simmons, John; d.Jan.18,1877; a.-81y 10m 14d

Smith, Isaac H.; s. of J.W. and Catherine A.; d.Aug.26,1862; a.-14y 9m 22d

Smith, Jas. I.; d.Aug.9,1863; a.-84y 5m 27d

Smith, Phebe; w. of Jas. I.; d.May 26,1857; a.-79y 3m 13d

Smith, Wm. W.; s. of Jas. and E.R.; d.May 25,1855; a.-12y 6m 16d

Spoor, Alice J.; d. of Abram and Jane; d.May 12,1856; a.-2y 8m 19d

Stoddard, Elenor; w. of Geo. N.; d.Feb.8,1864; a.-51y 9m 10d

Stoddard, Lydia E.; see Irons

Stout, Ledran; s. of L. and A.; d.Aug.11,1864; a.-2m (?)

Toms, Don P.; s. of A.W. and M.L.; b.Dec.25,1887 d.Sept.15,1888

Toms, Roy E.; s. of A.W. and M.L.; b.Aug.28,1875 d.Jan.10,1880

Truax, Peter; b.1802 d.Jan.16,1870; a.-68y

Vandawater, Nettie; d. of B. and R.J.; d.Aug.9,1864; a.-5y 6m

Vandawater, Skiler L.; s. of B. and R.J.; d.Feb.20,1863; a.-3m 3d

Vanliew, Franklin R.; d.June 29,1874; a.-25y 10m 10d

Walling, Caroline E.; d. of Peter and Maria; d.July 28,1868; a.-20y

Walling, Maria; w. of Peter; d.Jan.21,1869; a.-64y

Walling, Peter; d.Nov.20,1865; a.-63y

Walling, Sarah J.; d. of Peter and Maria; d.June 8,1869; a.-23y

Weed, Delila; w. of Jas.; d.Jan.11,1853; a.-26y 3m 27d

Weed, Ezra B.; s. of Jas. and Delila A.; d.Apr.5,1863

Woolvern, L.D.; n.d.; Co. H, 6th Mich. Cav.

Worden, Ransom A.; s. of M.D. and Elizabeth; d.May 20,1867; a.-15y 2m 11d

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