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Whitneyville Cemetery (G. R. 21)
Cascade Township, Kent County, Michigan
Record taken on or about June 24, 1926
by the Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter of
the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
(*See Cemetery Index for pictures of the cemetery.)

Adley, Adelia Winters (Mother); b.1843 d.1922

Apsey, Mary; see Westmoreland

Bale, Henry; d.Mar.22,1875; a.-83y 1m 14d

Bale, Lydia; w. of Henry; d.Apr.27,1868; a.-76y 4m 12d

Barris, W. B.; n.d.; Co. M, Mich. Cav.

Blood, Alva W.; d.Oct.10,1857; a.-32y 11m

Blood, Dealton C.; b.Oct.27,1855; o.d.

Blood, Mary A.; see Weston

Blood, Mary A.; b.Aug.21,1857 d.Aug.23,1922

Bowen, Jennie Wood; w. of M. M.; b.1872 d.1893

Brewer, Ella Lewis; b.1857 d.1920

Brewer, J. W.; b.1856 d.1912

Brewer, Mary; w. of J.W.; d.Aug.14,1891; a.-36y 4m 2d

Brewer, Maud; b.1883 d.1900

Broadbent, Albert W.; b.Apr.9,1855 d.Mar.16,1905

Broadbent, Albert W.; b.Apr.9,1855 d.Mar.18,1905
[Note: these above two entries are stated as in the book. ~RA]

Burr, A. N.; o.d. 184

Burr, Amanda; w. of A.N.; b.1825 d.1907

Case, Emily; b.Feb.26,1834 d.July 10,1875

Case, Justus; b.Sept.29,1831 d.Feb.4,1895; Co. M, 6th Mich. Cav.

Clark, Albert C.; b.1852 d.1905

Clark(?), C.; o.d. 1894

Clark, David H.; b.Dec.3,1830 d.Jan.10,1900

Clark, Edith B.; d. of A. and M.; b.Mar.6,1883 d.Nov.10,1894

Clark, Ellen J.; d. of Wm. and E.J.; b.Nov.27,1859; a.-13y

Clark, Emma Tillyer; w. of Geo. W.; b.1864 d.1887

Clark, Esther J.; w. of Wm.; b.Aug.31,1830; a.-42y

Clark, Eva; inf. d. of H. and L.; n.d.

Clark, Frank; s. of H. and L.; b.Mar.5,1855 d.Nov.29,1860

Clark, Freddie; b.1886 d.1887

Clark, Grover E.; b.1902 d.1911

Clark, Hannah; d. of Wm. and E.J.; b.Feb.12,1857; a.-10y

Clark, Harmon; b.Apr.15,1825 d.Feb.16,1874

Clark, Harold E.; s. of A. and M.; b.Apr.3,1897 d.Jan.1,1898

Clark, Harriet; d. of Wm. and E.J.; b.Sept.1,1855; a.-4y

Clark, Isaac; b.Jan.11,1797 d.Mar.11,1873

Clark, Levy; s. of H. and L.; b.Dec.27,1856 d.Dec.26,1860

Clark, Lewis S.; b.1829 d.1919

Clark, Louisa; b.Apr.4,1836 d.Jan.15,1872

Clark, Margaret; w. of I.; b.June 15,1796 d.Sept.29,1873

Clark, Marietta E.; w. of L.S.; b.1842 d.1917

Clark, Mary; w. of David H.; b.May 27,1832 d.Apr.1,1913

Clark, Mary Ann; b.1862 d.1888

Clark, Mary E.; w. of L.S.; b.1831 d.1882

Clark, Wm.; b.June 25,1824; a.-66y 4m

Cooley, Sarah; d. of G.N. and H.; d.Dec.24,1857; a.-21d

Cooper(?), Alice; n.d.

Cooper, Howard L.; b.1912 d.1922

Cooper(?), Ilene; n.d.

Cooper, Mary Louise; b.1922 d.1923

Croninger, Daniel; b.June 1,1818 d.Sept.21,1899

Croninger, Frederik T.; b.1870 d.1924

Croninger, Melissa M.; w. of Daniel; b.July 4,1818; o.d.

Croninger, Noria M.; w. of T.R.; b.Jan.14,1843 d.Apr.24,1913

Croninger, Saly A.; w. of J.; d.July 29,1867; a.-54y 3m 16d

Croninger, T. R.; b.Sept.24,1836 d.May 6,1891

Dean, Adah; d. of R.J. and R.; d.Apr.4,1869; a.-1y 4m 17d

Dean, Elmer F.; b.1861 d.1922

Dean, Minnie C.; d. of R.J. and R.; d.Feb.25,1862; a.-3y 1m 25d

Dunham, Olive Sears; w. of Charles; b.Aug.19,1847 d.Jan.18,1903

Filhour, Geo. W.; b.1855 d.1909

Fountain, Benj.; d.Dec.6,1893; a.-51y 6m 26d

Fountain, Phebe; w. of Benj.; d.Feb.9,1888; a.-40y 3m 5d

Freyermuth, Addie; d. of C.F. and E.F.; b.Aug.31,1890 d.Sept.17,1896

Freyermuth, Caroline F.; w. of J.; b.Mar.6,1827 d.Nov.3,1911

Freyermuth, John; b.June 5,1822 d.June 16,1902

Frost, Chas. H.; b.1822 d.1898

Frost, Eliza H.; b.1822 d.1916

Fuller, Clark; s. of Wm. and Harriet; d.Sept.16,1864; a.-6y 8m 26d

Fuller, Harriet M. (Mother); b.Mar.24,1832 d.Nov.15,1907

Fuller, William (Father); b.Aug.13,1826 d.Apr.4,1894

Gleason, Frank M.; s. of Franklin and Amanda; d.May 27,1888; a.-33y

Graves, Sylvester H.; b.Mar.21,1834 d.Aug.8,1911

Houghton, Florence Josephine; only d. of S. and L.; d.June 4,1883
a.-8y 5m 7d

Houghton, Henry S.; d.Dec.26,1881; a.-74y 3m 28d

Houghton, Louisa A. (Mother); b.1840 d.1917

Houghton, Samuel; d.Dec.26,1883; a.-44y 8m 24d

Hutchinson, Hattie; d. of G.A. and N.E.; d.Aug.1,1892; a.-13 hrs.

James, Hugh (Father); b.1826 d.1896

Johnson, Ida; b.1858 d.1924

Johnson, Martin; b.1857 d.1925

Johnson, Richard Martin; b.1918 d.1924

Jones, Harty B.; w. of J.A.; d.Jan.7,1874; a.-20y 9d

Kellogg, Frankie J.; w. of Orvies and Ivah; b.1904 d.1913

Kellogg, Ivah J.; w. of O.C.; b.1886 d.1917

King, A.B.; n.d.; Co M, 6th Mich. Cav.

King, H.W.; n.d.; Co. C, 5th Mich. Inft.; G.A.R. marker

Koppelbarger, Sarah; b.Feb.28,1828 d.Mar.3,1896

Lawrson, Eliza J.; see Streeter

Leclear, Abgil; w. of B.; d.Nov.25,1870; a.-64y 1m 15d

Leclear, Baptist; d.Aug.12,1880; a.-75y 9m 8d

Leclear, James; b.Mar.22,1808 d.Jan.8,1888

LeClear, Levi; b.Aug.25,1832 d.Aug.30,1905

Leclear, Sally; w. of James; d.Feb.15,1858; a.-46y 8m 1d

Leclear, Sarah F. (Mother); d.Feb.7,1892; a.-69y

Lewis, Calvin; b.1829 d.1897

Lewis, Edwin G.; b.1839 d.1922

Lewis, Katurah; b.1835 d.1910

Linton, William J. (Father); b.1848 d.1893

Linton, Willie J.; s. of W.J. and E.W.; b.1878 d.1895

McGregor, Margaret; b.1838 d.1907

McGregor, Thomas; b.1831 d.1902

McWhinney, Lewis; s. of Ella Brewer; b.1887 d.1906

Morse, Benjamin; d.May 8,1861; a.-51y 9m 15d

Morse, Delfield L.; s. of P. and A.; d.July 31,1864; a.-4y 11m 29d

Morse, Lois; w. of Benjamin; d.Apr.8,1882; a.-75y

Morse(?), Phebe (Mother); b.Aug.23,1799 d.Oct.28,1872

Osborn, Annis; w. of Rev. D.; d. of Simeon and Cynthia Pease;
d.Nov.3,1855; a.-28y

Pattison, Jane; w. of Thos.; d.Oct.9,1853; a.-72y(?)

Pattison, John (Father)(?); b.Sept.10,1815 d.Jan.9,1901

Pattison, Thos.; d.Sept.3,1863; a.-78y

Pease, Annis; see Osborn

Peel, E. B. Langhe; b.July 14,1900 d.Jan.13,1903

Peel, Ethel L.; b.Sept.28,1909 d.May 20,1912

Peel, Nettie J.; b.1870 d.1924

Proctor, Edith L.; b.1861 d.1915

Proctor, Elmer G.; b.1855 d.1912

Proctor, Henry B.; b.Feb.4,1860 d.Nov.1,1900

Proctor, John T.; d.Oct.10,1883; a.-56y 2m 21d

Proctor, Marcia E.; b.1836 d.1899

Proctor, Mary; w. of John T.; d.Mar.7,1888; a.-61y 2d

Proctor, Oliver R.; b.1835 d.1878

Reynolds, Delfield L.; ch. of O. and H.E.; d.Dec.19,1883; a.-12y 1m 4d

Reynolds, Ione; d. of O. and H.E.; d.Feb.25,1886; a.-4m 5d

Reynolds, Levan O.; s. of O. and H.E.; d.Aug.8,1873; a.-3y 9m 3d

Reynolds, O.; n.d.; Co. D, 1st. N.Y. Vet Cal.

Richards, Frank M.; b.1863 d.1917

Richards, Henry S.; b.Feb.28,1825 d.Sept.22,1893

Richards, Susannah; b.1831 d.1915

Rockfellow, John E.; b.Oct.14,1864; o.d.

Rockfellow, Mary E.; b.Mar.6,1872 d.Dec.16,1920

Sears, Harriet; w. of Austin; d.Nov.25,1867; a.-46y 6m

Sears, Horace; b.1819 d.1912

Sears, Maria J.; w. of Horace; b.1822 d.1896

Sears, Olive; see Dunham

Sears, Roy S.; s. of Wm. and Lizzie; b.1887 d.1908

Sears, Wm. W.; b.1857 d.1912

Seekins, Julia A.; see Streeter

Semeyn, Katherine; w. of P.W.; b.1859 d.1914

Sewell, Jane; w. of Tom; b.1842 d.1906

Sewell, Tom; b.1841 d.1914

Sneden, Benj.; b.1796 d.1862

Sneden, Esther; b.1800 d.1856

Streeter, Eddie; b.1888 d.1908

Streeter, Warren (Family Record);
b.Oct.8,1815, Jefferson Co., N.Y.; d.Sept.9,1888; a.-72y 10m 27d
Julia A. Seekins
b.May 3,1821, Genesee Co., N.Y.; m. Nov.23,1845, Battle Creek, MI.;
d.June 18,1902
Eliza J.
w. of A. Lawrson, d.May 2,1890; a.-40y 6m 28d
Harriet E.
b.Sept.24,1846, Polkton, Ottawa Co., MI.; d.Mar.15,1849; a.-2y 5m 19d
Alzina M.
b.May 30,1848, Polkton, MI.
Eliza J.
b.Oct.4,1849, Polkton, MI.
Franklin J.
b.Dec.20,1851 d.1908
Milton E.
Ella V.

Taylor, Ettie E.; d. of Wm. H. and D.; d.Nov.15,1881; a.-7y 2m 6d

Taylor, Julia; w. of Oliver; b.Aug.5,1818 d.Feb.9,1899

Taylor, Oliver; d.July 24,1874; a.-72y

Thomas, Caroline (Mother); b.1834 d.1913

Thomas, Cora B.; w. of Sylvester; b.Sept.23,1855 d.Feb.17,1908

Thomas, Frank O.; b.June 8,1874 d.July 29,1896

Thomas, Jonathan B., Jr.; b.1907 d.1915

Thomas, M. B.; b.Dec.4,1832 d.Sept.25,1911

Thomas, Rebecca; w. of Sylvester; d.Sept.22,1896; a.-75y

Thomas, Sylvester; b.May 16,1849 d.Sept.12,1894

Thomas, Sylvester D.; d.Oct.26,1898; a.-83y

Tillyer, Edith M.; d. of Fred and Clara; d.Oct.11,1896; a.-10m 13d

Tillyer, John (Father); d.Jan.31,1892; a.-76y 2m 12d

Tillyer, Mary H. (Mother); w. of John; d.May 18,1901; a.-73y 9m 1d

Tucker, Donna Wood; w. of C.E.; b.1879 d.1913

Vanderhoof, Caroline E.; w. of Frank; b.1874 d.1918

Vanderhoof, Mercy A.; b.Mar.24,1839 d.May 29,1901

Wakefield, Glen; b.1894 d.1910

Washborn, W. N.; n.d.; Co. M, 5th (or 6th) Mich. Cav.

Washburn, Nathan; d.Feb.10,1877; a.-26y

Westmoreland, Mary; d. of Malachi and Charlotte Apsey;
b.Apr.1,1839, England d.Mar.9,1869

Weston, Mary A.; former w. of A. W. Blood; b.July 12,1827 d.July 30,1914

Weston, Nathan; b.Apr.6,1818 d.Sept.9,1887

White, Catherine; b.May 28,1803 d.Jan.30,1892

White, Wm. C.; b.July 10,1798, Tunbridge, Vt.
d.Oct.22,1875, Cascade, MI.

Whitney, Horace M.; s. of Peter I. and Betsey; d.Aug.27,1854; a.-4y

Whitney, Oscar; d.Feb.18,1849; a.-36y 6m 12d

Wood, Chas. M.; b.Oct.31,1852 d.Nov.18,1886

Wood, Clinton A. (Father); b.Feb.5,1820 d.June 9,1901

Wood, Frank A.; b.Aug. 2,1844 d.Feb.16,1917

Wood, Louisa M. (Mother); b.Jan.25,1820 d.Dec.23,1890
on same stone with Clinton A. Wood

Wood, Mabel J.; w. of C.A.; b.1884 d.1910

Worden, Logan A.; b.1911 d.1921

Yeiter, Elizabeth; w. of David; d.Aug.2,1857; a.-19y 5m 14d

Yeiter, Nellie V.; w. of Geo. F.; b.1870 d.1916

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
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