[an error occurred while processing this directive] Teeple Cemetery (GR 3 or 29 -- has two numbers)
Cascade Township, Kent County, Michigan
Cemetery visited and headstones transcribed by the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
on or about May 1925

Auble, Betsey
w. of William; d.Aug.15,1871; a.-68y

Auble, William
d.Jan. 8,1872; a.-86y; Soldier in War of 1812

Cook, Debrah
w. of Edward; d.Sept.16,1868; a.-72y 7m 16d

Cook, Edward
d.July 4,1868; a.-74y 7m 4d

Cook, Eliza A.
w. of Lewis; d.April 16,1871; a.-69y 9m

Cook, Jesse
d.April 17,1872; a.-76y 1m 14d

Cook, John J.
d.Sept.25,1874; a.-31y 3m 5d

Cook, Martia A.
w. of William F.; d.Oct.27,1878; a.-43y 1m 20d

Cook, Rachel F.
w. of Jesse C.; d.Feb.1,1884; a.-85y 3m 22d

Cook, William F.
d.Nov.17,1892; a.-64y 11m 8d

Degolia, John
of Prattsburgh, Steuben Co., N.Y.
d.July 15,1853; a.-13y

Doty, Virtue Josephine
b.Sept.17,1855 d.Sept.30,1868

Henry, Cyrena C.
w. of Nelson; d.June 27,1855; a.-23y 1m 22d

Knickerbaco_, Abigail
w. of C. K.; d.April 30,1867; a.-52y 6m 10d

Lowry, Almira R.
b.Aug.27,1847 d.Dec.21,1872

Nobbs, Chas. M.
s. of M. and V.; d.Aug.16,1865; a.-28y

Nobbs, Martha
w. of Chas. M.; d.March 9,1863; a.-19y

Sach, Sarah A.
w. of Charles; d.Jan.8,1871; a.-38y

Teeple, Elmer
b.Oct.29,1835 d.Jan.26,1850

Teeple, Frances M.
w. of Seneca; b.April 1,1839 d.Nov.22,1903

Teeple, George W.
b.April 8,1810  d.Oct.29,1883

Teeple, Oscar F.
b.May 29,1838 d.Feb.26,1905; a.-66y (?)

Teeple, Peter
d.March 10,1878; a.-80y 6m 2d

Teeple, Samantha
w. of George W.; b.May 8,1814  d.Sept.4,1895

Teeple, Sarah
w. of Peter; d.March 10,1873; a.-65y 6m

Teeple, Seneca
b.Aug.20,1838 d.March 2,1904

Town, George P.
s. of Wm. and Mary; d.June 18,1854; a.-15y 3m

Webster, Julia L.
d. of Wm. L. and Julia K.; d.Dec.12,1836; a.-2y 1m 14d

Winchel, Edward
b.Dec.8,1866 d.Dec.8,1903

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
URL: http://kent.migenweb.net/cemeteries/cascade/teeple.html  
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