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Cascade Cemetery (G.S. 1)
Cascade Township, Kent County, Michigan
Transcribed on or about June 16, 1925 by the
Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
(*See Cemetery Index for pictures of the cemetery.)

Abbott, Bayard; d.Jan.18,1859; a.-8y 13d

Anderson, Robert P.; b.Sept.27,1815 d.Aug.14,1861

Annis, Grace; d.Aug.6,1878; a.-66y 4m

Annis, James; d.July 25,1864; a.-52y

Ansley, Agnes; b.1847 d.1914

Ansley, Augusta; w. of James G.; b.Jan.2,1848 d.Mar.20,1868

Ansley, Frank; b.1846 d.19--

Ansley, Harriet L.; w. of James G.; b.Sept.29,1848 d.Dec.7,1894

Ansley, James G.; b.Apr.7,1835 d.June 9,1895; 148th N.Y. Vol.

Armstrong, --; inf. d. of C.H. and I.J.; n.d.

Armstrong, Charles H.; b.1847 d.1905

Auble, Alice; d. of H.A. and B.L.; b.Sept.23,1895 d.May 3,1897

Auble, Amelia C.; w. of Andrew J.; d.Apr.25,1920; a.-75y 1m 18d

Auble, Andrew J.; d.Oct.8,1890; a.-55y 7m 27d

Auble, Bertha; w. of H.A.; b.1873 d.1922

Auble, Carl; s. of H.A. and B.L.; b.Aug.13,1903 d.July 5,1916

Auble, Herbert; s. of A.J. and A.C.; b.Apr.24,1867 d.Sept.18,1918

Auble, Leslie; s. of H.A. and B.L.; b.Oct.22,1900 d.Oct.24,1900

Bareis, Jacob; b.Sept.24,1837 d.Apr.27,1897

Bareis, Louisa F.; w. of Jacob; b.May 27,1824 d.May 3,1909

Barker, Charles; d.Sept.26,1899; a.-64y

Barrows, Catherine; w. of Coradon A.; b.1839 d.1920

Barrows, Coradon A.; b.Apr.12,1840 d.July 1,1910;
corp. 2nd Mich. Cav. Co. A

Barrows, Maria; d.May 12,1890; a.-81y 6m 13d

Baxter, Gilbert O.; s. of Orman and Hettie M.; b.Oct.8,1874 d.June 17,1875

Baxter, Hettie M.; w. of Orman; b.July 7,1848 d.Apr.20,1881

Baxter, Irene (Mother); w. of Eber; d. of Abner Child; b.Sept.22,1801
in Sharon, Vt.; d.June 26,1871 in Cascade, Mich.

Baxter, Mary E.; d. of Orman and Hettie M.; b.Jan.3,1868 d.Feb.23,1873

Baxter, Orman; b.Aug.16,1827 d.Aug.10,1911

Beard, --- (Mother); b.1848 d.1916

Beard, L.; b.Dec.25,1833 d.Apr.30,1891

Beard, M.; b.Nov.10,1839 d.Jan.13,1866

Beard, Nettie; d. of L. and S.; b.June 22,1869 d.Apr.26,1870

Benjamin, Stephen H. (Father); b.Mar.19,1800 d.Sept.30,1871

Benson, John; b.1870 d.1911

Berkley, Sarah S.; b.Apr.8,1805 in Harford, Pa.; d.July 23,1892

Berkley, Wilson S.; b.Oct.25,1845 at Stow, Ohio; d.May 8,1866

Bliss, Caroline; w. of R.W.; d.May 6,1894; a.-78y

Bliss, Hattie J.; d.Sept.1,1888; a.-22y 1m 9d

Bliss, Rufus W.; d.Jan.25,1862; a.-46y; Co. F, 2nd Mich. Vol. Cav.

Bliss, Wallace N.C.; s. of R.W. and C.J.; d.May 18m1861; a.-12y 9m 17d

Bole, George D.; s. of W.F. and M.C.; b.1895 d.1901

Bole, Harlie L.; w. of W.F. and M.C.; b.1898 d.1922

Bolt, John; b.1880 d.1913

Bradfield, Elizabeth; o.d. 1862

Bradfield, James H.; o.d. 1859

Bradfield, Jessie E.; b.1862 d.1923

Bradfield, Thomas D.; b.1891 d.1892

Brass, Anna L.; b.1851 d.1909

Brass, Edith; b.1886 d.1904

Brass, James; b.1885 d.1885

Brown, Ann; b.1856 d.1864

Brown, Charles H.; b.Apr.18,1833 d.Oct.17,1903

Brown, Harriet; b.1832 d.1922

Brown, Hartley N.; s. of C.H. and L.C.; d.Jan.17,1870; a.-5y 8m 14d

Brown, Hugh B.; b.1829 d.1905

Brown, Jessie; b.1859 d.1864

Brown, Lydia C.; w. of Charles H.; b.1838 d.1922

Bush, Anna (Mother); w. of Robert; b.Mar.10,1852 d.Mar.29,1909

Bush, Grace; b.Oct.21,1884 d.July 15,1905

Bush, Harry; b.Sept.13,1893 d.Mar.26,1916

Bush, Hattie; b.Aug.15,1888 d.Mar.5,1904

Bush, John; b.June 2,1896 d.Jan.6,1918

Bush, Robert; b.Oct.29,1843 d.Apr.10,1900

Bush, Robert Jr.; b.Oct.17,1890 d.Feb.7,1919

Butler, Mary J.; see Washburn

Buttrick, Charles R.; b.Sept.24,1839 d.Apr.6,1903

Buttrick, Rosetta; b.Nov.23,1837 d.Dec.19,1885

Carlton, Claudie; s. of Varman L. and Minnie; d.Nov.29,1868; a.-1y 8m 8d

Chatterdon, Elmira; b.1844 d.1898

Child, Irene; see Baxter

Church, Alfred M.; b.1853 d.1914

Church, Mary E.; b.1864; o.d.

Clark, Harry; b.Sept.9,1795 d.Oct.20,1886

Clark, Ira J.; b.Sept.23,1862 d.Apr.24,1864

Clark, Jay S.; b.Mar.3,1847 d.Apr.25,1892

Clark, Julius H.; s. of Harry and Martha; d.Apr.21,1864; a.-21y 6d

Clark, Julius H.; b.June 9,1864 d.June 21,1903

Clark, Margaret; b.1892; o.d.

Clark, Martha M.; w. of Harry; b.Aug.2,1810 d.Nov.3,1890

Clark, Pearl; b.1894 d.1894

Clark, Sarah Barker; w. of Henry; b.Apr.19,1824 d.Dec.23,1906

Coger, Charles; b.Jan.15,1806 d.Sept.18,1890

Coger, Henry A.; b.1847 d.1924

Coger, Julia M.; w. of Henry A.; b.1847 d.1877

Coger, Lillie; d. of H.A. and J.M.; b.1874 d.1875

Coger, Mary B.; w. of Chas.; b.Sept.5,1809 d.June 13,1891

Coger, R. Clare; b.1887 d.1911

Coger, Roy E.; s. of H.A. and J.M.; b.1882 d.1885

Coger, Willie; s. of H.A. and J.M.; b.1874 d.1875

Cook, J.F. (Father); b.Feb.23,1834 d.May 29,1908

Cook, Mary; w. of Thomas; b.Nov.9,1825 d.Dec.11,1899

Cook, Mary J. (Mother); w. of J.F.; b.Apr.1,1838 d.Jan.20,1904

Cook, Sylvester Jr.; b.June 5,1865 d.June 26,1905

Cook, Thomas; b.Jan.18,1818 d.Sept.16,1891

Covill, G. R.; n.d.; Co. H, 6th Mich.

Danforth, Addie; w. of Dr. M.W.; d.Dec.4,1875 (also an inf. s.);
a.-26y 2m

Danforth, Ethel A.; b.Dec.28,1884 d.Mar.15,1902

Danforth, Dr. M.W.; b.Aug.28,1842 at Hudson, O.; d.Apr.17,1895

Danforth, Sadie B.; b.Feb.25,1889 d.Jan.30,1904

Davis, Julia A.; b.1841 d.1912

Davis, Minnie; d. of F.M. and Julia; d.Sept.3,1870; a.-2y 9m

DeHaan, Oopke; b.Sept.29,1900 d.Feb.17,1908

Denison, Ann M.; w. of Chas. M.; d.May 11,1883; a.-48y 7m 4d

Denison, Asa; d.Sept.9,1857; a.-52y

Denison, Caroline; w. of Jabez; d.Sept.27,1854; a.-92y

Denison, Carrie; see Niles

Denison, Charles M.; d.Apr.11,1916; a.-83y 2m 9d

Denison, Charlie; s. of Morris W. and Mary; a.-9y 10m; o.d.

Denison, Christiana; w. of G.H.; d.Apr.22,1871; a.-66y

Denison, Cora; d.Mar.6,1860; a.-3m

Denison, Elmetta; n.d.

Denison, Frances E.; w. of Wm. C.; d.Nov.10,1862; a.-25y 1m 19d

Denison, Gideon H.; drowned in L. Mich. at sinking of steamer
Ironsides, Sept. 15,1873; a.-71y

Denison, Helen E.; w. of Henry C.; b.Dec.16,1838 d.Dec.9,1909

Denison, Henry C.; b.Dec.22,1834 d.June 5,1905

Denison, Lois; w. of Chas. M.; d.Dec.29,1900; a.-63y

Denison, Marsha; n.d.

Denison, Marshall; n.d.

Denison, Marshall E.; d.Sept.3,1865; a.-22y

Denison, Mary; n.d.

Denison, Mary; w. of Morris W.; b.Aug.10,1830 d.Nov.9,1886

Denison, Morris W.; b.Oct.31,1825 d.Jan.20,1897

Denison, Rhoda; n.d.

Denison, Wm. Wheeler; d.Aug.7,1867; a.-38y

Densmore, Luther; b.1833 d.1911

DeWitt, Jos. (Brother); b.Mar.26,1878 d.Aug.14,1912

Doane, Edith M.; b.1877 d.1920

Douglas, F. Ella; d. of L.M. and R. Thomas; b.May 28, 1912 d.Sept.27,1912

Dupree, Gerrit; b.1837 d.1916

Farnham, Ida; d. of M.L. and C.E.; d.Sept.5,1877(?); a.-13y 9m 21d

Farnham, Millard L.; d.Sept.23,1865; a.-36y 11m

Fase, Matthew P.; b.1892 d.1920

Fish, Althea; b.Nov.24,1845 d.Sept.29,1909

Fish, Asa J.; b.Mar.29,1880 d.Aug.12,1880

Fish, Edgar R.; b.1874 d.1918

Fish, Elizabeth E.; b.July 30,1850 d.Aug.23,1921

Fish, Emory W.; b.Apr.6,1845 d.Dec.4,1889; Co. A, 6th Mich. Cav.

Fish, Jane M.; w. of John; d.Nov.22,1905; a.-77y 2m 13d

Fish, John; d.Oct.2,1887; a.-75y 12d

Fish, Sanford G.; b.Dec.19,1839 d.Mar.26,1914; Co. K, 3rd Mich. Inf.

Fitch, Wellington (Corp); n.d.; Co. C, U.S.S.S.

Fox, Ada M.; b.1871 d.1897

Frayer, Abram; d.Dec.14,1872; in his 70th y

Frayer, Sallie; w. of Abram; b.1804 d.1888

Fuller, Frank L.; b.1867 d.1912

Furgison, Mary E.; d. of Merritt and Jane Gifford;
d.July 4,1878; a.-33y 2m 7d

Gale, Benjamin F.; b.1820 d.1884

Gale, Charles W.; s. of Benj. F. and Diana; b.1855 d.1873

Gale, Diana; w. of Benjamin F.; b.1829 d.1908

Gale, Emma S.; d. of Benj. F. and Diana; b.1857 d.1893

Gardner, John F.; s. of R.H. and Susan L.; d.Jan.29,1870; a.-5y 5m 24d

Gardner, R.H.; d.Mar.11,1872; a.-46y 9m

Gardner, Susan H.; w. of R.H.; d.Jan.2,1881; a.-55y 2m 7d

Gifford, Alanson; n.d.; Corp. Co. 1, 123 N.Y. Inf.

Gifford, Mary E.; see Furgison

Gifford, Merritt S.; d.Feb.2,1883; a.-68y 6m 28d

Gillissa, Jan; b.Dec.24,1887 d.Jan.4,1908

Goodfruit, Eben R.; b.Dec.1,1869 d.Apr.28,1895

Gorham, Darwin E.; s. of Geo. W. and Lucy M.; d.Aug.18,1872; a.-3y 1m

Gorham, George W.; b.1831 d.1919

Gorham, Lucy M.; w. of George W.; b.1831 d.1892

Gregory, Baby; ch. of Warren and Emma; b.Feb.3,1887 d.Sept.2,1887

Gregory, Artie; s. of Warren and Emma; b.Dec.12,1876 d.Dec.2,1883

Gregory, Emma A.; b.1845 d.1911

Gregory, George W.; b.1860 d.1921

Gregory, Jennie; w. of L.J.; b.1886 d.1917

Gregory, Lorenzo; n.d.; Co. D, 77th Inft.

Gregory, Mary D.; b.1820 d.1881

Gregory, Uretta; w. of B.; d.Sept.22,1857; a.-68y 4m 28d

Griffeth, Abiah; w. of James; d.Mar.12,1865; a.-56y 10m 9d

Halpin, Belle Sinclair; b.1848 d.1898

Harris, Alfred; b.1857 d.1912

Harris, Ann; w. of William; b.July 7,1816 d.Dec.22,1900

Harris, F.W.; b.1845 d.1910

Harris, Fred Arthur; b.Aug.9,1889 d.Apr.12,1917

Harris, Fred C.; s. of F.W. and S.J.; b.Aug.4,1864 d.Aug.4,1890

Harris, Gettie; inf. d. of A. and E.; b.June 18,1886 d.Aug.8,1886

Harris, Ina; d. of J.H. and M.A.; d.July 16,1887; a.-9m 14d

Harris, Mary; w. of J.H.; d.Jan.13,1891; a.-38y 15d

Harris, Mary M.; w. of Richard P.; b.Oct.10,1832 d.May 27,1892

Harris, Richard P.; b.1843 d.1917

Harris, William; b.Feb.10,1820 d.Oct.29,1904

Henfrey, Mary; d.Oct.11,1871; a.-64y 8m 2d

Henfrey, Thomas; s. of George and Mary; d.Apr.18,1867; a.-22y 10m 12d

Henshaw, Sarah J. Kelsey; b.1825 d.1921

Herman, John C.; b.1867 d.1913

Hesche, Bernard; b.Mar.19,1823 d.Feb.2,1895

Hesche, Bertha; d. of W.S. and E.; b.Dec.8,1893 d.Dec.27,1893

Hesche, Ethel M.; d. of W.S. and E.; b.Jan.19,1892 d.Apr.24,1892

Hesche, Mary; w. of B.; b.Apr.15,1830 d.Oct.8,1912

Hill, Fred J.; s. of Freeman E. and Mary L.; b.1889 d.1920
Co. M, U.S. Field Artillery

Hill, Freeman E. (Father); b.1852 d.---

Hill, Mary E. (Mother); b.1856 d.1917

Holt, Allie Angie; b.1876 d.1900

Holt, Angie; d. of Gaylord and Mary; d.Oct.26,1874; a.-4y 1m 19d

Holt, George A.; b.Feb.3,1833 d.Dec. 14,1859

Holt, H. Gaylord; b.1839 d.1914

Holt, Henry; b.1803 d.1895

Holt, Henry; s. of Gaylord and Mary; d.Sept.13,1872; a.-7m 16d

Holt, Mary Dewitt; b.1816 d.1891

Holt, Mary Seymour; w. of H. Gaylord; b.1848 d.1888

Hooper, Sarah A.; w. of E.; d.Nov.25,1862; a.-22y 11m

Hulbert, Aurilla S.; w. of T.J.; d.Apr.25,1881; a.-34y

Hulbert, John W.; b.1845 d.1919; Co. M, 11th Mich. Cav.

Hulbert, Kathrine; d. of F.S. and N.M.; b.1912 d.1914

Hulbert, Phebe R. (Mother); w. of John W.; b.1848 d.1914

Jennings, David; d.Apr.28,1879; a.-67y 10m 13d

Johnson, Clayton J.; b.1885 d.1919

Johnson, Edgar; b.Dec.29,1832 d.Feb.20,1913

Johnson, Emma A.; d. of Horace and Sarah J.; d.Aug.17,1876; a.-11m 21d

Johnson, Ezra O.; b.1838 d.1899; Sergt. Co. B, 21 Mich. Inft.

Johnson, Horace; b.1831 d.1909

Johnson, Jefferson; d.Nov.7,1890; a.-85y

Johnson, Jonathan; d.Apr.14,1876; a.-73y

Johnson, Lorenda; w. of Jefferson; d.Nov.25,1861; a.-53y

Johnson, Malinda; w. of Horace; d.Aug.24,1869; a.-29y

Johnson, Malon W.; s. of E.O. and M.L.; d.Apr.17,1865; a.-2y 2m 2d

Johnson, Marion H.; w. of Edgar; b.Nov.15,1841 d.Sept.9,1908

Johnson, Mary L.; w. of Ezra; d.Dec.25,1865; a.-24y

Johnson, May M.; d. of H. and M.R.; d.Sept.10,1869; a.-24d

Johnson, Richard; s. of L. and O.; b.1920 d.1921

Johnson, Sarah; w. of Horace; b.1846 d.1918

Johnson, Thankful; w. of Jonathan; d.Mar.10,1871; a.-61y

Katz, Jacob Ray; s. of J. and L.; b.June 6,1893 d.Mar.28,1894

Kelsey, Bernace L.; b.1858 d.1865

Kelsey, Edathey A.; b.1855 d.1924

Kelsey, Samuel; b.Mar.31,1815 d.Apr.6,1871

Kelsey, Sarah J.; see Henshaw

King, Amy G.; b.1844 d.1923

King, Reuben L.; b.1876 d.1882

Koetsier, Cornelius; s. of C.S. and C.M.; b.July 20,1903 d.Sept.12,1905

Koetsier, Cornelius; s. of E. and C.; b.Jan.28,1903 d.Nov.18,1905

Kraiger, Josephine; b.1863 d.1921

Lafuray, Leon E.; b.1882 d.1917

Laman, Luther; b.1861 d.1916

Lane, Eliza; w. of A.A.; b.1837 d.1913

Laraway, James R.; b.June 23,1837 d.Mar.16,1896

Laraway, Jennie E.; b.Oct.13,1866 d.Jan.12,1868

Lewis, Ezra; b.Oct.28,1865 d.Apr.24,1883

Lewis, Mary E.; b.Jan.31,1862 d.Jan.13,1864

Lille, Ray; b.1885 d.1913

Lockwood, Edwin; s. of Hezekiah and Rhoda; d.Oct.3,1878; a.-2y 6m 12d

Lockwood, Eliza; d. of Hezekiah and Rhoda; d.May 3,1871; a.-7y 1m 13d

Lockwood, Hezekiah; b.Aug.15,1814 d.May 23,1898

Lockwood, McConnell; b.Feb.28,1895 d.Sept.12,1895

Lockwood, Nelson E.; b.July 18,1853 d.Oct.19,1883

Lockwood, Rhoda McConnell; w. of Hezekiah; b.Sept.26,1838 d.---

Maben, Charles B.; d.July 21,1882; a.-59y 3m 21d

Maben, Sarah E.; see Thompson

McClellan, Anna E.; w. of James L.; b.Apr.9,1835 d.Sept.22,1898

McClellan, James L.; b.Feb.18,1829, Nova Scotia d.---

McClellan, William J.; s. of James L. and Anna E.; d.July 24,1871;
a.-5y 3m 16d

McCullough, James; n.d.; 2nd Mich. Cav. Co. F

McKee, Elizabeth; w. of William; d.Jan.26,1869; a.-40y 7m

McKee, John C.; s. of W. and E.; d.Jan.2,1861; a.-11y 3m

McKee, Maria I.; d. of W. and E.; d.Sept.8,1872; a.-20y 10m 13d

McKee, Rosa; d. of W. and E.; d.Dec.14,1861; a.-22d

McKee, William; b.Mar.1,1826 d.June 17,1885

Markle, Eliza J.; b.1833 d.1899

Markle, Tiffany; b.1828 d.1902

Marsh, DeWitt; d.Apr.17,1874; a.-30y 24d

Marsh, Gnettie; s. of D.C. and O.L.; d.Apr.20,1866; a.-2y 4d

Martin, Caroline M.; w. of Rufus W.; b.June 30,1837 d.Feb.9,1904

Martin, Hannah; w. of Caleb; d.Dec.10,1855; a.-60y

Martin, Marion B.; d.May 20,1857; a.-20y

Martin, Rufus W.; d.Mar.27,1883; a.-49y

Mate, Leroy A.; s. of D.A. and Ida A.; o.d. 1913

Merrill, Rebecca (Mother); b.Sept.14,1821 d.May 27,1901

Miller, Abraham; s. of Benj. and Fianna; d.Oct.7,1881; a.-6m 16d

Miller, Arthur L.; s. of M. and E.L.; b.1877 d.1890

Miller, David; s. of Benj. and Fianna; d.Dec.18,1883; a.-7m 6d

Miller, Eliza; w. of Major; b.1809 d.1891

Miller, Emma; d. of Moses and C.; d.Sept.30,1890; a.-21y 4d

Miller, Eunice; w. of Manson; b.1849 d.1914

Miller, Fianna; w. of Benjamin; d.July 18,1890; a.-46y 8m 5d

Miller, Hattie E.; d. of Major and Nettie C.; d.Aug.28,1878; a.-8y 3m 16d

Miller, Helen R.; d. of Major and Nettie C.; d.Aug.31,1878; a.-4y 9m 18d

Miller, Katherine; b.Jan.11,1837 d.Apr.17,1912

Miller, Major; b.1805 d.1868

Miller, Manson; b.1836 d.1889

Miller, Moses; b.Apr.4,1838 d.Oct.26,1916

Miller, Wesley; s. of Moses and C.; d.Oct.25,1872; a.-10y 6m 24d

Moses, Robert; d.Jan.15,1882; a.-39y 2m 5d

Murdock, Cornelia J.; see Washburn

Nichols, Frances a.; b.1823 d.1914

Nichols, Levi; b.1805 d.1883

Niles, Carrie L. (Denison); w. of W.I.; b.1862 d.1920

Niles, Hattie J. (Mother); b.1860 d.1914

Nippress, Hortensia (Mother); w. of Thomas; b.1841 d.1899

Nippress, Thomas (Father); b.1842 d.1919; Co. E, 10th Mich. Cav.

Noble, John; b.1826 d.1907

Orlop, Elizabeth; w. of Jacob; d.Dec.12,1875; a.-58y 14d

Osborn, Aga; b.Dec.17,1857, Lowell, Mich.; d.Feb.4,1883

Osborn, Daniel; b.Oct.13,1820, Fowler, St. Lawrence Co.; d.Oct.3,1882

Palmer, Elias (Father); d.July 4,1897; a.-68y

Palmer, Hannah (Mother); w. of Elias; b.1828 d.1909

Palmer, John F. (our brother); b.June 12,1850 d.Mar.1,1900

Patterson, Archie G.; n.d.

Patterson, Chancy; b.Apr.21,1903 d.Feb.26,1923

Patterson, Frank; d.May 26,1880; a.-35y 6m 19d

Patterson, Lousia; w. of John M.; b.Apr.18,1848 d.May 26,1894

Patterson, Lu; b.1887 d.1912

Patterson, Sarah (Baby); o.d. 1894

Patterson, Sarah A.; b.1849 d.1911

Patterson, Sarah E.; n.d.

Peters, Isaac; b.July 26,1828 d.Apr.17,1899

Peters, Jennie; d. of I. and M.; b.1861 d.1908

Peters, Mary (Mother); b.1841 d.1917

Posthumus, James H.; b.Mar.8,1882 d.Jan.12,1899

Posthumus, Johanna; w. of H.; b.Sept.10,1858 d.Nov.27,1906

Prescott, Elsa May; b.May 31,1902 d.June 18,1903

Prescott, J. Budd; b.Apr.30,1892 d.Dec.27,1892

Prescott, John B.; b.1819 d.1883

Prescott, Mary A.; b.1822 d.1888

Prescott, Myrtle M.; b.July 20,1885 d.Apr.27,1886

Prescott, Raymond C.; b.Sept.4,1887 d.Feb.18,1910

Prince, Rev. Erie; d.Aug.10,1862; in his 65th y.

Quiggle, Bertha Mae; d. of W. and C.; d.July 28,1894; a.-9m 9d

Quiggle, Lillian E.; d. of S.P. and M.; d.Oct.12,1861; a.-5y 4m 24d

Quiggle, Margaret; w. of Silas; b.1838 d.1924

Quiggle, Silas; b.1831 d.1919

Rector, Phebe J.; w. of Wm. F.; b.Oct.25,1834 d.Mar.4,1905

Rector, Wm. F.; b.Jan.23,1832 d.Jan.3,1902

Reynolds, Abby; b.1819 d.1900

Reynolds, Elisha; b.1814 d.1885

Richards, Edna; b.1875 d.1910

Richards, Truman; b.1834 d.1890

Richardson, G. S.; b.Sept.8,1805 d.Apr.5,1884

Richardson, Geo. H.; s. of Geo. S. and L.A.; b.1879 d.1911

Richardson, Geo. S.; b.Apr.13,1836, Cuyahoga Falls, Sumit Co., O.;
d.May 14,1914, Cascade, Mich.

Richardson, Lovina Danforth; b.Dec.22,1839, Hudson, Sumit Co., O.;
d.Aug.3,1912, Cascade, Mich.

Richardson, Mary Everett; w. of G.S.; b.Jan.28,1811 d.Feb.27,1896

Robinson, Christiana Crater; b.1817 d.1897

Robinson, E. C., Jr.; s. of E.C. and Mary; d.Sept.4,1875; a.-9m 16d

Robinson, Edgar C.; d.May 12,1878; a.-40y; Member Co. 1, 21st. Mich. Inft.

Robinson, Rufus; b.1822 d.1901

Root, Sabra M.; d. of Oren and Myrtia; b.July 28,1903 d.Jan.18,1906

Rowland, Ida M.; w. of C.F.; b.Oct.24,1856, Cascade, Mich.; d.Nov.22,1880

Sanbrook, John W.; b.Sept.23,1844 d.Mar.20,1892

Sanbrook, Laney; w. of John W.; b.1841 d.1911

Sargent, Jane (Mother); w. of Sharon; b.Oct.2,1827 d.Dec.2,1888

Sargent, Sharon L. (Father); b.Nov.24,1832 d.June 29,1898

Sayles, Alfred B.; b.1820 d.1907

Sayles, Eliza M.; b.1842 d.1866

Sayles, Elizabeth A.; b.1823 d.1888

Sayles, John F.; b.1813 d.1863

Sayles, John L.; b.1824 d.1870

Sayles, Lennius L.; b.1847 d.1887

Schleif, Charles; b.1875 d.1899

Schleif, Christian (Father); b.1838 d.1913

Schleif, Frances; b.1882 d.1900

Schleif, Mary (Mother); b.1845 d.1913

Schultz, ____ (Father); b.1831 d.1913

Schultz, ____ (Mother); b.1833 d.1909

Seeley, Addie; w. of B.D.; b.Mar.5,1852 d.Nov.22,1888

Seeley, Delbert; s. of B.D. and A.; b.July 10,1878 d.Jan.10,1879

Seeley, Mary; w. of B.D.; b.July 7,1851 d.Mar.11,1906

Sen, Anna; w. of L.B.; d.Jan.24,1876; a.-68y

Sen, Linson Beard; d.Nov.14,1883; a.-80y

Sexton, Belle W.; b.1865 d.1920

Sexton, Catherine E.; w. of J.W.; b.Mar.12,1842 d.Jan.9,1908

Sexton, George R.; b.1875 d.1915

Sexton, J.W.; b.Mar.9,1839 d.Aug.5,1910

Sexton, Priscilla; w. of Wm. S.; b.Jan.3,1808 d.Sept.23,1890

Sexton, William S.; b.Feb.2,1809 d.Aug.17,1872

Seymour, Mary; see Holt

Shuman, Erastus; b.Feb.4,1826 in N.Y.; d.Dec.29,1897

Shuman, Eunice; w. of Erastus; b.June 12,1836 in Ohio; d.Aug.8,1924

Shuman, Mary A.; b.Aug.19,1863 in Ohio; d.May 3,1897

Shuman, Sarah Jane; d.Apr.11,1882; a.-82y 5m 27d

Sinclair, ____; inf. s. of G.W. and J.; o.d. 1878

Sinclair, Albert G.; b.1834 d.1918

Sinclair, Barney; b.1837 d.1910

Sinclair, Cordelia Baker; w. of Albert; b.1837 d.1880

Sinclair, Eliza S.; w. of B.; b.Mar.19,1849 d.Apr.13,1908

Sinclair, Geneva; b.1864 d.1903

Sinclair, Hiram; b.1797 d.1875

Sinclair, Hosea B.; b.1839 d.1917

Sinclair, Josephine Hunting; w. of Albert; b.1847 d.19--

Sinclair, Mary; b.1811 d.1888

Sinclair, Rachel C.; b.1846 d.---

Sisson, William M.; b.1860 d.1919

Slater, ____ &_____; inf. twins of R.J. and Ellen;
b.Sept.6,1884 d.Apr.25,1885

Slater, Richard C.; s. of R.J. and Ellen; b.May 2,1896 d.Jan.14,1897

Smith, Albert; b.1846 d.1913

Smith, Arvilla; d. of A.J. and F.A.; d.Dec.10,1872; a.-7y 5m 10d

Smith, Elizabeth; w. of John S.; d.Jan.8,1866; a.-39y 2m 4d

Smith, Emma A.; d. of John and Elizabeth; d.Dec.26,1861; a.-9m 2d

Smith, Flora E.; d. of A.J. and F.A.; b.July 22,1861 d.Apr.5,1863

Smith, James H.; s. of John and Elizabeth; d.Oct.18,1865; a.-2y 9m 14d

Smith, John S.; d.Jan.21,1888; a.-66y 2m 15d

Smith, Joseph M.; d.Feb.25,1872; a.-79y 1m 25d

Smith, Laura A.; d. of A.J. and F.A.; d.Mar.16,1873; a.-10y 5m

Smith, Lewis; s. of Frank and Ann; o.d. 1883

Smith, Mary Ellen; w. of Albert; b.1851 d.1918

Smith, Susan; w. of Martin; d.Apr.20,1872; a.-33y

Snow, Almira; b.Mar.12,1846 d.Mar.16,1875

Snow, Philo; b.Sept.23,1859 d.Apr.8,1864

Spalding, Maria; b.Aug.1,1828 d.Apr.15,1891

Spaulding, Benjamin; b.1808 d.1871

Spaulding, Blanche; d. of R.L. and M.A.; d.Aug.26,1892; a.-1y 3m 5d

Spaulding, Eliza; b.1815 d.1867

Spaulding, Mary A.; w. of R.L.; b.1854 d.1909

Spaulding, R.L.; b.1848 d.1921

Speerstra, Ida; b.1900 d.1921

Staton, Amos (Father); b.1846 d.1910

Stanton, Sarah M.; w. of Amos; b.1842; o.d.

Stapleton, Laura M.; b.1847 d.1915

Stapleton, Mark T.; b.1867 d.1916

Stapleton, William H.; b.1841 d.1894; U.S. Vol.

Stark, Geo. R. (M.D.); s. of L.B. and F.G.; b.1877 d.1916

Stark, Geo. Turner; b.Dec.30,1891 d.Jan.16,1897

Stark, Gertie; d. of L.B. and F.G.; d.Aug.24,1870; a.-2y 9m 28d

Stark, Lewis B.; b.1841 d.1918; Sergt. Co. D, 29th Regt. Ohio Vol. Inft.

Stark, Miriam Louise Turner; w. of Lew D.; b.1862 d.1916

Stephenson, Jane; w. of John W.; b.1820 d.1886

Stephenson, John W.; b.1810 d.1866

Stephenson, Nellie E.; w. of J.W.; b.Mar.25,1870 d.Mar.26,1902

Stevens, Jennie; b.1883 d.1921

Stewart, Hilon H.; d.Apr.14,1881; a.-47y 15d

Stewart, Olive C.; w. of H.H.; d.Jan.14,1864; a.-31y 9m 10d

Stow, Edythe; w. of Z.; d.Apr.12,1877; a.-69y

Stow, Phoebe W.; b.1828 d.1884

Stow, William; d.Nov.11,1876; a.-47y 10m 15d

Stow, Zebulon; d.Sept.28,1871; a.-69y 6m

Strong, Guian; s. of Jared and Jane; d.Mar.4,1860; a.-27y 6m

Strong, Jared; b.June 14,1801 d.Apr.29,1883; pioneer of "46"

Sweetman, Luke V.; d.May 21,1866; a.-67y 1m 18d

Taggart, John; d.Nov.15,1891; a.-51y 5m; Member Bat. M., 1st N.Y. Light Art.

Thomas, ___; inf. s. of E. and M.; o.d. Nov.28,1910

Thomas, Ashley; b.Jan.27,1834 d.Jan.22,1904

Thomas, DeWitt; b.June 12,1820 d.Jan.5,1890

Thomas, Edwin L.; b.1868; o.d.

Thomas, Laura; b.July 6,1838 d.Nov.28,1913

Thomas, Mary L.; b.1870 d.1921

Thomas, Melinda; b.Apr.1,1823 d.Dec.2,1885

Thompson, Ada A.; w. of Vane; b.1866 d.1901

Thompson, Delia; d. of Vane; b.1894 d.1908

Thompson, Frances M.; b.1845 d.1911

Thompson, Irving E.; n.d.

Thompson, Jane E.; b.Mar.25,1830 d.Dec.22,1891

Thompson, John T.; b. in Northfield, Washtenaw Co., Mich.
d.June 29,1881; a.-46y 1m 2d

Thompson, Lorenzo; b.Jan.18,1824 d.June 16,1897

Thompson, Mary M.; b.1880 d.1919

Thompson, Sarah E. Maben; w. of Scott J.; d.Oct.13,1891; a.-26y 1m 26d

Timmer, Jay; b.1907 d.1909

Tobias, ___; d.Aug.10,1866; a.-61y

Tobias, Charles E.; d.Dec.30,1879 from injuries received at Abronia, Mich.
on the L S and M S RR.; a.-32y 4m

Tobias, Elmer; s. of S. and S.A.; d.Oct.14,1867; a.-(stone broken; could
not read)

Tobias, Irene; w. of Stephen; d.Mar.9,1858; a.-49y

Tobias, Sally Ann; w. of Stephen; d.Aug.17,1878; a.-66y

Tobias, Stephen; d.Sept.16,1880; a.-76y

Todd, Blanche J.; o.d. 1923

Todd, John W.; b.1835 d.1909

Town, ___ (Mother); b.1835 d.1906

Town, Alfred B. (Father); d.July 11,1891; a.-60y 20d

Town, William; b.1857 d.1909

Turner, Miriam Louise; see Stark

Van Amburg, Della; w. of J.N.; b.Feb.7,1825 d.Oct.19,1908

Van Amburg, Estella; w. of W.R.; b.Jan.26,1859 d.Nov.16,1893

Van Amburg, J.N.; b.July 13,1820 d.May 18,1891

Van Amburg, Johnnie; s. of W.R. and E.M.; d.Oct.1,1882; a.-2y 2m 17d

Van Amburg, William; b.Oct.29,1848 d.July 13,1916

Vanderbilt, Almira; w. of John; b.Dec.22,1815 d.Feb.14,1891

Vanderbilt, John; b.Sept.1,1817 d.July 13,1883

Van Noord, Raleigh; b.June 6,1870 d.June 15,1900

Venneman, Dorothy; d. of W. and L.; b.1918 d.1921

Vroman, Fred R.; b.June 14,1856 d.May 9,1914

Vrooman, _____ (Mother); n.d.

Warner, Ruth Wisner; b.1848 d.1911

Washburn, Benjamin F.; b.Feb.25,1824 d.Nov.22,1908

Washburn, Cornelia J. Murdock; w. of Benjamin F.; d.Dec.7,1863; a.-28y

Washburn, Eliza J.; sister of B.F.; b.Aug.4,1816 d.Feb.12,1897

Washburn, Homer B.; d.May 27,1887; a.-28y 8m 24d

Washburn, James W.; d.Nov.11,1863 at Chattanooga,Tenn.; a.-34y 2m 25d;
1st Sergt. Co. 1, 22nd Mich. Inft.

Washburn, Jane M.; w. of G.D.; d.Sept.6,1895; a.-62y

Washburn, M. Addie; d. of B.F. and C.J.; b.Nov.14,1858 d.Apr.17,1885

Washburn, Mary J. Butler; w. of Benjamin F.; b.Jan.18,1843 d.Aug.20,1870

Washburn, T.; d.May 27,1888; a.-86y 7m

Watterson, Bertha A.; b.1900 d.1902

Watterson, Bessie D.; b.1882 d.1895

Watterson, Charlie D.; s. of J. and H.A.; d.Apr.3,1871; a.-(could not read)

Watterson, Ellen M.; d. of J. and H.A.; d.Sept.4,1868; a.-5y

Watterson, George W.; s. of J. and H.A.; d.Aug.21,1863;
a.-11y (too dim to read)

Watterson, Harold D.; b.1896 d.Nov.24,1918 at Ann Arbor, Mich.

Watterson, Henry H.; b.1889 d.1905

Watterson, John; d.Feb.14,1874; a.-53y

Watterson, John; s. of C.R. and L.M.; b.1912 d.1915

Watterson, Lettie L.; b.1875 d.1884

Watterson, Lottie L.; d. of W.J. and M.A.; b.1885 d.1917

Watterson, Robert M.; b.1853 d.1912

Watterson, Rosetta M.; d. of J. and H.A.; d.Sept.7,1881; a.-22y 9m

Watterson, William A.; b.18-- d.Nov.10,1918; Killed in U.S. Service,
Jametz?, France

Webster, John W.; d.Feb.27,1870; a.-71y 1m 21d

Wing, Alice J.; w. of Chas. T.; d.June 3,1886; a.-34y 11m 4d

Wisner, Byron D.; b.1837 d.1915; Co. F, 19th Mich. Inft.

Wisner, Ellen C.; w. of B.D.; b.1845 d.1919

Wisner, Lidia; d.Oct.29, 1897; a.-72y 1m 20d

Wisner, Peter S.; d.Feb.21,1880; a.-68y 1m 5d

Wisner, Willie; s. of B.D. and E.C.; d.Sept.11,1875; a.-1y 2m

Wood, Betsey J.; w. of Henry; b.June 18,1836 d.Aug.25,1898

Wood, Elenor G.; b.Sept.12,1861 d.Oct.22,1861

Wooding, Cora M.; d. of J. and D.; b.1863 d.1870

Wooding, Drusilla; b.1847 d.1918

Wooding, Ida A.; d. of J. and D.; b.1869 d.1870

Wooding, John; b.1834 d.1911; Co. C, 1st Mich. E. and M.

Wooding, Minnie B.; d. of J. and D.; b.1864 d.1870

Woolstra, Siemon; b.July 21,1887 d.Mar.14,1909

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
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