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Holy Corners Cemetery (G.R. 22)
Caledonia Township, Kent County, Michigan
Transcribed on or about 8 July 1926 by the
Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
(*See Cemetery Index for a picture of the cemetery.)

____, Anna; w. of Ames---b---(4 letters indistinct);
d. of Aaron and Anna Zelner; d.Jan.10,1875; a.-23y 7m 9d
(See Anna Melville - per family information.)

Amon, Fanny (Mother); w. of John; b.Apr.12,1840 d.May 8,1896

Amon, John (Father); b.Nov.11, 1834 d.1917

Amon(?), Lizzie; b.1867 d.1888

Amon, Mary; d. of J. and F.; d.Mar.16,1872; a.-11y 28d

Amon(?), Mary; b.1861 d.1872

Beery, Christian C. (Father); d.June 29,1900;a.-68y 10m 21d

Beery, Magdalena (Mother); w. of C.C.; d.Oct.13,1894; a.-61y 10m 9d

Berry, Sophia (Mother); w. of Emanuel J.; d.Aug.10,1893; a.-32y 8m 26d

Bond, William (Father); b.Oct.25,1847 d.Nov.17,1899

Bowman, Abraham; s. of Rev. Jacob C. and Catherine;
d.May 3,1867; a.-11y 1m 20d

Bowman, Myriam; inf. d. of Rev. Jacob C. and Catherine; n.d.

Brake, ____ (Mother); b.1841 d.1914

Brake, Abraham B. (Father); b.Feb.2,1838 d.Mar.20,1897

Brake, Emma A.; b.1880 d.1880

Brake, Hazel; b.1894 d.1894

Brake, Wayne; b.1898 d.1898

Buehler(?), _____ (Grandfather); n.d.

Buehler, Agatha (Mother); b.Aug.5,1842 d.Aug.5,1913

Buehler, Ann Eliza; w. of John L.; b.Mar.6,1848 d.July 27,1900

Crump, Fannie Detwiler; b.1856 d.1912

Decker(?), Barbara (Mother); b.1846 d.1879

Decker(?), George (Father); b.1831 d.1887

Decker(?), George H.; b.1877 d.1878

Decker(?), Louisa (Mother); b.1849 d.1883

Decker, Michael W.; b.1867 d.1885

Dettwiler, Anna; d. of J. and A.; n.d.

Dettwiler, David; s. of J. and A.; n.d.

Dettwiler, Evy; d. of John and Martha; d.June 9,1878; o.d.

Dettwiler, John; s. of Joseph and Anna; b.Oct.20,1875 d.Sept.12,1876

Dettwiler, Joseph; s. of Joseph and Anna; b.Sept.8,1870 d.Jan.20,1871

Dettwiler, Mary; d. of Abraham and Barbara; d.Sept.10,1871; a.-13y 2m

Dettwiler, Wm. and Wendell; ss. of Joseph and Anna; n.d.

Detwiler(?), Barbara; b.1870 d.1871

Detwiler, Elizabeth (Mother); b.1833 d.1916

Detwiler, Isaac (Father); b.1828 d.1909

Detwiler(?), Menno; b.1858 d.1871

Dirsteine, Elias; b.July 20,1822 d.Apr.18,1890

Eby, Jeremiah; s. of Wm. and J.; d.Oct.20,1866; a.-7y 8m

Eyman, Anna; w. of Henry; d.Mar.15,1865; a.-31y 9m 15d

Eyman, Henry; b.1828 d.1905

Eyman, Henry, Sr.; d.Sept.6,1875; a.-78y 2m 4d

Fischer, Katharine; w. of L.; b.1836 d.1915

Fischer, Katie; d. of Leonhard and Katherine; b.Jan.5,1865 d.June

Fischer, Leonhard; b.1825 d.1904

ford, Anna (Mother); b.1879 d.1921

Ford, Elizabeth (Mother); w. of G.W.; d.Sept.21,1881; a.-31y 9m 3d

Ford, Mary J.; d. of G.W. and E.; d.Dec.22,1878; a.-1y 7m 14d

Geise, Earley; b.Sept.13,1889 d.Mar.23,1892

Geise, Elmer; b.Sept.13,1889 d.Mar.19,1892

Gill, Jimmie L.; s. of L.A. and R.; d.Mar.3,1885; a.-1y 11m 24d

Good, Eli W.; b.1870 d.1910

Good, Goldie L.; d. of Joseph and Mary; b.June 3,1891 d.Mar.31,1898

Good, Leah; d. of Martin and Susan; d.Apr.21,1868; a.-1y 10m 15d

Good, Martin B.; d.Sept.1,1878; a.-4y 9m 18d

Good, Mary Lestia; b.1894 d.1910

Hahn, Jennie; w. of Dan; b.Apr.21,1876 d.Aug.18,1901

Heintzelman, Joseph (Father); b.Aug.9,1828 d.Mar.2,1897

Heintzelman, Rebecca (Mother); w. of Jos.; b.Feb.9,1831 d.Nov.22,1908

Hembling, ___; n.d.

Herman, Elizabeth; b.July 28,1870 d.Apr.12,1885

Herman, Mary (Mother); b.1846 d.1920

Herman, Mary; b.Apr.20,1872 d.Oct.28,1901

Hershberger, Esther; w. of Abm.; d.Jan.5,1893; a.-78y 6m 27d

Hilty, Katie Ann; d. of D. and E.; d.Mar.7,1871; a.-1y 4m 11d

Holm, Melvin; s. of J. and M.; d.Aug.11,1875; a.-2y 2d

Hopp, Frederick; b.1849 d.1924

Hopp, Frederike S.; b.1850 d.1889

Hopp, Frederike Harder; b.1844 d.1923

Hopp, Louise W.; b.1871 d.1890

Johnson, Charles; d.May 31,1880; a.-60y 10m 1d

Judson, ____ (Father); b.1841 d.1902

Judson, Miles; b.1868 d.1893

Judson, Parthena; b.1801 d.1885

Karrar, Mary A.; d. of John and Elizabeth; b.Dec.31,1872 d.Sept.1,1875

Karrer, Catherine; b.Mar.16,1840 d.Feb.15,1900; on same stone as
Michael J.

Karrer, Freda; d. of M. and C.; b.Dec.7,1871 d.June 16,1873

Karrer, Geo.; s. of M. and C.; b.June 12,1867 d.Apr.30,1871

Karrer, John C.; b.1861 d.1923

Karrer, Michael Jr.; b.June 6,1840 d.Apr.5,1874

Karrer, Wm. J.; s. of J. and A.; b.Aug.2,1886 d.Sept.4,1886

Karrer, Wm.; s. of M. and C.; b.Sept.28,1863 d.Apr.19,1871

Kraft, Aaron; s. of G.B. and Mary J.; d.Dec.7,1880; a.-8y 2m 26d

Kraft, Geo. G.; s. of Geo. B. and Mary J.; d.Oct.3,1886; a.-5y 9m 28d

Kraft, Mary J. (Mother); w. of Geo. B.; b.Feb.19,1848 d.June 25,1900

Kraft, Sarah E.; d. of G. and M.; d.Sept.17,1869; a.-2m 9d

Krieger, Charlie; s. of John and E.; d.Dec.19,1871; a.-3y 3m 16d

Krieger, John; d.Mar.19,1895; a.-71y

Krieger, Sarah E.; d. of John and E.; d.Jan.14,1872; a.-5y 5m 2d

Lass, Martin; s. of Fred and Minnie; b.1889 d.1907

Lau, Carl J.; s. of C. and S.; d.Nov.10,1872; a.-3y 11m 20d

Lau, Chas.; d.Mar.21,1895; a.-72y 10m 24d; Mechlenburg Melhlen Schwerin

Lau, Joachim; b.Mar.2,1808 Mr'l'b'g, Shw'd; d.Mar.15,1867; a.-59y 13d

Lau, Sophia; w. of Carl; b.1829 d.1922

Lehman, Mary; w. of Peter, Jr.; d.Jan.27,1892; a.-58y 7m 15d

Lehman, Nancy; b.July 2,1814 d.Jan.11,1887

Lehman, Peter, Jr.; d.Dec.11,1903; a.-75y 8m 23d

Lowe, Catharine; d. of Chas. and Sophia; d.Aug.2,1882; a.-15y 11m

Martin, Ann; d.Oct.6,1888; a.-48y 2m 23d

Martin, Daniel W.; d.Mar.6,1885; a.-49y 5m 20d

Martin, J.R.; d.June 3,1891; a.-27y 11m 18d

Martin, Susanna; w. of Jos. G.; d.Jan.7,1879; a.-68y 9m 4d;
maiden name Susanna Wenger

Martin, Zimmerman; s. of Joseph and Susanna; d.Dec.4,1866; a.-22y 11m
m. Sarah Meyer Nov.3,1863

Meir, August; b.1886 d.1918

Meir, Carl August; b.Aug.30,1836 d.Apr.15,1904

Meir, Henrietta A.; d. of A. and W.; d.May 18,1885; a.-6m 5d

Meir, Whilemine; w. of Carl August; b.Feb.20,1842; o.d.

Melville, Anna;  d. of Aaron and Anna Zelner
   b. 10 Jan 1851    d. 19 Jan 1875  
   w. James Melville
  (Per family information - this is the ----, Anna; d. of Aaron & Anna Zelner whose stone was difficult to read.)

Meyer, Sarah; see Martin

Miller, Chancy J.; s. of Levi and Leach; d.Sept.14,1878; a.-1y 5m 23d

Miller, Leach; w. of Levi; d.Apr.3,1882; a.-31y 8d

Miller, Levi; b.1844 d.1914

Moyer, ____; d. of J. and E.; d.Oct.28,1871; a.-2y 11m 7d

Moyer, Abraham; d.Oct.22,1867; a.-65y 6m 11d

Moyer, Esther; w. of John; d.Jan.10,1869; a.-39y 7m 3d

Parson, Frank J.; s. of Par and Caroline; d.Dec.15,1893; a.-11y 2m 2d

Parson, Par; d.Jan.28,1893; a.-44y 4m 10d

Peters, Jos. W. (Father); b.July 4,1860 d.Nov.10,1922

Peters, Mary; b.Nov.16,1815 d.Jan.23,1886

Peters, Wm.; b.Nov.24,1823 d.Nov.29,1885

Pickett, Edward; b.June 9,1915 d.July 7,1915

Preap, Henry; b.1853 d.1921

Preap, Sophia; b.1860 d.1893

Race, Emma; b.1884 d.1914

Race, Maude; b.1880 d.1918

Ruehs, Christian (Father); b.Sept.17,1827 d.June 2,1908

Ruehs, Friedericke; w. of John; b.Aug.14,1826 d.May 20,1902

Ruehs, Johanna (Mother); w. of Christian; b.July 27,1826 d.Oct.24,1902

Ruhs, Frida; d. of John and Frida; d.Jan.23,1877; a.-19y 9m 7d

Ruhs, John; d.May 6,1877; a.-52y 4m 5d

Schantz, Andrew; b.1846 d.1911

Schantz, Helene; d. of Jacob and Magdalene; b.Oct.28,1861 d.Sept.4,1866

Schantz, Henrich G.; s. of Hund E.; b.June 7,1884 d.July -,1885

Schantz, Jacob (Father); d.Feb.8,1889; a.-76y 11m 17d

Schantz, Magdalene; w. of Jacob; d.May 13,1885; a.-63y 23d

Schantz, Maria Wilhelmine; d. of H. and E.; d.July 31,1879; a.-4y 4m

Schantz, Sarah; d. of Jacob and Magdalene; b.Mar.13,1853 d.Apr.21,1872

Schantz, Valentine P.; s. of Henry and Elizabeth; b.Aug.27,1878

Schickler, John S.; d.July 13,1875; a.-23y 10m 26d

Schliepsiek, Daniel Gothold; s. of Johannes and Ida; b.Sept.8,1887
d.May 12,1888

Schliepsiek, Paul Gerhardt; s. of J. and I.; b.Aug.22,1886 d.May

Schroder, John; b.Apr.5,1846 d.Nov.7,1879

Schultz, Caroline; b.1841 d.1923

Schultz, Earl; s. of Wm. F. and Louisa; b.Dec.2,1897 d.Feb.26,1906

Schultz, Henry (Father); b.1838 d.1908

Schultz, Marie Dorothea Christine (Mother); b.Aug.7,1841 at
Kremplin, Mecklenberg; d.Sept.15,1886

Sherk, David C.; s. of John and Magalene; d.Dec.7,1872; a.-23y 1m 18d

Sherk, Eli; d.Sept.3,1868; a.-49y 11m 3d

Smith, John; b.1865 d.1924

Smith, Magdalene (Mother); w. of Peter; d.Apr.21,1897; a.-64y 11m 15d

Smith, Mary; d. of P. and M.; b.1856 d.1908

Smith, P. Chas.; s. of P. and M.; d.Aug.16,1874; a.-9m 20d

Smith, Peter (Father); d.June 8,1873; a.-56y 3m 20d

Statsick, Ada May; d. of Jos. W. and Mary C.; d.July 14,1881; a.-5m 29d

Statsick, Henrietta; d. of Jos. W. and Mary C.; d.Aug.18,1876; a.-21d

Statsick, Mary C.; w. of J.W.; d.Sept.11,1881; a.-22y 1m 7d

Steiner, Anna L.; w. of Peter D.; d.May 13,188? (stone broken);
a.-39y 10m 8d

Steiner, Peter; s. of P.D. and Anna L.; d.Feb.27,1877; a.-1m 13d

Strait, Anna; b.1847 d.1913

Strait, Hosea; b.1845 d.1908

Strait, Laura E.; b.Jan.2,1883 d.Apr.7,1883

Voigt, Henry; b.Feb.7,1830 d.July 22,1898

Vollwiler, Elizabeth; b.1880 d.1925

Vollwiler, Henry; b.1839 d.1921

Walker, Anna; b.Apr.29,1821 d.Jan.19,1911

Walker, Rev. J.J.; b.1850 d.1912

Walker, Johann Jacob; b.July 15,1819, Sondelfingen, Wurttemberg

Walker, Kate; b.1851 d.1922

Wenger, Elizabeth; w. of Christian; d.Nov.15,1875; a.-61y 9m 25d

Wenger, Elizabeth; b.1859 d.1916

Wenger, Otto John; s. of Z.G. and E.; d.Oct.18,1886; a.-4y 11m 10d

Wenger, Susanna; see Martin

Wismer, Daniel B.; s. of Henry C. and Esther; d.Sept.19,1871; a.-4y 10m

Zelner, Aaron; d.Oct.27,1893; a.-81y 6m 20d

Zelner, Anna; w. of Aaron; d.June 6,1889; a.-74y 27d

Zelner, Anna; see ------

Zelner, Rebecca; w. of Aaron; d.Sept.2,1893; a.-69y

Zelner, William F.; d.Nov.8,1874; a.-3y 10m 19d

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
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