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Daniels Cemetery (G.R. 50)
Caledonia Township, Kent County, Michigan
Transcribed on or about 17 July 1928 by the
Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)
(*See Cemetery Index for a picture of the cemetery.)

Barnes, Carrie L.; w. of W.F.; d.July 31,1878; a.-25y 1m 20d

Bateman, Amelia; b.Sept.6,1855 d.Nov.1,1923

Bateman, Caleb L.; b.Mar.30,1840 d.Oct.8,1911

Bateman, Chloe A.; w. of Caleb; b.Mar.5,1835 d.Oct.9,1889

Bateman, Ella A.; d. of C.L. and C.A.; b.Jan.8,1870 d.Sept.14,1870

Bateman, Elmer P.; s. of C.L. and C.A.; b.Sept.15,1874 d.Feb.7,1875

Bateman, Jerusha A.; b.July 25,1805 d.Apr.2,1877

Broadbent, Emily; w. of G.; d.Mar.26,1873; a.-35y 5m 22d

Broadbent, Ettia M.; d. of G. and E.; d.Arp.14,1873; a.-11m 11d

Broadbent, Geo.; n.d.; Co. F, 27th Wis. Inf.

Buck, Helen M.; w. of Thos.; d.Sept.15,1898; a.-67y 9m

Buck, Thomas D.; b.Oct.13,1825; a.-69y 3m 20d; (written in the margin is: d.Mar.3,1895)

Colborn, Amos John; s. of Sylvester; d.Nov.3,1866; a.-20y 6m 4d

Colborn, Anna; w. of Amos; d.July 24,1871; a.-85y 5m 15d

Colborn, Jennie; d. of S.A. and B.W.; d.Jan.1,1876; a.-26y 3m 28d

Colborn, Sylvester; d.Oct.8,1879; a.-60y 4d

Cooley, Geo. N.; b.Aug.14,1810 d.Jan.16,1887

Cooley, Geo. P.; s. of Geo. N. and H.; d.Sept.13,1862; a.-1y 10m 10d

Cooley, Hannah; w. of Geo. N.; b.Sept.19,1826 d.May 4,1903

Cooley, Sarah; w. of Hanan; d.July 12,1859; a.-78y

Cooper, Mary; w. of William; b.--- at Cambridgeshire, England. d.July 24,1875; a.-74y

Coy, Daniel; d.May 20,1871; a.-40y 7m 20d

Culver, Frank S.; s. of L.M. and I.; d.Mar.23,1863; a.-8m 23d

Dutcher, Adelia; b.1810 d.1889

Dutcher, Charles; b.1800 d.1874

Dutcher, David W.; b.June 29,1831 d.Jan.8,1901

Dutcher, Howard D.; s. of D.W. and L.F.; d.Dec.3,1863; a.-2y 4m 7d

Dutcher, Lucy F.; w. of D.W.; b.July 4,1835 d.Dec.20,1908

Dutcher, Wesley; b.1840 d.1907

Dygert, Fannie; d. of Thomas and Jane; d.Mar.3,1885; a.-23y 6m 4d

Dygert, Jane; w. of Thos.; n.d.

Dygert, Thomas; b.Nov.28,1819 d.Feb.1,1899

Ellis, Alfred; b.1851 d.1924

Ellis, Arthur; b.Feb.12,1848 d.Jan.6,1919

Ellis, Benjamin; b.June 18,1842 d.Apr.7,1907

Ellis, Caroline; b.July 29,1833 d.Apr.29,1922

Ellis, Ellen B.; b.May 29,1853 d.June 12,1926

Ellis, James; b.1824 d.1870

Ellis, Maria; b.1827 d.1906

Ellis, Robert; b.1853 d.1908

Emhuff, Eve; b.Mar.3,1808 d.Dec.4,1887; on same stone with Jane and Thomas Dygert.

Gress, Emogene; w. of H.; d.Dec.30,1871; a.-25y 9m

Hargar, Leonidas; b.1809 d.1867

Hawkins, Arvilia; d. of E. and T.A.; d.Jan.2,1873; a.-3y 9m 14d

Hawkins, Hiram; n.d.; Co. F, 14th Mich. Inf.

Hawkins, Sophrona; w. of Abraham; d.Apr.1,1863; a.-46y 1m 14d

Hendershot, Armilla; d. of D. and R.A.; d.Jan.--,1872; a.-18y

Hendershot, David; d.Nov.8,1864; a.-34y

Hendershot, Ruth A.; w. of David; d.Feb.19,1871; a.-39y

Johnson, Ab'm; d.June 1,1865 in his 74th y.

Johnson, Elid; d.Mar.5,1871 in his 43rd y.

Johnson, Libbie; d. of C.D. and M.J.; d.Aug.5,1868; a.-1y 6m 20d

Johnson, Mary J. White; w. of G.D.; d.Jan.6,1871; a.-38y

Johnson, Peter; d.July 21,1866; a.-44y 2m 27d

Johnson, Sarah A.; w. of A.; d.May 3,1859 in her 60th y.

Jones, Charles; d.May 25,1871; a.-55y 5m 25d

Leclear, Amanda; w. of B.; d.Oct.21,1871; a.-65y

Leclear, Nettie M.; d. of G.R. and J.P.; d.Aug.5,1880; a.-3y 27d

Loomis, Levi W.; d.Nov.17,1873 in his 51st y.

Lorch, Alice M.; b.Nov.24,1898 d.Jan.25,1899

Lybarker, Homer F.; s. of L. and A.M.; d.Nov.7,1854; a.-3y 3m 20d

Lybarker, Lafayette; d.Feb.21,1872 in his 46th y.

McNeal, Hiram W.; d.Sept.28,1860; a.-47y 1m 26d

Manchester, Adelbert J.; b.Oct.4,1847 at Petersburgh, Rens.Co., N.Y. d. May 11,1879 at Caledonia, Kent Co., Mich.

Manchester, Frank D.; b.1857 d.1886

Manchester, Louisa; w. of Martin; b.1835 d.1888

Manchester, Martin E.; s. of Martin and Louisa; d.Nov.5,1872; a.-1y 2m

Moore, Sylvia L.; d. of E. and A.M.; d.Feb.16,1867; a.-3y 26d

More, Edward; d.June 18,1863; a.-31y 3m

Pierson, Mary J.; b.1858 d.1891

Printes, Celisa; w. of R.; d.Oct.18,1870; a.-30y 7m 26d

Printes, Melisa; d.Apr.20,1871; a.-19y 3m 19d

Roee, Carrie M.; d. of A.; b.Apr.25,1875 d.Feb.26,1877

Roee, Rhoda M.; d. of A.; b.May 11,1873 d.Dec.3,1888

Shores, Ann; d.Dec.25,1886; a.-71y

Shores, William (Father); d.May 26,1875; a.-70y 10d

Stewart, May H.; w. of M.; d.Aug.25,1855; a.-61y

Stewart, Michael; d.Mar.22,1864; a.-80y

Stiles, Abigail; w. of Amos; d.Oct.18,1862; a.-77y 4m 6d

Vincent, Chester P.; s. of M. and S.; d.Nov.15,1862; a.-19y 1m

Vincent, Michael; d.Feb.3,1874; a.-54y 9m 29d

Warner, Hannah M.; w. of John; d.May 17,1898; a.-79y 9m 9d

Warner, John H.; s. of J.W. and H.; d.Oct.22,1868; a.-14y 2m 2d

Warner, John W.; d.Feb.16,1901; a.-82y 4m

Warner, Wm. Oliver; d.Apr.17,1896; a.-34y 2m 22d

White, Anna; widow of Rufus; b.May 15,1794 at Salem, Washington Co.,

White, Mary J.; see Johnson

Wood, Abigail; d.Jan.1,1878; a.-90y 8m 10d

Wood, Emma E.; b.Feb.22,1856 d.Mar.21,1874

Wood, Mary A.; b.Sept.24,1821 d.May 28,1880

Wood, Sarah S.; d. of W.I. and E.A.; d.June 6,1858; a.-9y 11m 23d

Wood, William I.; b.Nov.5,1818 d.Aug.13,1910

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