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View of Caledonia Cemetery

Caledonia Cemetery (G.R. 38)
Caledonia Township, Kent County, Michigan
Transcribed on or about 8 July 1926 by the
Sophie de Marsac Campau Chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.)  

Adams, Opal I.; b.1917 d.1923

Alberts, Fred L.; b.1884 d.1920

Allen, Emily. b.1814 d.1888

Allison, Rose Eliza; b.1865 d.1925

Amon,___ (Mother); n.d.

Amon, Allen S.; b.Mar.3,1872 d.1921

Amon, Elizabeth B.; w. of A.S.; b.Sept.11,1870 d.May 30,1900

Amon, Elvis L.; b.1894 d.1913

Amon, Mildred E.; b.Jan.1,1901 d.June 4,1901

Amon, Opal C.; b.June-,1896 d.Sept.-,1910

Ankney, Homer F.; b.Apr.8,1858 d.Sept.23,1906

Apsey, Edwin C.; d.1925; a.- abt. 53y or 56y (p.i.)

Apsey, Elizabeth (Mother); w. of S.C.; also of M. Loveridge;
b.Sept.20,1840 d.June 10,1903

Apsey, Samuel C. (Father); b.July 5,1837 d.Aug.17,1899

B----, E. A.; n.d.; small stone on lot with Elizabeth D. Jones.

Baetz, Catherine; b.Aug.7,1838 d.Jan.19,1912

Baker, Sibilla; w. of C.S.; b.May 23,1864 d.Oct.14,1897

Barber, Abbie J.; w. of O.B.; b.July 22,1823 d.Nov.9,1885

Barber, Frazier C.; s. of W.O. and A.M.; d.Jan.22,1881; a.-9y 2m 24d

Barber, Oscar B.; b.Nov.8,1820 d.Jan.17,1906

Barber, Ruth L.; w. of W.O.; b.June 28,1849 d.Jan.4,1891

Barbour, Geo. W.; b.1843 d.1905 or 1906

Barbour, Mary; n.d.

Barker, Abigal J.; b.1839 d.1915

Beam, Catharine; b.July 25,1829 d.Nov.2,1897

Beam, Elmon A.; b.Jan.30,1864 d.May 25,1882

Beam, Mary; b.Feb.10,1872 d.Apr.21,1881

Bechtel, Aaron (Father); n.d.

Bechtel, Anna; see Cook

Bechtel, Cyrus; s. of Aaron; b.1857 d.1872

Beeler, Clarence A.; s. of C.F. and M.; d.Dec.29,1889; a.-5y 4m 25d

Beery, Floyd A.; s. of A.H. and F.L.; b.July 25,1889 d.Dec.25,1898

Bender, Maybell; d. of John; date too dim to read

Bergy, Abraham; b.Aug.27,1845 d.Feb.23,1903

Bergy, Austin M.; b.1897 d.1910

Bergy, Elizabeth; w. of Emanuel (p.i.); b.1843 d.1921

Bergy, Emanuel; b.1844 d.1922

Bergy, Henry; b.1837 d.1918

Bergy, Isaac; d.Mar.18,1874; a.-61y 11m 20d; old stone: b.1812 d.1905

Bergy, Nancy; w. of Isaac; b.1813 d.1905

Berry, Rosa A. Meyer; d. of Jacob and Margaretha; b.1866 d.1920

Block, Nancy; b.1844 d.1921

Bowman, Catherine K.; b.1834 d.1914; on same lot as Rev. Jacob C.

Bowman, Elias C.; b.1847 d.1919

Bowman, Rev. Jacob C.; b.1832 d.1872

Bowman, Lauren A.; b.1920 d.1920

Bowman, Levi S.; b.1832 d.1918

Bowman, Maria; b.1862 d.1916

Bowman, Martha J.; d. of L. and S.; d.May 7,1872; a.-5y 5m 16d

Bowman, Sarah Cusick; b.1854 d.1878

Bowman, Susan; b.1840 d.1923

Bragg, Alexander; b.Dec.2,1818 d.Apr.6,1893

Bragg, Laura E.; w. of Alex; b.July 30,1809 d.Mar.17,1889

Bragg, Louisa D.; w. of Geo. M.; b.July 12,1853 d.Nov.30,1873

Breckon, Dr. G. R.; b.Sept.12,1847 d.May 5,1906

Breckon, Martha C.; w. of G.R.; o.d. Nov.22,1847

Brittain, William L.; b.1875 d.1918

Brock, Edgar W.; b.1862 d.1924

Brock, Isabella; b.1833 d.1924; on same lot as James Brock

Brock, James; b.1822 d.1908

Broeker, Auguste M.W.; w. of A.H.; b.1853 d.1922

Brower, Erwin; o.d. Apr.20,1875

Brower, Henry; b.Feb.2,1838 d.May 31,1900

Brower, Maria; b.Aug.15,1851 d.Oct.24,1875; on same lot with Henry

Brower, Moses; o.d. May 22,1844

Brown, Arthur; n.d.; Co. D, 7th Ohio Inf.

Brown, Solomon; b.1826 d.1886

Burkhardt, Geo.; b.1849 d.1924

Cain, Clifton C.; b.1908 d.1911

Carson, Robert (Father); b.1840 d.1910

Cassell, Ladie M.; w. of John; d.Nov.6,1881; a.-21y 11m 20d

Cassell, Ray; s. of J. and L.M.; d.Oct.26,1881; a.-1y 4m 18d

Chandler, M.L.; d.Jan.9,1874; a.-63y 6m

Clark, J. Fred; b.Aug.29,1859 d.Apr.10,1899

Clark, John; d.Oct.6,1877; a.-87y

Clark, Nettie; b.1863 d.1921

Clark, Walter; b.1888 d.1907

Clemens, Henry W.; b.1841 d.1905

Clemens, Martha J.; b.1840 d.1907; on same lot with Henry W.

Clemens, Mary M.; b.1850 d.1923

Colborn, Amos S.; b.1844 d.1906

Colborn, Mary A.; b.1872 d.1909

Colborn, Myrtle; d. of I. and E.; d.Sept.21,1884; a.-10m 2w 1d

Colborn, Sarah A.; b.1845 d.1910

Colburn, Fred E.; b.1883 d.1889

Colburn, John W.; b.1842 d.1915

Colburn, Mary G.; b.1842 d.1920

Cook, Anna Bechtel; b.1856 d.1891

Cook, Salma; aunt of Mrs. Loraine Spaulding; b.1828 d.1915

Corwin, Mildred R.; b.Feb.14,1899 d.Apr.4,1899

Corwin, Clare; b.1883 d.1912

Cress, George E.; b.1850 d.1917

Cress, Jessie V.; d. of G.E. and S.; d.Feb.21,1887; a.-1y 5m 28d

Crotser, Aaron W.; b.1829 d.1901

Crotser, Mary A.; b.1833 d.1922; on same lot as Aaron Crotser

Cudney, Ada M.; d. of P. and A.M.; b.1883 d.1884

Cudney, Ann M. (Mother); b.1829 d.1898; on same lot as Peter A. Cudney

Cudney, Peter A. (Father); b.1818 d.1891

Cusick, Arthur H.; s. of C.S. and S.M.; b.1873 d.1896

Cusick, Charles S.; b.1826 d.1901

Cusick, Sarah; see Bowman

Cusick, Sylvia M.; w. of Charles; b.1834 d.1910

Davis, Lois S.; b.1848 d.1917

Davis, Marion L.; b.1911 d.1911

Davis, William E.; b.1842 d.1924; Custer Post 5th G.A.R.

Devine, Velda; b.1913 d.1913

Dochow, Wm.; b.1866 d.1925

Doty, Stephen; d.May 19,1888; a.-70y

Douglas,__; ch. of W.G.; b.May 28,1885 d.Apr.28,1887

Douglas, Julia A.; d. of W.G.; n.d.

Douglas, Walter G.; b.Jan.1,1841 d.May 6,1909

Douglas, Walter J.; s. of W.G.; n.d.

Eby, Benjamin W.; b.July 26,1839 d.Jan.10,1896

Emmons,____ (Father); b.1834 d.1872 (handwritten: Charles)

Emmons,____ (Mother); b.1839 d.1912; on same lot as Emmons, (Father)

Emmons, Fred (Son); b.1867 d.1906; on same lot as Emmons,

Finkbeiner, Elsia M.; b.1876 d.1914

Finkbeiner, Jacob B.; b.1846 d.1909

Finkbeiner, Mattie; b.1854 d.1908

Finkbeiner, Merle C.; b.1904 d.1905

Fisher, Mille; b.1890 d.1904

Forward, Carolyn; b.1877 d.1923

Forward, Charles; b.1868 d.1921

Fox, Levi J.; b.1862 d.1924

Freeland, Horace; b.Sept.17,1836 d.Sept.4,1902

Freeland, John A.; b.Nov.16,1882 d.Feb.4,1878

Freeman, Harold; b.May 18,1925 d.Sept.26,1925

Fulmer, Della; see Toland

Fulmer, Sarah McQueen; w. of W.K.; b.Sept.2,1840 d.July 6,1878

Fulton, Benj. L.; b.1818 d.1916

Gale, Angus; b.1878 d.1923

Gale, Catharine; d. of Geo. and Matilda Gehl(?); d.Dec.5,1882; a.-1y
11m 27d

Gale, Matilda; b.1852 d.1917

Gates, Doris L.; b.Jan.29,1916 d.Feb.3,1916

Geib, Ida E.; b.1884 d.1892

Geib, Ivan J.; b.1893 d.1893

Geib, Nelson W.P.; s. of Geo. and K.; b.Nov.28,1877 d.Aug.14,1879

Geib, Peter (Father); b.1852 d.1925

Geib, Philip; b.1859 d.1925

Gleason, L.D. (Father); b.1847 d.1905

Gleason, Mary M. (Mother); b.1843 d.1916

Glick, Albert; b.May 11,1863 d.July 16,1904

Glick, Franklin; b.June 41870 d.Oct.16,1875

Glick, Jacob; b.May 28,1842 d.Mar.22,1897

Glick, Nelson; b.Dec.6,1877 d.May 22,1882

Glick, Rosa M.; w. of Jacob; b.Dec.20,1845 d.Dec.13,1909

Graybiel, Hugh Manuel; s. of Hugh and Alice Wilson; b.June 26,1916

Green, Amanda; w. of Wheeler; d.Nov.21,1880; a.-39y

Green, Wheeler; f. of Anson Green (p.i.); n.d.

Haight, James; d.May 17,1879; a.-61y 3m 14d

Hale, David P.; b.1836 d.1911

Hale, Marcia P.; b.1837 d.1912; on same lot as David P. Hale

Hammond, William N.; b.1854 d.1909

Handerson(?), Alice E.; b.1862 d.1918

Handerson, Edward; s. of Chas. and Lizzie; d.Sept.15,1882; a.-11m 21d

Handerson(?), Elizabeth; b.1851 d.1885

Hardy, Homer G.; s. of W.T. and R.; d.Apr.26,1888; a.-1y 3m 10d

Hardy, Myron E.; n.d.

Hardy, Will. G.R.; n.d.

Heany, Mrs. A.J.; b.1863 d.1912

Hebard, Elizabeth (Mother); b.1824 d.1896;
on same lot as Dr. Frank F. Hebard

Hebard, Dr. Frank F.; d.Dec.1,1876; a.-31y 6m

Hebard, Milly; w. of F.F.; d.Oct.16,1872; o.d.

Heier, Julia M.; b.1863 d.1907

Heier, Michael; b.1865 d.19--

Heintz, Hazel D.; b.1902 d.1920

Heiser, Anna M.; b.1858 d.1915

Helrigel, Hariet; w. of H.C.; d.May 23,1884; a.-29y 10m 1d

Helrigel, Henry C.; b.1849 d.1920

Helsel, Emma; w. of J.; b.Apr.15,1859 d.Feb.22,1898

Hembling, Hazel; see Tolan

Hembling, Noah; n.d., abt. 60y

Hembling, Ralph Delmer; b.1886 d.1889

Henduson, (or Henderson), Guellma; w. of L.M.; b.Jan.29,1830

Henduson, (or Henderson), Lewis M.; b.Oct.22,1828 d.Dec.5,1896

Hess, Maude; b.1881 d.1882

Hier, A.C.; n.d.

Hier, C.P.; n.d.

Hier, Elizabeth (Mother); b.1844 d.1899

Hier, John (Father); b.1832 d.1913

Hier, M.A.; n.d.

Hill, ____; s. of Mr. and Mrs. A.W.; b.Oct.12,1876 d.Jan.1,1877

Hunsburger, __ (Father); b.1834 d.1908

Hunsburger(?), __ (Mother); b.1844 d.1916

Hunsburger, Frank; s. of M.; d.Oct.17,1866 d.Aug.28,1892

Ingraham, Hiram H.; d.Aug.12,1874; a.-47y

Jahnke, Otto C.; b.1884; o.d.

Jittings, ____(Mother); b.1836 d.1904; on same lot as John Jittings

Jittings, John; b.1872 d.1911

Johnson, Charles G.; b.1859 d.1896

Johnson, Christina F.; d.Mar.28,1907; a.-76y 2m 19d; on same lot as
Joseph Johnson

Johnson, Joseph; d.Apr.20,1899; a.-74y 6m 23d

Johnson, Lizzie; d.Feb.23,1886; a.-21y 11m 12d

Johnson, Lloyd J.; s. of G. and H.; b.Nov.10,1888 d.Mar.18,1891

Johnson, Mary J.; b.1855 d.1922

Johnson, Matie S.; g.d. of M.B. and S.; b.Jan.7,1904 d.Jan.13,1905

Johnson, Michael B.; b.1817 d.1907

Johnson, Sarah; w. of M.B.; b.1823 d.1903

Jones, Elizabeth D.; b.Jan.1,1815 d.June 20,1898

Jones, Geo. H.; b.1853 d.1918

Jones, Lewellyn Ross; b.1864 d.1920

Jones, Louie; d. of G.H. and N.L.; b.1888 d.1889

Jones, Nellie L.; w. of Geo. H.; b.1861 d.1916

Keagle, Geo. Henry; b.Oct.-,1923 d.Jan.-,1924

Kelsey, Pearl; see Woodward

Kennedy, Eliza; w. of James; b.July 11,1824 d.Dec.7,1903

Kennedy, Harry J.; b.Sept.15,1896 d.Mar.3,1918

Kennedy, James; b.Jan.21,1824 d.Mar.3,1898

Kent, Emma; w. of Wm.H.; b.1857; o.d.

Kent, William H.; b.1849 d.1905

Kermeen, Caroline; w. of Wm.; b.1866 d.19--

Kermeen, William; b.1857 d.1920

Kinsey(?), Carrie E.; b.1869 d.1916

Kinsey, Claude; s. of J. and J.; d.Aug.27,1882; a.-4m 8d

Kinsey, David; b.Aug.22,1830 d.May 20,1893

Kinsey, E. Eldorado; b.July12,1898 d.Feb.11,1899

Kinsey, Farres; s. of J.S. and J.D.; d.Apr.6,1875; a.-2m 7d

Kinsey, Gilbert; s. of J. and J.; d.Aug.10,1874; a.-11m 8d

Kinsey, Isaac; b.Jan.23,1835 d.Sept.26,1906

Kinsey, John H.; b.1864 d.1924

Kinsey, Laura H.; b.Nov.2,1878 d.May 7,1905

Kinsey, Louis; b.Sept.5,1857 d.Dec.26,1918

Kinsey, Mahala; b.1870 d.1920

Kinsey, Nancy; w. of David; b.May 14,1839; o.d.

Kinsey, Owen; b.Apr.29,1866 d.Apr.10,1897

Kinsey, Whilemina; b.Feb.4,1836 d.May 14,1910; on lot with Isaac Kinsey

Konkle, Abram (Father); b.1853 d.1916

Kraft, Esther; b.Apr.19,1849; o.d.; on same lot as John B. Kraft.

Kraft, Esther; w. of Geo.; d.Jan.4,1892; a.-81y 3m 4d

Kraft, George; d.Jan.24,1897; a.-87y 11m 10d

Kraft, John B.; b.Apr.6,1844 d.Dec.26,1922

Kraft, Laura L.; b.Sept.16,1886 d.Jan.3,1902

La Fever, F.M. (Father); b.1842 d.1911

La Fever, Theodosia (Mother); w. of F.M.; b.Nov.3,1867 d.June 14,1898

Lehman, Abraham K.; b.1869 d.1913

Lewis, Cora C.; d. of J. and M.; d.Apr.7,1876; a.-11m 14d

Liebler, Jacob A.; b.1841 d.1915

Long, Henry; b.1840 d.1917

Long, Ruth L.; b.1902 d.1910

Loring, Charles; b.1850 d.1922

Loveridge, Elizabeth; see Apsey

Luethe, Christine; b.1838 d.1914

Luethe, Wilhelm F.; b.1843 d.1920

Luneke, Ena O.; b.1897 d.1911

Lymanstall, Samuel; b.1843 d.1912; Co. D, I.V.S.V.V.Engs (G.A.R.)

Lymanstall, Sarah; b.1847; o.d.; on same lot as Samuel Lymanstall

McQueen, Adelbert; s. of J. and A.; b.1871 d.1891

McQueen, Lorene D.; d. of D. and L.E.; b.May 28,1884 d.Sept.30,1884

McQueen, Sarah; see Fulmer

Marsh, Alvah N.; b.Oct.16,1836 d.Jan.5,1914

Marsh, Edward A.; b.1857 d.1925

Marsh, Elmy E.; w. of Alvah N.; b.June 21,1840 d.Jan.30,1896

Marsh, Mattie; d. of A.N. and E.E.; b.July 17,1857 d.May 6,1884

Marsh, Sarah E.; b.1859 d.1919

Martin, Eliza A.; w. of S.P.; b.1843 d.1918

Martin, Leander; b.Mar.9,1872 d.July 21,1899

Martin, Simon P.; b.1841 d.1907

Mayes(?), Chas.; o.d. 1907

Mayes, Walter W.; s. of W. and H.; b.Sept.26,1906 d.Apr.11,1907

Meiers, Eliza; b.Feb.28,1809 d.Dec.25,1892

Meyer, Jacob (Father); b.Apr.2,1829 d.Feb.26,1903

Meyer, Margaretha P. (Mother); w. of Jacob; b.Aug.30,1826

Meyer, Rosa A.; see Berry

Meyers, Clyde; s. of J.M. and E.; d.Feb.9,1879; a.-5m 15d

Meyers, Esther K. (Mother); w. of J.M.; b.Aug.6,1843 d.Mar.29,1891

Miller, ___ (Mother); n.d.

Miller, Ada; o.d. Feb.28,1881; a.-8m

Miller, Catherine; w. of Jabez; d.Apr.27,1889; a.-71y 5m 28d

Miller, Jabez; b.Sept.14,1808 d.Apr.14,1896

Moffit, Rev. Jasper E.; b.1844 d.1921

Myers, Albert; b.1849 d.1912

Near, B.F.; b.Oct.1,1854 d.Mar.30,1901

Near, Catherine; w. of Henry; b.May 8,1832 d.Sept.7,1908

Near, Henry; b.Dec.7,1826 d.July 4,1892

Near, Sarah A.; b.Aug.8,1857 d.June 5,1906

Negley, Rhoda J.; b.1818 d.1899

Newens, Elsie; b.1813 d.1874; on same lot as Thomas Newens

Newens, Jane M.; b.1854 d.1912

Newens, Lizzie J.; b.1873 d.1888

Newens, Thomas; b.1809 d.1875

Noffke, Calvin; b.1923 d.1924(?)

Noffke, Charles F. (Father); b.Nov.13,1843 d.May 26,1897

Noffke, Louisa (Mother); b.Apr.24,1845; o.d.; on same lot with
Charles F. Noffke

Nye, Chas. R.; b.1917 d.1921

Oatman, Mrs. Charles; n.d.

Oldt, ____ (Mother); b.1877 d.1918

Oosta, Marie; b.1910 d.1911

Palmer, Berton M.; b.1876 d.1919

Payne, Elsie O'Loughlin; b.Feb.19,1868 d.Aug.27,1914

Pease, Clinton; b.1903 d.1918

Peck, Joseph L.; s. of W.H. and M.E.; d.Dec.6,1881; a.-14y 7m 19d

Peck, Mary E.; w. of W.H.; d.Sept.2,1880; a.-41y 5m 29d

Pelton, Alson D.; d.July 27,1880; a.-32y

Pelton, Maude; see Thomas

Pelton, Warren A.; s. of A.D. and M.E.; d.Sept.3,1873; a.-10m 2d

Pickett, ____ (Mother); b.1859 d.1917

Pickett, Gertrude H.; d. of Joseph and Amanda; d.Mar.23,1890; a.-1y 1m

Proctor, Alice J.; w. of J.R.; b.Dec.7,1855 d.Apr.25,1896

Proctor, C.P. (Mother); b.May 3,1820 d.Feb.15,1891

Proctor, J.B. (Father); b.Nov.28,1823 d.May 5,1901

Proctor, John R.; b.July 7,1856 d.Aug.28,1914

Proctor, Mary Alice; o.d. Aug 8,1916

Proctor, Willie B.; s. of J.R. and C.P.; b.May 29,1854 d.May 1,1872

Raab, John J.; b.1856 d.1919

Raab, Leafy; w. of J.J.; b.1861 d.1915

Richards, Bezal E.; b.1838 d.1911

Richards, Laura A.; b.1843 d.1909 or 1905; on same lot with Bezal

Rogers, Emma; d. of Herman and Lydia; d.Jan.27,1898 b.Aug.8,1897

Rogers, Herman; b.Sept.14,1861 d.Feb.1,1899

Rogers, James; b.1866 d.1924

Rogers, John; s. of J.A. and S.A.; d.Oct.24,1858; a.-1y 3m 24d

Rogers, John A.; b.Mar.10,1828 d.Apr.9,1905

Rogers, Lydia; w. of Herman; n.d.

Rogers, Martha; d. of J.A. and S.A.; d.Nov.7,1863; a.-9y 9m

Rogers, Parker (Mother); b.1859 d.1917; the sexton said Mrs. Parker
m. Arnold Rogers.

Rogers, Sally A.; w. of John A.; b.Feb.14,1829 d.Feb.3,1897

Rosenberg, B. Frank; b.1858 d.1917

Rosenberg, Ida J.; w. of B.F.; b.1862 d.1917

Schiedel, Catherine; w. of Henry; b.June 23,1849 d.Feb.29,1904

Schiedel, Esther; w. of Henry; b.Mar.1,1844 d.Sept.29,1884

Schiedel, Henry; b.Nov.3,1840; o.d.

Schiedel, John; d.Jan.25,1885; a.-82y 2m 27d

Schiedel, Sarah A.; see Sherk

Schiefla, Eugene; s. of Fred and Carrie; b.1879 d.1919

Schroder, Henrika; w. of John; b.Mar.2,1878 d.Apr.29,1902

Scott, Ann (Mother); w. of L.; b.1836 d.1916

Scott, Levi (Father); b.1835 d.1922

Seibert, Clara; d. of G. and S.; b.Oct.29,1885 d.Mar.3,1889

Seibert, Claude G.; s. of W.H. and N.; b.1879 d.1905

Seibert, Gertie; d. of W.H. and N.; d.June 11,1888; a.-1y 3m 15d

Seibert, Helen P.; d. of W.H. and N.; b.1894 d.1907

Seibert, Novella; w. of W.H.; b.1857 d.1920

Seibert, W.H.; b.1856 d.1915

Sexton, Robert J.; s. of J.C. and J.R.; b.June 16,1893 d.Feb.11,1900

Shaufele, F.O.; d.Sept.29,1905; a.-80y 7m 17d

Shaufele, Mary; w. of F.O.; d.July 24,1888; a.-64y 11m

Shauffle, Jacob; b.Mar.2,1854 d.Feb.4,1890

Sherick, __ (Mother); b.1852 d.1913

Sherick, Mary; b.1879 d.1908

Sherick, Silas; b.1881 d.1907

Sherk, A.; n.d.

Sherk, Adam B.; b.Feb.21,1826 d.Mar.13,1899

Sherk, Angeline; d. of A.; d.Jan.10,1882; a.-30y 11m 6d

Sherk, Ann; b.1814 d.1899; on same lot with Joseph Sterk

Sherk, Eddy; s. of A. and M.; d.Apr.1,1874; a.-10m 23d

Sherk, Elizabeth; w. of A.B.; d.Apr.11,1887; a.-62y 8m 2d

Sherk, Elizabeth; w. of J.S.; b.Dec.6,1852 d.Nov.14,1892

Sherk, Everett; n.d.; a.-8y 4m 7d

Sherk, Hattie; d. of M.S. and B.; d.Oct.19,1879; a.-8m 17d

Sherk, Henry; b.1845 d.1898

Sherk, John S.; b.July 31,1851 d.May 8,1897

Sherk, Joseph; b.1808 d.1887

Sherk, Martha; d. of A.B. and E.; d.June 19,1877; a.-12y 4m

Sherk, Martha; w. of A.; d.Oct.27,1873; a.-43y 2m 16d

Sherk, Olive E.; b.1871 d.1873

Sherk, Otto; s. of J.S. and E.; d.Jan.5,1888; a.-1y 2m 11d

Sherk, Samuel; d.Sept.15,1871; a.-82y 4m 26d

Sherk, Samuel; b.Nov.3,1822 d.Jan.16,1900

Sherk, Samuel; s. of Samuel and Sarah A.; b.Apr.16,1870 d.Oct.9,1888

Sherk, Sarah A. Schiedel; w. of Samuel; b.Sept.26,1830 d.Feb.8,1912

Shisler, Adella E.; d. of J.W. and P.E.; d.Apr.7,1880; a.-14y 4d

Shisler, Ivie A.; ch. of J.W. and P.E.; d.Feb.16,1882; a.-4y 10m 28d

Shisler, J.W.; b.Aug.19,1840; o.d.

Shisler, Newton B.; s. of J.W. and P.E.; d.Dec.9,1881; a.-7y 2m 26d

Shisler, Phiannath E.; w. of J.W.; b.Apr.17,1843 d.Aug.16,1901

Simmons, Henry; b.1851 d.1922

Skinner, Erwin; b.1854 d.1917

Skinner, Harriet; b.1860 d.1922

Smith, Allen; b.1867 d.1913

Smith, Estella; b.1860 d.1915; on same lot with Lewis Smith

Smith, George (Father); b.Dec.23,1820 d.Nov.6,1901

Smith, Lewis; b.1856; o.d.

Smith, Nellie A.; w. of Allen; b.1876 d.1913

Smith, Sarah (Mother); b.Aug.16,1819 d.May 28,1895

Smith, Thirza S.; w. of J.L.; b.1845 d.1904

Snyder, Anna; w. of John; b.Dec.6,1842 d.June 26,1918

Snyder, Fred E.; b.1884 d.1911

Snyder, Jessie; d. of John and Anna; b.1895 d.1907

Snyder, Joe; b.1870 d.1920

Snyder, John; b.July 29,1839 d.Sept.6,1902

Snyder, Lottie; w. of Joe; b.1873 d,1917

Snyder, Oscar J.; s. of John and Anna; b.1900 d.1916

Soldan, Inez V.; b.1896 d.1912

Solk, Emma; b.Feb.7,1890 d.May 28,1890

Solk, Isaac; b.July 25,1861 d.May 16,1891

Sonnema, Etta; d. of C. and N.; d.Apr.6,1886; a.-2y 10m 15d

Spaulding, Loraine; w. of M.P.; b.Feb.12,1848 d.Oct.23,1902

Spaulding, M.P.; b.Feb.5,1843 d.May 23,1892

Staiger, __ (Father); b.1826 d.1906

Staiger, __ (Mother); b.1843 d,1924; on same lot with Staiger, (Father)

Statsick, Edward A.; s. of J. and A.; d.Dec.11,1890; a.-7m 9d

Statsick, Henrietta F. (Mother); b.May 10,1829 d.Sept.21,1905; on same
with Paul

Statsick, John; b.1858 d.1920

Statsick, Paul (Father); b.June 1,1846 d.Nov.2,1903

Statsick, Paul; d.Aug.19,1879; a.-57y 10m 5d

Stauffer, Amelia (Mother); b.1841 d.1903; on same lot with David

Stauffer, Austin; s. of J.M. and M.A.; d.Aug.23,1882; a.-6m 22d

Stauffer, Bella; b.1871 d.1896

Stauffer, David (Father); b.1836 d.1923

Stauffer, Eliza (Mother); b.1845 d.1907; on same lot with Robt.

Stauffer, Ella; b.1876 d.1910

Stauffer, Isaac C.; b.1807 d.1879

Stauffer, Isaac; b.1836 d.1925

Stauffer, Jacob M. (Father); b.1845 d.1916

Stauffer, Jane; w. of Isaac; b.1812 d.1885

Stauffer, Linas; b.1879 d.1901

Stauffer, Maria; w. of Hiram; d.July 12,1874; a.-32y 3m 14d

Stauffer, Minnie A.; b.1873 d.1908

Stauffer, Morman; s. of J.M. and M.A.; d.Mar.10,1902; a.-12y 11m 10d

Stauffer, Rachel; n.d.; on same lot as Isaac Stauffer

Stauffer, Rachel; b.1849; o.d.

Stauffer, Ray U.D.; s. of John and Rosella; d.Aug.25,1881; a.-1y 2m 1d

Stauffer, Robt.; d.Oct.21,1881; a.-34y 9m 12d

Stein, Catherine; b.1812; o.d.; a.-79y; on same lot with Samuel Stein

Stein, Leander; n.d.

Stein, Sam'l; n.d.

Stein, Sam'l; b.1811; o.d.; a.-77y

Sterzik, Joseph; b.Jan.8,1836 d.Jan.14,1902

Sterzik, Mary; w. of J.; b.June 7,1835 d.Feb.2,1916

Stone, Carrie E.; w. of Ira A.; b.Mar.4,1870 d.Oct.7,1891

Stone, John W.; h. of Phiana; b.1839 d.1921

Stone, Melbourn H.; s. of Ira A. and C.E.; b.Apr.26,1891 d.Apr.26,1891

Stone, Phiana; w. of J.W.; b.1841 d.1908

Strickler, __; b.1885 d.1886

Strickler, Mary W.; b.1858 d.1896

Stutz, Louisa Ann; b.1836 d.1909

Stutz, William; b.1834 d.1873

Stutz, Willie; b.1870 d.1872

Taberer, Rosie and Lillie; o.d. 1875

Tape, Russell C.; s. of C.F. and Bertha; b.1910 d.1912

Thomas, Maude Pelton; w. of N.C.; b.1874 d.1917

Timm, Albert; s. of Chas. and Sophia; d.July 11,1872; a.-4y 4m 23d

Timm, Henrietta M.; 1st. w. of Wm. J.(p.i.); b.1873 d.1917

Timm, Louise (Mother); w. of Henry; b.1813 d.1892; on same lot with
Sophia Timm

Timm, Sophia; w. of Chas.; b.1841 d.1909

Timm, Wm. J.; n.d.

Tolan, Hazel Hembling; 2nd wife of James; b.1890 d.1920

Toland, A.E.; s. of Della and James; b.1894 d.1895

Toland, Della Fulmer; w. of James; n.d.

Toland, James; d.Aug.10,1890; a.-58y

Toland, Jane B.; b.Dec.4,1827 d.Feb.22,1910; on same lot with James.

Turner, Robt; b.May 20,1835 d.Nov.18,1893

Uhlman, Amiel; b.Nov.12,1879 d.Mar.29,1899

Underhill, Lucy J. (Mother); b.Oct.24,1836 d.Aug.6,1906; on same lot
Alice Handerson

Vollwiler, Jacob; b.1846 d.1924(?)

Vollwiler, Mary C.; w. of Jacob; b.1858 d.1912

Wade, I.R.; n.d.

Waldeck, Alvin A.; b.1846 d.1912

Waldeck, August; b.1865 d.1918

Waldeck, Gottfried; b.1841 d.1914

Ward(?), Eugene; b.1853 d.1920

Warner, C.A.; b.1843 d,1913

Weaver(?), Anna M.; b.1866 d.1866

Weaver, Eli; b.1838 d.1881

Weaver(?), Eliza; w. of Eli; b.1840 d.1924

Weber, Joseph B.; b.June 23,1836 d.May 22,1894

Weber, Magdalena K.; b.Oct.19,1838 d.Aug.27,1900

Weitz, George; b.1845 d.1908

Welton, ____ (Mother); b.1841 d.1913

Wenger, Christian; b.Dec.22,1846 d.Sept.17,1906

Wenger, Isaac G.; b.1844 d.1919

Wenger, M. Elizabeth; b.1846 d.1921; on same lot with Isaac G. Wenger

Wenger, Wayne G.; b.1907 d.1908

White, Wm. A.; b.1887 d.1922

Whitney, Harriet (Mother); b.1835 d.1911; on same lot with Martin

Whitney, Martin (Father); b.1833 d.1903

Wilson, Eleanor (Mother); b.1827 d.1906; on same lot with Molyneaux

Wilson, Elinor Brida; d. of Manuel; b.Sept.11,1887 d.May 31,1888

Wilson, Margaret; b.1863; o.d.

Wilson, Molyneaux (Father); b.1825 d.1890

Wilson, Rice Roberts; b.1852 d.1925

Wilson, Sarah; b.1851 d.1882

Wilson, Vernon; b.1878 d.1882

Winter, Elizabeth; w. of Wm.; b.Mar.20,1824 d.Oct.4,1900

Winter, Wm.; b.Jan.2,1819 d.Oct.5,1901

Winters, John (Father); b.Oct.8,1848 d.Jan.2,1906

Witmer, Dianna (Mother); b.Sept.15,1834 d.July 9,1902; on same lot
with Henry D. Witmer

Witmer, Henry D. (Father); b.Aug.9,1833 d.Jan.15,1901

Witmer, Josiah; b.June 24,1868 d.July 13,1868

Wood, Wallace W.; b.1847 d.1891

Woodward, Pearl Kelsey; b.1882 d.1919

Zah, William; b.May 14,1854 d.June 5,1899

Document Source: Gravestone Records of Kent County 1925-1932
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
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