Joseph Andersch


Joseph Andersch, formerly a practical and well-known machinist of Grand Rapids and a highly respected citizen, was born in Bohemia, 10 Aug 1839, was there educated and there learned his trade.

About the year 1864, he acme to America, having learned, through correspondence with friends already in this country, of the opportunities offered here for the advancement in life of industrious and enterprising young men. Although he could have done well at home, progress there was slow and tedious, so he determined to seek a fortune in the United States. He landed in New York, but at once came through to Grand Rapids, then a comparatively small town.

Mr. Andersch had formed the acquaintance in the old country, of Miss Marie A. Riemer, who came to Grand Rapids a year later than the arrival of Mr. Andersch, and probably by a preconcerted arrangement, as he married her soon afterward. Both had good health and willing hands, and they determined to work together and gain for themselves a home, and more beside. Accordinly, he worked diligently at his trade and she took in sewing, and thus, through mutual industry, not only secured a home but a competency. To their marriage were born five children, viz: Mary and Joseph, deceased; Karl M., a professor of music and piano instructor, who learned the art in this country, supplemented by two years’ study in Vienna, Austria; William, a printer by trade, and a trusted employee of Martin & Wurzburg, being their solicitor, collector, etc., and Arthur, a natural musician, and now preparing himself for teaching. The surviving children make their home with their mother, at No. 301 Ottawa Street. Mr. Andersch was called away from earth on the 22nd day of April, 1897. He was a steady-going, honest and industrious citizen, and held the respect of all who knew him, and with the assistance of his beloved helpmate succeeded in rearing his children in respectability, and what is of more worth still, left them the heritage of an unspotted name.

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Created: 9 October 2007