Biography of C. H. Jongejan

(Grandville Avenue Record Ė June 11, 1915, Pg. 4)

The subject of this sketch is too well known to need any introduction. Mr. Jongejan was born in 1865, at the village of Pernis, near Rotterdam, province of South Holland, Netherlands. He went to school at Rotterdam, when a lad, attending college until 1883, when his parents decided to come to America. The family consisted of the parents and six children. They came directly to this city.

Mr. Jongejan had always believed he would like the drug business and for two years studied medicine in a doctorís office. This did not quite satisfy him, so he took up other avocations. For a time he was with W. H. VanLeeuwen when he conducted a drug store at 416 Grandville Avenue, where is now the DeKruif store. There he remained about a year. Then he accepted a position with George Steketee on Monroe street and there he remained three years, studying hard to bring perfection. By this time he had accumulated the required knowledge of the drug business, and passed the required examination.

He was with Jewett Bros. one year and with A. DeKruif at Zeeland, Michigan. Then he came back to Grand Rapids and formed a partnership with Henry Schepers. They then occupied the store where Mr. Jongejan now is. For five years they were together. When Mr. Schepers died, Mrs. Schepers took over her husbandís interests, holding it for five years. Then Mr. Jongejan purchased her interest, and has since conducted the business, which is one of the leading lines and one of the permanent stores on the Avenue.

Mr. Jongejan was joined in matrimony with nee Miss Cornelia Laban, twenty-three years ago. There have never been any children born to them but they enjoy life together in a modern home on Caulfield avenue. Mr. Jongejan says this is his first experience in office holding as *President, except as president for one year of the Grandville Avenue Improvement Association.

State Druggist In Session Here

The Michigan State Pharmaceutical Assn closed a very successful meeting here last week. The attendance was very large, and the discussions very beneficial. In the selection of officers for the incoming year, there were three candidates for each office, as provided under the constitution. The delegates, by a unanimous vote, chose C. H. Jongejan, the Grandville Avenue druggist, as their President. The Association is to be congratulated, Michigan is to be congratulated, and this district is to be congratulated. Mr. Jongejan has assumed the office, and will fill it creditably.

In the selection of a Treasurer, the city was also honored in the choice of J. C. Steketee. D. D. Alton, of Fremont, was re-elected Secretary.

The duties of the President, require much time and much thought. The M.S. P.A. Association is a body that is seeking better laws that will govern those in the drug business, that are not inclined to observe the present laws. This Association is bound to protect their honor and save their business. Mr. Jongejan realizes this, and will work to that end. He will have the support of the entire membership. He has already received telegrams, and letters from those who could not come, congratulating him. The Association was first organized in 1889. Mr. Jongejan has been a member for six years, and held the Vice-presidentís position at one time, of the Michigan State Retail Druggists Association.

In 1913, in Muskegon, the Michigan State Retail Druggists Association met in joint session with M. S. P. Association, and was then and there merged into one, taking the name it now bears. Three years ago Mr. Jongejan was selected as chairman of the membership committee the position held the past two years by Earl DeKruif. While acting, he did much to increase the membership and revive the interest. Many letters were mailed, urging, sending in membership fees and dues, and the result was satisfactory. Last year the committee on constitution and by-laws were required to make some revision, if they though best, to confirm to certain requirements. Mr. Jongejan saw no reason for a change and so recommended, at the meeting here last week.

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