David Barkley Comstock

David Barkley Comstock was born at Adams, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts on 17 Aug 1827 and he died at Grand Rapids, Michigan on 11 May 1874.

Mr. Comstock married at Macomb Co., Michigan (believed to be at Romeo) on 15 Feb 1849 to Barbara King Harris. She was born 15 May 1829 at Edinburg, Saratoga Co., NY, and died 28 Jan 1894 at Palermo, Butte Co., California.

Mrs. Comstock is listed in the Grand Rapids city directories through 1883.

(A marriage is recorded in Grand Rapids for a Barbara K. Comstock and George Tibbett on 28 Feb 1882 but it’s the only record of him that I found. None of her descendants, nor the Comstock genealogy book from 1907 mention her remarrying. She is buried in California with the name Comstock on her marker.)

1867 Advertisement
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Yankee notions, fancy goods, stationery, whips, cigars, etc.; are located at No. 12 Canal Street.
They are a live an enterprising firm, and do a large and constantly increasing business. 
They are also agents for the New York Knife Company.  Let all those who wish such goods as are mentioned above, give this House a call.

Grand Rapids City Directories for David Comstock

1867-1868 – D. B. Comstock and Parks (William R.), 12 Canal St., residing at 61 Lagrave, son of David Edwin, working as a salesman

1868-1869 – D. B. Comstock with Arthur Meigs

1870-1871 – has a store alone with son, Henry Adelbert, working as a salesman

1872-1873 – resident at Water, third below rink

1873-1874 – drugs and grocery, 27 Coldbrook, residing there also. David Edwin, a clerk

1874-1875 – drugs and grocery, 27 Coldbrook, residing 25 Coldbrook

Contributed by Chris Korstange (David Barkley Comstock is Chris' third great grandfather.)
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