BAKER, HARLEY NATHAN, Grand Rapids, Michigan, was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, June 19, 1864, son of Nathan C. and Carrie (Crocker) Baker. He attended the common schools of Iowa, was graduated from the high school at Independence, Iowa, and continued his studies in Upper University, Fayette, Iowa. His medical preceptor was D. P. Shattuck, M. D., of Independence, Iowa, and he studied for his profession in the National Homeopathic College of Chicago, in 1891-2, and Hering Medical College, Chicago, from 1892 until 1894, being graduated with the degree of M. D. He practiced in Hart, Michigan, 1894-1896 ; Chicago, Illinois, 1896-1897 ; Spring Lake, Michigan, 1898-1904, and in Grand Rapids since 1904. He was health officer in Hart, Michigan, in 1895, and in Spring Lake, Michigan, from 1899-1904, and medical examiner for the Metropolitan and Union Central Life Insurance companies at Spring Lake, his appointment holding good in Grand Rapids. Dr. Baker is a member of the Michigan Homeopathic Medical Society, the American Institute of Homeopathy, the Homœopathic Medical Society of Western Michigan, of which he is vice-president, and the Masonic and Knights of Pythias fraternities. He married Nettie B. Hodges, June 16, 1896, and they have one daughter, Dorothea Baker.

Source : History of Homeopathy by William Harvey King
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NOTE: Marriage date could be wrong, living together in 1900 United States Federal Census Spring Lake, Ottawa, Michigan

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