Reynold Weidenaar

Reynold Weidenaar was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 17 November 1915 and died there 23 April 1985.

He lived most of his life in west Michigan with brief residencies in Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas City, and old Mexico (on a Guggenheim fellowship).

Weidenaar enrolled at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1939 and began printmaking. Needing to support himself, he worked during the day and made prints at the school at night. He seldom was able to attend class but benefited from access to the school’s printing press. He produced a significant amount of his work during that one year in Kansas City.

Weidenaar returned to Michigan. He was the father of three children and diligently labored to record his visions.

He quickly achieved fame and received a long list of awards and honors. Reynold was elected to membership in the National Academy and later elevated to its highest rank, a full academician.


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