Mitchell Jack "Mickey" Stanley

Mickey Stanley was born 20 July 1942 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was a baseball player for the Detroit Tigers from 1964 – 1978. Stanley’s 15-year career is best remembered by the last few weeks of the 1968 season.

Stanley made his debut in centerfield with Detroit on 13 September 1864.

He was an excellent defensive outfielder and an adequate hitter. He was used main as a pinch-hitter, part-time first baseman and defensive replacement until 1968.

He earned a regular spot in the lineup in 1968 because of his fielding, his hustle and his .259 average.

The Tigers dominated the league with the pitching of Denny McLain (winner of 31 games) and the great defense from the outfield and infield.

With the American League pennant cinched, Stanley was asked to play the last 9 games at shortstop. He became the starting shortstop for the world series. Later, Stanley returned to center field for the remainder of his career.

He played full-time during the 1974 season and then a utility outfielder from 1975-1978.


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