John C. Sjogren

John C. Sjogren Birth: Aug. 16, 1916 Rockford Kent County Michigan
Death: Aug. 30, 1987 Rockford Kent County Michigan, USA
Rockford Cemetery

World War II Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Served as a Staff Sergeant in Company I, 160th Infantry, 40th Infantry Division. Near San Jose Hacienda, Philippine Islands on May 23, 1945, he led an attack against a high ridge defended by a company of Japanese riflemen and supporting pillboxes housing automatic weapons. Deploying his men, he moved forward, hurling grenades at emplacements and assisting the wounded. Moving ever forward he continued destroying pillboxes and rifle positions with grenades and dynamite charges. At one pillbox he was wounded when fragments from a grenade he hurled in was returned by the enemy but he succeeded in destroying the occupants. Despite his wounds, he directed his squad to follow him in a systematic attack on the remaining positions, which were all eliminated. During this action, he single-handedly killed 43 enemy soldiers and destroyed 9 pillboxes, paving the way for his company's successful advance. (bio by: John "J-Cat" Griffith)

Created: 27 April 2007