Armand Merizon

Armand Merizon was born 28 February 1920, Kalamazoo, Michigan to a family of first generation Dutch immigrants of French extraction. He spent his childhood in the neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, Michigan and began to paint at the age of 10. When 16 years old he won a scholarship to Vesper George Art School in Boston. After this training, he moved to Maine and began studying the sea which became a part of many of his paintings. Sometime later, he went to the Phoenix School of Design in New York and finished the coursework there. Armand has received many fellowships and patronages for artist performance and study in Europe and the United States. He has won many regional and national awards.

During his 70 year career, he has been selected for more than 30 exhibitions and gallery showings with his work being collected by patrons of this country and abroad. Many articles have been written about him. There have been limited editions of his paintings printed in the U. S. and England. He was a founding member of the Grand Valley Artists group which promotes art and the artists of Western Michigan.

In the late 1980ís he was diagnosed with macular degeneration but continued his routine, painting eight to ten hours daily. He is a master of fine arts, a true renaissance artist of the 20th century.

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Created: 23 January 2007