Josh Kalis

Josh Kalis, born 27 April 1976 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a professional street skateboarder. He practiced skateboarding on ramps in the Ottawa Hills neighborhood. He lived near Mulick Park. He currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He is known in the Philadelphia skate scene, once stating that he spent half his life in Love Park. He is known to be very good friends with another Philadelphia skateboarder, Stevie Williams. When Williams was younger, Josh had invited him to live in Kalis’ apartment rent free as long as Stevie promised to keep skateboarding.

Josh is sponsored by DC Shoes, Alien Workshop Skateboards, Reflex bearings, Silver Trucks, and West 49 Skateshop.

In 2005, Josh was at the 9th Annual Texas Skate Jam.

In 2007, he showed up and skated in New York Mania but no longer is in contests.

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Created: 8 Sep 2007