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History of the City of Grand Rapids
by Albert Baxter
New York and Grand Rapids
Munsell & Company, Publishers, 1891.

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The following lists are arranged alphabetically in the body of the book, rendering unnecessary the repetition of the names therein in this index:

Members of the State Legislature from Kent county Page 83
Members of Old Residents' Association 145-147
Members of Police Force up to 1888 180
Firemen, List of, to April 30, 1888 186, 187
Deaths of Inmates of the Soldiers' Home 369-371
Street Names, etc. 552-557
Members of the Valley City Guards (Privates) 574, 575
Grand Rapids Volunteers in the War 600-602
Kent county Commissioned Officers in the War 602-613
Fatalities in the Active Service of the War 614-621
Weddings among the Villagers (men's names) 622-624
Golden Weddings, List of 624
Deaths of Village Residents, List of 624-628
Roll of Attorneys in Kent Circuit (1890) 757

Document Source: Baxter, Albert, History of the City of Grand Rapids, New York and Grand Rapids: Munsell & Company, Publishers, 1891.
Location of Original: Various.
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst

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