Addendum & Errata (Baxter 1891)


The making of history more than keeps pace with its writing. Since the printing of the foregoing pages, long steps have been taken in the progress of the rapidly growing city of Grand Rapids, only a few of which can be noticed.

The Kent County Agricultural Society has sold its fair grounds by the south line of the city, for about $70,000, to Joseph Houseman, who has platted it into city lots. The society has purchased new ground, upward of 100 acres, about two miles further south, and the work of fitting them up has begun. Street railway extension to the ground is also in progress.

The North Park Street Railway has been in full operation, by steam motor, during the summer of 1890. At its northern terminus a fine "pavilion" is erected, a resort for picnic parties, for pleasure and recreation, as inviting as any in the State. It stands at the east end of the bridge across Grand River.

The Reeds Lake Electric Railway in the latter part of the summer of 1890 began running cars by electric power.

The Valley City Street and Cable Railway Company, in the latter part of October, 1890, purchased the plant and franchise of the Street Railway Company of Grand Rapids, and thus the entire street railway system in the city passes under one control. The transfer was made October 25. The two companies by name still exist, with a common ownership. Preparations are going forward to change from horse power to electric propulsion on the greater part of the Street Railway Company lines.

A marked advance in the improvement of business streets is made. Canal street from Pearl to Bridge, in the early part of the summer of 1890, was ordered paved with asphalt. This work is progressing, and asphalt paving began October 25, in that part between Lyon and Bridge streets.


Page 21, column 1, line 10: for Julius, read Jules
Page 48, col. 2, line 17; for New York, read Detroit
Page 58, col. 1, line 2 from bottom; for Campau, read Marsac
Page 101, col. 1, line 22; for 1834, read 1832
Page 118, col. 2, line 4; for William, read Willard
Page 120, col. 2, second paragraph; for Jan. 10, read Jan. 5, and for Nov. 6, read Nov.16
Page 147, last line; for A. B. Sinclair, read A. P. Sinclair
Page 168, first line; for Simon, read Simeon
Page 175, col. 1, line 24; for Daniel Worth, read Daniel North
Page 197, col. 1, line 30; for Phobe, read Phoebe
Page 216, col. 2, line 18 from bottom; for J. W. Barnett, read J. M. Barnett
Page 220, col. 1, near bottom--a pretty romance, perhaps, but not the fact, as appears later in the book. Mr. Walker did not marry Celestia, but Mary Hinsdill. Celestia is yet living, a maiden lady, 74 years of age. Hinsdill and Hinsdale are different spellings of the same name by different branches of the family. A similar remark will apply to the Rathbuns and Rathbones; they are branches of one family.
Page 227, col. 2, line 6; for Omako, read Omaha.
Page 230, col. 2, line 24 from bottom; for Junius H. H. Hatch, read Junius H. Hatch.
Page 232, col. 2, line 23; for H. S. Ellsworth, read H. L. Ellsworth
Page 255, col. 2, line 22 from bottom; for Baar, read Barr
Page 250, col. 2, line 28; for Barclay, read Barker
Page 268 col. 1, line 19 from bottom; for It objects, read Its objects.
Page 276, col. 2, line 6 from bottom; for Merriman, read Merriam
Page 277, col. 2, line 4; for Pulmonaris, read Pulmonalis
Page 363, col. 1, line 23; for L. V., read L. B.
Page 401, col. 2, line 25; for Rathbone, read Rathburn
Page 452, col. 1, line 23 from bottom; for Luman read Alanson--Luman Powers was a blacksmith
Page 460, col. 2, line 20; for Wexford, read Manistee
Page 460, col. 2, line 29; for daughter, read son
Page 556, col. 2, line 9 from bottom; for George P. Calder, read John P. Calder
Page 599, col. 2, line 9 from bottom; for 1867, read 1870
Page 623, col. 2, line 15 from bottom; for Mary A. Hinsdill, read Mary Hinsdill
Page 623, last line and wherever the same name appears; for Marian, read Marion
Page 732, col. 1, line 6, for Benjamin Graves, read Benjamin F. Graves
Page 737, col. 1., line 22; for Walsh, read Walch
Page 746, col. 2, line 25 from bottom; for Halmer E. Emmons, read Halmer H. Emmons
Page 748, col. 2, lines 8 and 13; for Swain, read Swayne
Page 751, col. 1, line 5; for I. S. Turner, read I. M. Turner
Page 755, col. 1., line 10 from bottom; for Lawrence, read Laurens
Page 757, in list of lawyers; for Howell, Charles G., read Howell, Charles C.

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