Chapter LVII.

Orders, Societies and Clubs.

Masonic Bodies.

Grand Lodge, F. and A. M. Organized in 1844. Grand Masters elected from Grand Rapids have been: Lovell Moore, 1864; John W. Champlin, 1871; Wm. Dunham, 1877; R. C. Hatheway, 1887. Officers in 1890: Grand Master, John S. Cross; Grand Secretary, Wm. P. Innes (now in his fourteenth year of service).

Grand River Lodge No. 34, F. and A. M. Instituted March 19, 1849, under dispensation from the Grand Master of the State. First officers: W.M., Truman H. Lyon; S. W., Ira S. Hatch; J.W., Aaron Dikeman; Treasurer, Harry Eaton; Secretary, Wm. D. Moore; S. D., Julius Granger; J. D., George M. Mills; Tyler, Harry Dean. 1890: W. M., George B. Catlin; Secretary, Lester A. Rogers; Treasurer, Ebenezer Anderson. Membership, 522.

Valley City Lodge No. 86 First meeting under dispensation, Nov. 25, 1856. First officers: W.M., David S. Leavitt; S. W., James W. Sligh; J. W., Edward S. Earle; Treas., Seymour S. Porter; Sec., Wm. H. Reynolds. 1890: W. M., Edwin L. Bowring; S. W., Edward A. Vatter; J. W., Abraham Schaaf; Treas., E. D. Benedict; Sec., James N. Davis. Has 258 members.

Doric Lodge No. 342, F. and A. M. Instituted January, 1877. First Master Wm. K. Wheeler. Officers 1890: W.M., Charles E. Hollace; Sec., William M. Adams; Treas., T. W. Strahan. Had in spring of 1889, 109 members.

Grand Chapter R. A. M. Organized in 1848. Wm. P. Innes of this city, was Grand High Priest in 1860; Charles H. Brown, in 1860; Charles H. Brown, 1870; L. H. Randall, in 1872; C. J. Kruger, in 1878. Officers in 1890; G. H. P., Wm. G. Hudson, Ludington; Grand Secretary, Wm. P. Innes (sixteenth consecutive year).

Grand Rapids Chapter No. 7, Royal Arch Masons. Organized March 19, 1850. First officers: M. E. H. P., Samuel L. Bigelow; King, Joshua Boyer; Scribe, Amos Robers; Treas., Truman H. Lyon; Sec. F. D., A. Foster; C. H., James P. Scott; P. S. and Tyler, Harry Dean. 1890: M. E. H. P., Harvey C. Taft, K., James Rowson; S., Isaac B. Mathewson; Treas., E. D. Benedict; Sec., James N. Davis. Number of members, 326.

Tyre Council No. 10, Royal and Select Masters Chartered in 1861. First T. I. M., Ed. D. Benedict. In 1890: T. I. M., George W. La Bour; Recorder, Harry K. Dean. The Council numbers about 150.

Knights Templar.

De Molai Commandery, No. 5, K. T. Organized at Grand Rapids, July 23, 1856. First officers: Em. Com., David S. Leavitt; S. W., James W. Sligh; J. W., Wm. K. Wheeler; Treas., James W. Sligh; Rec., John McConnell. In 1890: E. C., J.C. Herkner; Treas., Thomas S. Freeman; Rec., Ed. D. Benedict. The Commandery numbers upwards of 240 swords.

Order of the Eastern Star.

Founded 1876. Object to provide for the wives, mothers, sisteres, daughters and widows of Master Masons. Robert Morris, LL.D., was one of its founders.

Oriental Chapter, No. 32. Chartered October, 1883. Charter officers: W. M., Mrs. M. M. Parsons; W. P., N. B. Scribner; A. M., Mrs. T. W. Strahan; Treas., T. N. Strahan; Sec., Miss Lizzie Anderson. 1888: W.M., Mrs. T. W. Strahan; W. P., A. W. Johnston; A. M., Mrs. F. W. Spraker; Treas., Mrs. O. L. Davidson; Sec., Miss Lyn L. Carle. From a charter membership of about twenty, the lodge had grown to number 127 in 1888.

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.

Moriah Lodge of Perfection, P. and S.M. Organized April 23, 1868. T. P. G. M., E. D. Benedict; H. T. D. G. M., P. V. Fox; G. K. of S. and A., Charlie T. Hills. In 1890: T. P. G. M., Charles Gay, Big Rapids; G. S. K. of S. and A., Samuel E. Watson.

Cyrus Council Princes of Jerusalem Organized April 24, 1868. First officers: M. E. S. P. G. M., J. W. Champlin; V. G. S. K. of S. and A., George Vorrhis; 1890: M. E. S. P. G. M., L. B. Winsor; V. G. S. K. of S. and A., Samuel E. Watson.

Robinson Chapter of Rose Croix de H-R-D-M. Organized at Kalamazoo, under charter dated Dec. 10, 1886. Reorganized at Grand Rapids, Aug. 15, 1878. Officers: M. W. and P. M., Wm. P. Innes; R. and P. K. Treas., J. Barth; R. and P. K. Sec., Richard D. Swartout. In 1890; M. W. and P. M., Harvey C. Taft; R. and P. K. Treas., Jacob Barth; R. and P. K. Sec., Samuel E. Watson.

DeWitt Clinton Consistory S. P. R. S. 32 degrees. Organized at Kalamazoo. Date of charter, Dec. 1, 1866. First officers: Commander-in-Chief Charles H. Brown; Grand Minister of State and Grand Orator, Foster Pratt; Grand Chancellor, Colly A. Foster; Grand Sec. And Keeper of Seals and Archives, James W. Hopkins; Grand Treasurer, George H. Gale; Grand Engineer and Architect, John B. Robinson. August 15, 1878, the charter having been burned, they reorganized at Grand Rapids. Officers in 1890: I. C. C., E. C. Fox; Treas., J. Barth; I. G. S. and K. of S. and A., L. A. Rogers.

Saladin Temple.

Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Organized under dispensation April 2, 1886. Charter June 20, 1886. 1890: Potentate, George F. Buss; C. R., Francis Letellier; Asst., R., Harry K. Dean; Rec., Samuel E. Watson.

North Star Lodge No. 4 (Colored.) Officers 1890: W. M., E. M. Prince; S. W., James McConnell; J. W., Henderson Nelson; Treas., J. J. Adams; Sec., George Boyer.

Masonic Mutual Benefit Association of Western Michigan Organized July 26, 1875. 1875: President, Wm. P. Innes; Vice President, Crawford Angell; Treasurer, E. D. Benedict; Secretary, Lester A. Rogers. 1890: President, Wm. P. Innes; Vice President, Crawford Angell; Treasurer, Jacob Barth; Secretary, E. D. Benedict; Medical Director, A. B. Botsford. Object of Association Relief of families of deceased Master Masons. It has about 5,000 members.

Michigan Masonic Home Association Organized in 1885. First officers: Pres., Wm. Dunham; Vice Pres., R. D. Swartout; Sec., John D. Jennings; Treas., Jacob Barth; Sec., Wm. P. Innes; Counselor, George W. Thompson. The object of this association is to provide a home and care for aged and needy Freemasons. It has purchased a handsome site at Reeds Lake and is constructing thereon a fine building for the Home, of which the corner stone was laid May 21, 1889.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

The first lodge in Grand Rapids of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows was established January 15, 1846, with five charter members, not one of whom is now alive. They were Samuel B. Ball, Harvey P. Yale, William D. Roberts, Benjamin Smith and Joseph Stanford. This was known as Irving Lodge, No. 11. Its first lodge room was in Irving Hall, a large brick building near the foot of Monroe street, south side, and which took its name from the lodge. Irving Lodge continued work eleven years, and surrendered its charter to the Grand Lodge, January 21, 1857, at which time its lodge room was in Public Hall, on Canal street. During its life this lodge had a large membership from amongst the prominent business and professional men of the place. In this long list of names are found those of Charles H. Taylor, George C. Evans, Ebenezer Anderson, William Otis Lyon, Wright L. Coffinberry, Reuben H. Smith, John T. Holmes, Lewis Porter, Franklin Evertt, Henry Martin, Jacob Barns, Henry Smith, George H. White, C. P. Babcock, Warren P. Mills, T. W. White, A. X. Cory, Harvey K. Rose and Robert M. Collins.

Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 11, was the second established, February 5, 1858 a revival of Irving, No. 11, under a new name. First officers N. G., Lewis Porter; V. G., James M. Green; R. S., Eben Smith, Jr.; T., Ebenezer Anderson. Its first lodge room was in Commercial Block, which stood at the foot of Monroe Street, where now is the open space called Campau Place. From there it moved to Lovett block, and thence to the Pierce Block, under the Tower Clock, its present location. It is still prosperous and bids fair to continue its work "for the diffusion of the principles of benevolence and charity." It has a good outfit of lodge furniture and regalia, and $900 in its treasury. Present officers: N. G., H. N. Wilder; V. G., A. Guildhoff; R. S., D. E. Spencer; P.S., William Haynes: Treas., Robert W. Merrill. Originally this was what was known as a non-benefit lodge, not paying stated amounts and assisting only members who were in want. The by-laws were changed, and it pays a funeral benefit of $50, and $5 per week to sick or disabled members.

Enterprise Lodge, No. 212, was instituted Aug. 5, 1873 with 18 charter members. First officers; N. G., Henry Baldry; V. G., H. M. Reynolds; R. S., A. W. Paris; P. S., A. G. Duffers; T., Allen Engle. Its lodge room was in Luce's Block. June 29, 1885, it was consolidated with Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 11, to which it turned over its property and $549.42 in cash. Many of its 212 members are still with the Order in the various lodges of the city.

Wallhalla Lodge, No. 249, composed of citizens of German nativity, was instituted in this city January 20, 1875, with nine charter members. Its work was done in the German language, and during its life it was considered the most prosperous lodge in Grand Rpaids. Its place of meeting was in the rooms of Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 11. First N. G. Fred. Loettgert; R. S., Joseph Schursch; Treas., Joseph Woertz. It continued work until August 1882, when it surrendered its charter.

West Side Lodge, No. 250, was instituted, as its name indicates, on the west side of the river, Feb. 12, 1875. Its rooms were at 35 West Bridge street until 1887, when it removed to South Division street, where it has, in the Welch Block, the finest rooms occupied by any lodge of Odd Fellows in the city. Its first officers were: N. G., Jacob Barns; V. G., A. McDowell; R. S., W. H. Shaler; P. S., W. Bragg; Treas., J. B. Folger. Since its removal to the southern part of the city its growth has been rapid. It pays $5 per week to sick or disabled members, and has a surplus of over $600 in its treasury. Officers (1889): N. G., W. J. Russell; V. G., F. E. Bridges; R. S., George Bullock; P. S., E. P. Galer; Treas., Henry Turner.

Phoenix Lodge, No. 12, was instituted April 28, 1886, with ten charter members, who were already members of the Order and wished to establish a benefit lodge, all the others being non-benefit at that time. Its meetings are held in the hall of Grand Rapids, No. 11. This lodge has had a remarkable growth. Starting at ten, it has increased to 150 members. It has fine regalia and other supplies, and $1,500 in its treasury. It pays a sick benefit to members of $5 per week, and $50 as a funeral benefit in case of death. First officers: N. G., F. A. Brown. V. G., D. M. Guibert; R. S., J. N. Carley; P. S., George H. Jacobs: Treas., W. B. Randall. Officers (1889): N. G., Charles E. Osborn; V. G., Elmer G. Willey; R. S., B. Cognon; P. S., White R. Randall; Treas., A. D. Leavenworth.

Valley City Lodge, No. 157, is the latest of the subordinate lodges established in Grand Rapids, instituted June 20, 1886, with ten charter members officers: N. G., W. H. Siegel: V. G., Joseph Vancise; R. S., S. W. Davy; P. S., George S. Berry; Treas., T. P. Horton. It is located at the corner if West Leonard and Scribner streets, and gives promise of "Friendship, Love and Truth." Membership 73. Officers (1889): N. G., T. P. Horton; V. G., S. W. Davy; R. S., R. J. Smith; P. S., G. S. Berry; Treas., Warren Townsend.

The next grade in the order of Odd Fellows higher than a subordinate lodge is the Encampment, to which the requirement for admission is a scarlet degree membership. Grand Rapids Encampment No. 43 was instituted Sept. 1, 1870. The charter members were George W. Griggs, James D. Lyon, Ebenezer Anderson, S. O. Kingsbury, Alfred X. Cary, Jacob Barns and E. M. Fitch. First officers: Chief Patriarch, E. M. Fitch; High Priest, George W. Griggs; Senior Warden, Jacob Barns; Junior Warden, James D. Lyon; Scribe, S. O. Kingsbury; Treasury, Ebenezer Anderson. The fee for admission was fixed at $10, and it quickly acquired a large membership. It has worked uninterruptedly since. Its place of meeting has been in the rooms of Grand Rapids Lodge No. 11. Officers (1889): C. P., Charles S. Fortier; H. P., Henry N. Wilder; Sr. W., W. H. Renney; R. S., Adrian Yates; F. S., Josiah Dandy; Treas., F. L. Mattison; Rep. to Grand Encampment, Thomas B. Remmington.

Next, of the allied bodies of Odd Fellowship, is the Daughters of Rebekah, to which are admitted the wives and daughters of Odd Fellows. The rituatl for this degree was prepared by the late Schuyler Colfax, Vice President of the United States. Purity Lodge, No. 14, of this order, was instituted in this city February 22, 1879, with thirty-six charter members. It has continued to work up to the present time, holding its meetings in the hall of Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 11. This is among the most flourishing Rebekah Lodges in the State, and has a large membership of educated and enthusiastic ladies, who are earnest in their efforts for the upbuilding of the Order. The ritualistic work is done by the staff in an excellent manner, and they were selected by the Grand Master to exemplify the "degree" before the Grand Lodge at is session in 1889. Officers (1889): N.G., Mrs. George B. French; V. G., Mrs. D. A. Leavenworth; R. S., Miss Hattie Angel; F. S., D. A. Leavenworth; Treasurer, Mrs. William Haynes.

Patriarchal Circle.

Hebron Temple, No. 1, of the Patriarchal Circle, was organized in June, 1882. The condition of admission was that the applicant must be a Royal Purple Degree member of a live Encampment of the I.O.O.F. Among its original active members were C. N. Armstrong, Dorr Skeels, E. G. D. Holden and R. W. Merrill. It worked within the Order until January 4, 1866, when its members all withdrew. The organization continues, but has no connection with Odd Fellowship. Officers, 1888: O., John G. Steincke; F. S., H. J. Dibble; Sec., J. W. Fox.


This is the highest degree of Odd Fellowship, and was authorized by the Sovereign Grand Lodge in 1884. The organization is purely military in its tactics, which are based on those used in the United States Army. It is divided into companies (or cantons), battalions, regiments, brigades, etc. The headquarters of the Third Battalion, Second Regiment, Michigan Patriarchs Militant are in Grand Rapids, Adrian Yates in command, with the rank of Major. The cantons composing the battalion are located at Grand Rapids, Fremont, Newaygo and Edmore.

Canton Pierce, No. 24, P. M., was organized during the winter of 1886-87, and was mustered in March 15, 1887, with twenty-one charter members. The name was adopted in honor of Col. E. S. Pierce, who has been identified with the Order almost from its start in this city. First officers: Capt.., Adrian Yates; Lt., Henry N. Wilder; Ensign, George H. Jacobs; Clerk, Clark S. Slocum; Accountant, Miles S. Carpenter. Canton Pierce at once took high rank among the cantons of the State for military proficiency. It took the first prize at Muskegon July 4, 1887, for the largest and best drilled canton, in competition with Muskegon, Newaygo and Fremont. It has a membership of fifty, which is increasing, and is ambitious to be the finest military organization in the city. Officers (1889): Capt., Henry N. Wilder; Ensign, George H. Jacobs; Clerk, Clark S. Slocum; Accountant, miles S. Carpenter. Canton Pierce at once took high rank among the cantons of the State for military proficiency. It took the first prize at Muskegon July 4, 1887, for the largest and best drilled canton, in competition with Muskegon, Newaygo and Fremont. It has a membership of fifty, which is increasing, and is ambitious to be the finest military organization in the city. Officers (1889): Capt., Henry N. Wilder; Lt., Henry Maunder; Ensign, Josiah Dandy; Clerk, Wm. H. Ross; Accountant, M. S. Carpenter. Meets in the hall of Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 11.


Cowan Lodge No. 89 Officers 1890: P. C., H. L. Finney; C. C., Fred C. Temple; K. of R. and S., Charles D. Neahr.

Eureka Lodge No. 2 Officers 1890: P. C., H. F. Huntly; C. C., C. E. Ward; V. C., Alfred Wolcott; P., James Bayne; K. of R. and S., W. D. Pugh.

Eureka Division No. 6. Organized 1882. 1890: K. C., James Bayne; K. R., J. H. Tulip.


Grand Lodge of Michigan. Organized 1875. Officers 1890: G. D., L. E. Morris, Manistee; G. R., Dr. H. F. Thomas, Allegan; Treas., Jacob Brown, Detroit.

Samaritan Lodge No. 837. Organized 1877. First officers: D., Smith Pratt; R., Alva B. Richmond; Treas., T. J. Lucas. 1890: D., Wm. Hall; R., A. E. Brooks.


Great Council Officers, 1890: Great Sachem, Wm. P. Walsh, Grand Rapids; C. of R., John M. Herz, Detroit.

Kewahkewan Tribe, No. 27 Officers, 1890: Sachem, Wm. F. Penwarden; C. of R., Fred C. Temple.

Kewahkewon Association of Haymakers Officers, 1890: O. H., Harry Turner; C. of S., D. D. Hawes; K. of B., Edward Stein.

Owashtanong Tribe, No. 19 Officers, 1890: Sachem, H. A. Scudder; C. of R., John Atkins.

Shemenekon Tribe, No. 30 Officers, 1890: Sachem, George S. Spaulding; C. of R., J. W. Putnam.


Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 238 Organized, 1875. Officers, 1890: Pres., J. Ely; V. P., J. A. Strelitsky; Sec., M. Tyroler; Treas., H. S. Pressburg.


Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 116 Organized, 1886. First officers E.R., Melbourne H. Fordl Sec., Charles W. Chauncey; Treas., Charles H. Norris. 1890: E. R., L. E. Carroll; Treas., C. B. Judd; Sec., G. D. Bostock.


The term Heptasoph is derived from the Greek Hepta seven, and sophos wise. The order claims for its origin the Magi of the East. It has for its avowed object the improvement of the human mind, and the advancement of social culture among men, and has connected with it a system for the relief of distressed members, and the widows and orphans of deceased members.

Eureka Conclave, No. 1 Organized Jan. 29, 1886, with 64 charter members, and the following principal officers were elected: Eminent Archon, John Steincke; Recording Scribe, Eber Rice; Financial Scribe, H. Kohlepp; Treas., H. C. Russell. Officers, 1890: E. A., J. W. Fox; Provost, L. Masterdyk; Sec., W. H. Woodard.


A secret benevolent, social and semi-military institution, founded in Baltimore, Md., Feb. 6, 1873.

Malta Castle, No. 3 Instituted Oct. 4, 1887, by Deputy Supreme Chief, Arthur A. Higginson of Detroit. The Castle has a membership of 65, composed principally of young men. Officers (Jan. 1889): D. S. C., A. T. Driggs; N.C., J. J. Wheeler; V. C., A. Van der Meulen; P. C., J. Scherpenisse; H. P., H. D. Chambers; V. H., Eber Rice; M. R., D. Van der Meulen; C. E., James D. E. Chase; K. E., H. J. Dibble.

Malta Castle Military Band Musical Director, Orris Bonney.


Crescent Star Tent, No. 152 P. C., E. S. Schneider; L. C., J. Katz; R. C., W. W. Tanner; F. K., C. C. Scott.


Grand Council Royal Arcanum G. R., George W. Tracy; G. Sec., S. A. Griggs.

Bryant Council, No. 182 Officers, 1890: Regent, Algernon E. White; Orator, Daniel E. Corbitt; Sec., Myron E. Pierce; Treas., William R. Cornelius.

Valley City Council, No. 611 Officers, 1890: R., E. W. Fairfield; V. R., H. B. Fairfield; S., George D. Bostock; Treas., H. B. Baxter.


In 1859 there was in Grand Rapids a lodge of an organization known as the Sons of Malta, holding secret meetings, and nominally secret in its operations. Is sessions were held for a portion of the time at Odd Fellows' Hall, and for another portion at Public Hall, Canal Street. The order was understood to claim an origin with the persecuted saints of the Isle of Malta in the fifteenth century, but this was doubtless nearer fiction than reality. Its precise character and object were never definitely disclosed. The public gained an impression that it was largely for the cultivation of whatever was comic, droll or ridiculous in thought, speech and action. It had sufficient membership to give a long spectral procession one night, the marchers draped in sheets, which nearly the whole town came curiously out to see. Bengal Lodge was a short-lived society. The officers were: S. G. C., J. P. Thompson; V. G. C., Thomas Griffin; G. Ch., Thomas W. Parry; G. C., Samuel A. Judd; R., Charles B. Piersons; Treas., S. S. Porter.


This is an Irish beneficiary society which was established in 1883; the second of the kind in the State. First officers: President, Thomas Walsh; Rec. Sec., M. J. Byron; Fin. Sec., Thomas Davitt; Treas., Patrick Scally. Officers in 1890: Pres., Michael Colleton; Rec. Sec., James T. Moloney; Fin. Sec., M. F. Powers; Treas., Joseph E. Pierce. Local membership, 143. Its members must be Irish by nativity or descent, and Roman Catholics. The Society has a new hall a brick block three stories high on the west side of Ottawa and a little north of East Bridge street.


Grand Council. Officers 1890: G. C., G. A. Kirker, Detroit; G. R., E. F. Lamb, Mt. Morris; G. T., C. Ulstmann, Detroit.

Eureka Council, No. 15. Officers 1890: C. C., H. A. Leffingwell; P. V. C., A. L. Skinner; Sec., George B. Reilley; Treas., W. A. McCormick.

Grand Rapids Council, No. 36. Organized Feb., 1881. Officers 1890: P. C., I. Stewart; C., Holace Conckle; Sec., H. F. Huntly; Treas., Paul Morris.

Germania Council, No. 68. Organized March, 1885. Officers 1890: P.C., Charles Hoertz; C., A. Barry; Treas., Paul Friedrich; Sec., Heinrich Bohne.

I. V. Council, No. 17. Officers 1890: P. C., George E. Cogshall; V. C., Mary C. Flanner; Sec., simeon Sullivan; Treas. Arabelle Sullivan.

Valley City Council, No. 19. Organized Sept. 22, 1880. Officers 1890: P. C., Lorenzo Wilwerth; C., Emil H. Heyer; V. C., Mrs. Maggie Heyer; Sec., George D. Taylor; Treas., Mrs. George D. Taylor.


Oatley Division, No. 102. Officers 1890: C. C., Fred Volkert; Sec., F. W. Painter.


Grand Rapids Division, No. 69. Organized March 10, 1888, with J. S. Davis Chief Telegrapher and J. W. Braam, Sec. and Treas. Present officers: C. T., C. P. Bissell; Sec. and Treas., J. W. Braam. Object Mutual aid and benefit; and to elevate the standard of the fraternity.


Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. C. E., James W. Reading; A. E., J. A. Sanford; I. A., Wm. Smith.


Grand River Council, No. 62. Organized April, 1888. Pres., A. E. Brooks; Sec., W. J. Stuart. Officers 1890: Pres., H. B. Baxter; Vice Pres., George D. Taylor; Sec., J. D. Carson; Treas., W. H. Fowler; F. S., C. B. Kelsey.

Grand Rapids Council, No. 32. Organized 1888. Pres., Hugh McCulloch, Jr.: Sec., Robert Johnston. Officers 1890: Pres., J. Cooper; Sec., H. Hann; Treas., A. Almquist; F. S., T. W. Mould.


Grand Lodge of Michigan Officers, 1890: G. C. F., O. W. Blain, Grand Rapids; G. R. S., Albert Dodge, Fowlerville.

Kent County Lodge Officers, 1890: D. C. T., Frank Wright, Grand Rapids; Sec., W. T. Hawk, Grand Rapids.

Greenwood Lodge, No. 995 Officers, 1890: C. T., Metzer B. Barrett; P. C., F. W. Tidball; V. T., Mrs. James Bell; Sec., Mrs. M. Sherman. Trustees: M. B. Barrett, F. W. Tidball, W. H. Lampman.

South Enterprise Lodge, No. 20 Officers, 1890: C. T., George B. Ward; Sec., Mrs. Amanda Blaisdell; L. D., John H. Hensen. Trustees: George W. Osborn, G. W. Sinclair, W. W. Smith.

Crystal Temple, No. 25 Officers, 1890: C. T., Coral Thomas; Sec., Gertie Lucia; Treas., L. Myers.

Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 814 Officers, 1880: C. T., Nelson O. Palmatier; R. S., F. C. Elliot; L. D., C. E. Converse. Trustees: C. F. Mitchell, F. C. Elliott, John Mack.

Valley City Lodge, No. 52 Officers, 1890: C. T., Wallace Manning; L. D., Earle Stokoe; R. S., Mart Dey. Trustees: Wm. Manning, Glen A. Richards, M. W. Gill.

Veteran Lodge, No. 990 Officers, 1890: C. T., Thomas Burns; L. D., J. A. Bartholomew; R. S., George R. Turner.

Finch Temple of Juvenile Templars, No. 5 Supt., Mrs. Eva Gray; C. T., George Fortier; R. S., Emma Lewis.


Eureka Council, No. 39 Organized 1886. S. C., G. F. Whitfield; V. C., Mrs. J. W. Adams; F. S., J. W. Adams; Treas., T. S. Foot.

Grand Rapids Council, No. 29 S. C., Elsie D. Hosken; P. C., W. E. Knox; Sec., Eva Kinney; Treas. And Med. Ex., J. B. Hosken, M. D.

Valley City Council, No. 12 S. C., L. D. Randall; V. C., John Luten; P. C., J. E. Tatem; F. C., H. K. Whitmer; Treas., A. Coye.

Prohibition Club Pres., Myron H. Walker; Sec., Peter Reynders.


Custer Post, No. 5. Organized June 28, 1869. First officers: P. C., Wm. P. Innes: Adjt., J. D. Dillenbeck; Q. M., J. F. Fairbrass. 1890: P. C., Edward Racine; Adjt., John C. Klyn; Q. M., August Schmidt.

Custer Relief Corps. Organized Dec. 10, 1884. Pres., Mrs. S. L. Olmstead; Sec., Mrs. Emma Runions; Treas., Mrs. Wright. Officers 1890: Pres., Mrs. Eva Gray; Sec., M. Maria Sherman; Treas., Mrs. Alice F. White; Chaplain, Mrs. T. J. Lemon.

Champlin Post, No. 29. First officers: P. C., E. O. Stevens; Adjt., C. L. Shattuck; Q. M., Alfred S. Richards. Officers 1890: P. C., Hiram Madden; Adjt., S. H. Aldrich.

Champlin Relief Corps. Organized 1884. Officers 1890: Pres., Emilie Wilson; Sec., Hattie Padden; Treas., Delia Fox; Chaplain, Fidelia Dean.

John A. Logan Post No. 1. Organized March 16, 1887. P. C., Joseph O. Bellaire, Adjt., Vine E. Welch; Q. M., James Brisland. Officers 1890: P. C., Robert Hackett.

Amasa B. Watson Post, No. 395. Organized in October, 1888. P. C., W. H. Marston; Adjt., W. T. Johnston; Q. M., James E. Virgil. Officers 1890: P. C., W. T. Johnston; Adjt., A. N. Van Dyke; Q. M., James E. Virgil.

Amasa B. Watson Relief Corps. Instituted March 9, 1889. Pres., Mrs. Mary E. Sohn; Sec., Mrs. Elsie Skelcher; Treas., Mrs. Mary R. Smith. Officers 1890: Pres., Mrs. Ella Morgan; Sec., Mrs. Josephine Virgil; Treas., Mrs. Jane Petersen; Chaplain, Mrs. Ruth Pratt.

Sons of Veterans, I. B. Richardson Camp, No. 14. Officers 1890: Capt., George E. Cogshall; 1st Lieut., Charles O. Williams; 2nd Lieut., Lee Barrett; Q. M., W. L. Statts.


The Humane Society. The Kent County Humane Society was incorporated under the State law, at first bearing the name of "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals," which has since been shortened to the present equally comprehensive one. Its object, as may be inferred from its title, is protection from cruelty for animals, and this extends to securing, as far as possible, merciful treatment in food and water and comfortable quarters, as well as exemption from physical abuse, overloading and overdriving, or any sort of torture. The agent is made a deputy sheriff, with power of arrest, and it has jurisdiction throughout the county in all cases of cruelty by willful injury, or neglect, or sport. Its affairs are managed by a board of directors chosen annually in November, and who meet on the second Monday of each month. Beyond the fees for annual memberships, $1 each and life memberships, $10 each, the expenses of the society are chiefly borne by private contributions. It is organized November 15, 1883. First officers Pres., the Rev. Charles Fluhrer; First Vice Pres., Wm. Widdicomb; Second Vice Pres., Thos. Farmer, Jr.; Sec., C. H. Maxim; Treas., Crawford Angell. Board of Directors Charles Fluhrer, Wm. Widdicomb, Crawford Angell, Thos. Farmer, Jr., and Charles H. Maxim. Agent Wm. E. Cooper. In the second year John T. Elliot took the place of Widdicomb (resigned) as First Vice President, and thus the official board has been constituted in the main for five years. Officers, 1889-90: Pres., Charles Fluhrer; First Vice Pres., John Patten, Jr.; Mrs. Henry Grinnell, A. C. Torrey, C. W. Calkins, Miss Helen P. Cutler, Mrs. W. T. Lamoreaux. Agent, E. W. Wykes. This has been the most prominent and successful society of the kind in the State, and has done excellent work.

The Burns Club. In the fall of 1858 was formed a St. Andrews Benevolent Society in Grand Rapids, under its auspices, December 11, 1858, a large number of the countrymen and admirers of Robert Burns met at Luce's Hall and proceeded to form a Burns Club. As to who were the officers at the time, the records, the record seems to have passed out of existence; but prominent among the movers were Hugh Haire, Thomas Smith, Ebenezer Anderson, John Muir, John Paul, Anthony Paul, J. W. Sligh, John Monroe, John Mathison and A. E. Gordon. The five last named were appointed a committee to prepare rules and regulations for the Club. It was decided to hold a festival, and some thirty gentlemen were appointed upon a committee of arrangements. When this committee met it was determined to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Poet Burns. The celebration was held at the Rathbun House, January 26, 1859, on which occasion the rooms were filled with as jolly a crowd as ever assembled there. The celebration was held at the Rathbun House, January 26, 1859, on which occasion the rooms were filled with as jolly a crowd as ever assembled there. They had a "Scotch banquet," appropriate toasts, speeches and songs, and closed with dancing. J. W. Sligh presided, and John Mathison was secretary. The St. Andrews Society held its first annual festival Nov. 30, 1859, in Odd Fellows Hall at the foot of Monroe street. Thomas Smith was first President of the Society. In 1871 Dan McNaughton was President. The association continued under the name of St. Andrews until 1872 to hold occasional and some annual festivals. The Caledona Club was organized Jan. 18, 1872, with the following chiefs: First, John Muir; Second, D. McNaughton; Third, George McInnes; Fourth, J. McMaster. Secretary, Alexander Kerr; Treasurer, Andrew Reed. The St. Andrews Society rested, and this club gave a Burns festival Jan. 25, 1872, and several other entertainments in the six following years, including in its programme a variety of Scotch games and gymnastic exercises. The Caledonia kept up its organization till 1879, when its officers were: Chiefs, J. C. McNeil, John Muir, A. T. Gray; Secretary, J. B. Morton; Treasurer, Robert Sproul. January 30, 1882 after a successful gathering of Scotchmen at a Burns festival Jan. 25 a reorganization by members of the two previous societies, and others, was effected, and an association formed under the name of the The Burns Club of Grand Rapids, which has since had a prosperous and pleasurable existence. The purpose announced by the organization was that of "promoting the social, literary, artistic and historical association of Scotland," and to cultivate the acquaintance and friendship of their countrymen in the city President, Thomas Smith; Vice President, William Wallace; Secretary, George W. Gunn; Treasurer, Robert Spoul. This Burns Club has kept up its annual festivals and they have been successful and popular gatherings; enjoyable for their old-fashioned, home-like character. But there is imminent danger that they may soon lose their charm to the taste of the elder ones as modern innovations creep in. Thomas Smith was President until 1888. Officers 1890: Pres., Dr. W. H. Ross; Vice Pres., A. Matheson, Sec., P. Duthie; Treas., A. S. Paul.

The Peninsular Club. Organized Oct. 26, 1881. Pres., Edwin F. Uhl; Sec., John S. Lawrence; Treas., Charles D. Olney. Reorganized and incorporated Oct. 26, 1883. The club purchased a site 66 by 99 feet on the north corner of Ottawa and Fountain streets for $13,000, and in 1883 erected thereon a fine club house of red brick with stone trimmings, finished and furnished in excellent style. The entire cost of real estate and building was $50,000. It was opened with a grand reception party Feb. 25, 1884. The objects and work of this association are entirely social in their nature. It has a membership of several hundred persons. Officers 1890: Pres., Charles W. Watkins; Sec., John McQuewan; Treas., C. L. Lockwood.

Owashtanong Boat Club. Organized July 12, 1883, as an athletic and social club. Opened rooms in the Fourth National bank building, the same year. Pres., Fred H. Smith; Sec., Charles W. Chauncey; Treas., Asa B. Kennan. In 1886 it built a boat and club house by Reeds Lake at a cost of $12,000. In that year the regatta of the Northwestern Amateur Rowing Association was held there. January 1, 1887, it moved into rooms in the Barnhart building, northeast corner of Ionia and Louis streets, which were fitted up at a cost of $12,000. The membership of the club is largely confined to the younger men who have paid some attention to boating matters, and give social entertainments in their rooms. They have the largest and finest club rooms in Michigan. The active membership numbers about 500, with quite a large number of non-resident members in addition. Officers 1890: Pres., C. W. Chauncey; Vice Pres., C. W. Black; Sec., J. S. Knox; Treas., H. W. Nash. The club is in a flourishing condition.

New England Society. This society, organized Jan. 15, 1880, was an outgrowth of the Vermont Society, which was organized June 7, 1877. It is a social association of New Englanders by birth. The first principal officers of the Vermont Society were: Pres., S. L. Withey; Treas., L. R. Atwater; Sec., George W. Thayer. Of the New England Society the first officers were: Pres., S. L. Withey; Rec. Sec., Crawford Angell; Cor. Sec., James Gallup; Treas., C. H. Maxim. 1890: George W. Thayer, President; C. H. Dyer, Secretary.

Woman's Auxiliary. Pres., Mrs. J. Morgan Smith; Treas., Mrs. S. H. Cobb; Sec., Hattie Mulhern.

Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle, 1888 Pres., W. T. Wilson; Vice Pres., Miss Nellie Openeer; Sec., Mrs. W. T. Wilson; Treas., Miss Frances Streng.

Holland Scientific and Literary Society. Officers, 1890: Pres., H. Van Aalderan; Sec., M. Heering; Treas., C. Dykema.

Irish American Literary Society. Organized Dec., 1886. Pres., Maurice Shanahan; Sec., Mrs. P. Hickey; Treas., L. J. Quinn. 1888: Pres., Maurice Shanahan; Sec., Miss Anna Dunn; Treas., L. J. Quinn.

Shaksperaina Club. Organized April 23, 1887. Object: The study of Shakspeare's writings. Officers 1888: Pres., Mrs. Loraine Immen; V. P., Miss Frances Peirce; Sec., Mrs. L. J. Rindge; C. S., Mrs. F. A. Holcomb; Treas., Miss Stanley.

Parliamentary Club. President, Fred. Wheeler; Secretary, S. H. Randall.

Grand Rapids Equal Suffrage Association. Organized 1884. Officers 1890: Pres., Mrs. M. E. Bedell; Vice Pres., Mrs. E. A. Roberts; Sec., Mrs. Sarah Hosford; Treas., Mrs. C. E. Edgecomb.

Hebrew Ladies' Benevolent Society. Established 1871. Officers 1890: Pres., Mrs. Joseph Houseman; Vice Pres., Mrs. Abraham Amberg; Sec., Mrs. A. S. Davis; Treas., Mrs. Jacob Barth.

Roman Catholic Knights of St. John. Grand Rapids Commandery, organized April, 1888. Officers 1890: Com., Wm. T. McGurrin; Pres., James F. Grady; Treas., P. H. O'Brien.

Catholic Mutal Benefit Association. Branch 15. Officers 1890: Pres., Thomas Walsh; Sec., C. G. Pulcher; F. S., John Moran; Treas., L. J. Quinn.

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. Branch 48. R. S., F. Dunnebacke.

German Workingmen's Aid Society (Arbeiter Unterstuetzung Verein.) Organized August 19, 1869, and incorporated June 16, 1870, with twenty-three charter members. Object: The relief of members and their families in distress. First officers: Pres., Dr. Frederick Christ; Treas. Frank Kuenzel; Sec., Herman Vielkind. The society, reorganized Jan. 5, 1884, have at present $4,500 in their treasury and possess valuable real estate, including the brick building situated on Jefferson Street, and used for society purposes, which was built by them at a cost of $9,000. Officers 1890: Pres., Joseph Herman; C. S., Joseph Schultz; F. S., Edward Petsch; Treas., Peter Brown.

A. U. V. German Mutual Aid Society. Pres., Charles Scheufler; Vice Pres., Albert Damsky; C. S., Anton Elhardt; Treas., Gottfried Wohlgemuth.

German Turnverein. - Officers 1890: Pres., H. Marquardt; Sec, GustaveMann; Treas, Charles Pettesch.

Deutsch Kiegerverein. 1890: Capt. Henry Urbruck; Treas., Anton Bratt.

Grand Rapids Schwabenverein. Treas., George Rawson.

Workingmen's Aid Society (German.) Pres., Charles Scheuffler; C. S., Charles Bodenstein; F. S., Anton Elger; Treas., Adolph Wurzburg.

Holland Mutual Aid Society. Chartered June 9, 1876. 1890: Pres., T. Jansen; Sec., John van Osenbruggen; Treas., John M. Metz.

Dania Aid Society. Organized June 14, 1878. Present officers: Pres.,L. Graversen; V. P., C. Rasmuseen; C. S., Hans C. Sverad; F. S., Christian Neilson; Treas., H. H. Fitting.

Polish National Aid Society. Organized 1889. Pres., Bernard Centilli; C. S., Max Prelewicz; F. S., R. Kuchcinsky; Treas, Leon Centilli.

St. Joseph Society. Officers 1890: Prs., Joseph Brogger; C. S., Charles J. Eichelsdoerfer; F. S., Anton Padt; Treas., Anton Theisen.

Swedish Norden Society. A mutual aid society which was first organized Nov. 26, 1871, under the name of the Scandanavian Society, with the following officers: Pres., B. P. Bronkn; V. P., G. Gunnison, Treas., John P. Nelson; Sec., Oscar Caers. Reorganized under its present nameSept. 1, 1877. Present officers: Pres., Andre W. Comstedt; V. P., J. P. Nelson; R. S., S. A. Johnson; F. S., G. Hemple; Treas., Julius Johnson. The society has a library in the Swedish language for the benefit o members.

Soldiers and Sailors Association of Western Michigan. Organized April 8, 1886, with 117 members. Pres. Wm P. Innes, V. P., George N. Davis; Sec., H. D. C. Van Asmus; Treas., Loomis K. Bishop. 1888: Same officers.


Grand Rapids Base Ball Association, of Michigan State League. Pres, W. S. Earle; Sec., C. A. Scharch; Manager, Ed. J. Eagan.

Grand Rapids Lacrosse Club. Pres., H. J. Holland; Vice Pres., George Fitzsimmons; Sec., L. S. Godfrey, F. S., Thos. Finn; Treas., W. C. Smith.

Traverse Point Association. Pres., Oscar Conklin.

Michigan Sportsmen's Association. Organized 1875. Headquarters at Grand Rapids. 1890: Pres., E. S. Holmes, Grand Rapids; Treas., David W. Davey; Sec., A. L. Lakey, Kalamazoo.

Kent County Sportsmen's Club. Organized 1875. Present officers: Pres., E. S. Holmes; V. P., G. A. Gould; Sec., A. B. Richmond; Treas., T. Stewart White.

G. R. Bicycle Club. Organized July 9, 1880. Pres., Dr. J. C. Parker; V. P., W. F. Chandler; Capt., C. F. Rood; Sec. and Treas., H. G. Allen. 1890: Pres., C. W. Jones; Capt., R. B. Hain; Sec., H. L. Boge; Treas., E. R. Jackson.

G. R. Cricket Club. 1890: Pres., Peter Doran; Sec., S. W. Smith; Capt., David Forbes.

G. R. Pottawattamie Club. Organized 1886. 1890: Pres., E. S. Holmes, Sec., Mark Norris; Treas., Charles Kusterer.

G. R. Fencing Club. Organized May 1, 1887. 1888: Pres., F. J. Adams; V. P., Fred Matter; Sec., P. C. Cobb; Treas., George B. Caulfield.

G. R. Athletic Club. Organized 1885. 1890: Pres., James Tooher; Sec., Henry De Witt; Treas., Michael Murphy.

Valley City Athletic Club. 1888: Pres., Frederick A. Tusch; Sec., A. W. Seymour; Treas., H. C. Kendrick.

Swedish Rifle Club. 1888: Pres., Ulof Lindstrom; Sec., Alfred Vickstrom; Treas., Gust. Ifverson.

West Grand Rapids Gun Club. Organized March, 1888. Pres., J. T. Strahan; V. P., Frank Shattuck; Treas., R. C., Wharton. Present officers: Pres., Robert F. Logie Sec., E. J. Crossman; Treas., S. S. Palmer


Builders' and Traders' Exchange. Pres., H. E. Doren; Sec., John Sullivan; Treas., Warren C. Weatherly.

Grand Rapids Building and Leasing Company. Pres., James D. Robinson; Treas., Wm. Dunham; Sec., George E. Dowling. Same gentlemen constitute the Board of Directors.

Grand Rapids Loan, Building and Homestead Association. Organized June 1, 1886. Officers then elected and still unchanged: Pres., Joseph Houseman; VicePres., Sidney J. Osgood; Sec., A. E. Yerex; Treas., Edwin Hoyt, Jr.

Grand Rapids Mutual Building and Loan Association. Pres. Wm. Widdicomb; V. P., Crawford Angel; Sec., E. D. Horton; Treas., Thomas M. Peck.

Holland Building and Loan Association. Pres., H. M. Buhrmann; V. P., J. Snitseler; Sec., I. A. R. Van Dugteren; Treas., M B. Kimm.

Valley City Building and Loan Association. Pres., E. A. Burlingame; V. P., Thomas Hill; Sec. and Atty., Maurice M. Houseman; Treas., Hugo Schneider.

West Side Building and Loan Association. Pres., Wm. Dunham; V. P., Louis Martin; Sec. and Atty., E. G. D. Holden; Treas., J. T. Strahan.


Grand Rapids Freight Bureau. Pres., George W.Gay; Vice Pres., James G. MacBride; Sec., Charles R. Sligh; Treas., R W. Merrill.

Lyon Furniture Exchange and Credit Bureau. Manager, H. D. C. Van Asmus.

Jobbers' Association of Grand Rapids. Pres., L. J. Rindge; Vice-Pres., O. A. Ball; Sec., H. D. C. Van Asmus; Treas., Wm. Judson.

Mutual Home and Savings Association. Pres., James M. Barnett; Vice-Pres., E. H. Foote; Sec., W. C. Sheppard.

Michigan Business Men's Association. Organized 1886. Pres., C. L. Whitney, Muskegon; Sec., E. A. Stowe; Grand Rapids; Treas., H. W. Parker, Owosso.

Retail Grocers' Associations Organized 1885. Pres., James A. Coye; Sec., E. A. Stowe.

Michigan Dairymen's Association. Organized 1885. Pres., G. B. Horton, Fruit Ridge; Sec. and Treas., E. A. Stowe, Grand Rapids.


Among the early societies in Grand Rapids was lodge of the order of the Mechanics' Mutual Protection the first "labor union" established in the place, organized about 1849, and maintaining an association some ten years. It had a membership of upward of one hundred mechanics, employer and employees alike, having for its object the promotion of their mutual interests. Among those whose names are recalled in memory, the records being lost or destroyed, as officially connected with it, were Robert Hilton, Albert Baxter, Kendal Woodward, David Burnett, Wilder D. Foster, Orlando K. Pearsall, Henry R. Naysmith, J. M. Stanly and Benjamin Luce. The Society dissolved amicably about 1859, and divided its assets among the members. It held its sessions in Faneuil Hall for some years, and afterward in a brick block a little north of Erie on Canal street.


Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 8. Officers 1890: M.W., Fred T. Ryder; R., C. H. Winchester; F. S., H. A., Formby; Treas., H. A. Cooper.

Franklin Lodge, A. O. U. W. Officers 1890: M. W., John H. Payne; Sec, J. S. Livingston; Foreman, O. A. Patterson; Overseer, W. K. Schures.

Select Knights A. O. U. W. Officers 1890: P. C., V. J. Pickett; C., S. J. Pickett; V. C. H. Ryder; L. C., R. H. Spencer; R. C. H. Winchester; R. T., R. D. Teele; S. W., J. W. Walker; J. W., Uri Wood; Guard, T. H. Brinton.

Valley City Lodge, No. 116. Officers 1890: M. W., H. Acker; R., F. Fulhaber; F. S., A. F. Worm; Treas., F. C. Hammerschmidt.

Washington Lodge, No. 141. M. W., L. D. Mosher; R., E. L. Kellogg; F., Henry Kohlhepp; Receiver, Joseph Blanford.

Central Labor Union. Pres., Charles A. Hauser; Vice Pres., George Dean; R. S., M. C. Duffey; F S., D. W. Graham; Treas., Homer Cramer.

Wood Carvers' Union. Pres., John Dillen; Vice Pres., George Dean; C. S., George M. Peeps; F. S., J. Burnett; Treas., John Myers.

Salesmen's Union. Pres., H. Kohlhepp; Vice Pres, T. J. Host; C. S., James Weeks; F. S., H. J. Klevorn; Treas., C.. S. Bullen.

Brewers' Workingmen's Union. Pres., Fred Schmidt; Vce Pres., August Peters; R. S., Chris Dietsch; F. S., Fred Schoenhut; Treas., Fred Frey.

Furniture Workers' Protective Association. Pres., W. W. Hall; Vice Pres., Peter Ripstra; F. S., James Hungerford; Treas., Samuel Burrows.

Bricklayers' and Mason Union. Pres., Charles Wilsey; Vice Pres., John Keefe; R. S., James Laraway; C. S., Charles A. Hauser; F. S., Thomas Kelley; Treas., Hubert Hauser.

Carpenters' Union, No. 65. Pres., J. H. Payne; Vice Pres.,T. F. Hall; R. S., A. L. Christie; F. S., B. L. Prober; Treas., D. Graham.

Typographical Union, No. 39. Pres., John D. Flanigan; Vice Pres., R. W. Hulbert; F. S., John B. Greenway; C. and R. S., Louis Guenther; Treas., George S. Toot.

German Furniture Workers' Union, No. 11. Pres., Charles Voltz; Vice Pres., John Gaessler; R. S., John Mayer; C. S., August Lambert; F. S., Louis Steckroth.

Tailors' Union, No. 29. Pres., George A. Smith; Vice Pres., A. Zimmers; Sec., George Meyer; Treas., John Turner.

Painters' and Decorators' Union, No. 119. Pres., Charles B. Chappell; Vice Pre., S. R. Higgins; F. S., Oliver Allen; R. S., B. V. Wier; Treas., D. L Walker.

Cigar Makers' Union. Pres., George Martin; C and R. S., M. C. Duffey; F. S., Wm. Jager; Treas., Edward C. Burrell.

Barbers' Union, No. 8. Pres., F. J. Ingalls; Vice-Pres., H. Field; C. S., H. C. Cramer; F. S., W. Stilson; Treas., F. Ingalls.

Coopers Union No. 10. Pres., DeWitt Smith; Vice-Pres., John Scharfenberg; R. S., N. B. Crisher; F. S., J. C. Nugent; Treas., A. A. Price.

Wood Turners Brotherhood No. 1. Pres., I. J. Bates; Vice-Pres., John Laramy; R. and C. S., W. P Leffingwell; F. S., George L. Laramy; Treas., Burt Lake.

Musicians Union. Pres., Frank Braun; Vice-Pres., C. E. Fink; R. and C. S., Charles A. Hauser; F. C., D. E. Smith; Treas., Louis Martin; Board of Directors; Frank Braun, C. A. Hauser, Wilber Force, Orris Bonney, Fred Heald.

Journeyman Bakers Union No. 27. P res., Alex. Maxwel; Vice-Pres., Jake Hahn; R. S., J. M. Higgins; F. S., David Hunter; Treas., Charles Jandorf.

Document Source: Baxter, Albert, History of the City of Grand Rapids, New York and Grand Rapids: Munsell & Company, Publishers, 1891. (Name Index)
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