1917 Grand Rapids Parks
(From the G. R. 1917 City Directory)




Antoine Campau Park

Division Avenue between Ryerson Street and Delaware Street

Baldwin Park

Lake Drive and Fulton Street

Baseball Park

West side of Market Avenue between Cherry Street and Williams Street

Briggs Park

Southwest corner of Knapp Street and Oakwood Avenue

Cherry Street Playgrounds

Northwest corner of Cherry Street and Eastern Avenue

Coit Park

North side of Hall Street between Rathbun Avenue and P.M. Railway

Comstock Riverside Park

Monroe Avenue opposite the Soldiers' Home

Crescent Park

Bostwick Avenue and Crescent Street

Creston Park

Lafayette Avenue, southwest corner of Legrand Street

DeCommer Park

Grant Street and P. M. Railway

East End Park

Youell Avenue near Milton Street

Ellsworth Avenue Park

Corner of Ellsworth Avenue and Island Street

Foster Park

Corner of State Street and Terrace Avenue

Franklin Street Park

Franklin Street, corner of Fuller Avenue

Fulton Street Park

Fulton Street between East and West Park Avenues


East side of Bond Avenue between Newberry and Mason Streets

Garfield-Fletcher Playgrounds

Southwest corner of Burton Street and Madison Avenue

Harrison Park

North side of Myrtle Street between Muskegon and Alpine Avenues

Highland Park

West side of Grand Avenue, north of G. T. Railway

Hodenpyl Park

North shore of Reed's Lake

Hosken Park

Cherry Street and Diamond Avenue

Island Park

West side of Market Ave. between Cherry and Williams Sts (also Baseball Park)

John Ball Park

West end of West Fulton Street

Julius Houseman Field

Houseman Avenue, northeast corner of Fountain Street

Lincoln Park

Bridge Street between Marion and Garfield Avenues

Lookout Park

Fairview Avenue, northwest corner of Newberry Street

Madison Avenue Playgrounds

Madison Avenue and Delaware Street

Mary Waters Field

Lafayette Avenue between Cedar and Legrand Streets

Michigan Street park

Michigan Street, northeast corner of Coit Avenue

Monument Park

Corner of Monroe Avenue and Division Street

North Avenue Playgrounds

East side of North Avenue between G. T. Railway and More Street

Pearl Park

Walker Avenue and Fremont Avenue

Playgrounds, The

Southwest corner of Burton Street and Madison Avenue

Reservoir Park

End of Fairview Avenue

Rumsey Park

Godfrey Avenue between Franklin and B Streets

Third Street Playgrounds

Corner of Third Street and Broadway Avenue

West Michigan State Fair Grounds

Comstock Park

Wilcox Park

Youell Avenue near Milton Street

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