As City Librarian

Miss Steinmann to be Chosen This Afternoon
Committee is as One
In Favor of Appointing Her to the Position

It is a Question Whether Miss Canfield
or Miss Besancon Will be First Assistant

(Article from the G. R. Press, October 4, 1900)

This afternoon the committee on public library of the board of education will choose Miss Elizabeth Steinmann for the position of librarian, to fill out the unexpired term of Miss Lucy Hall, resigned. Miss Steinmann is the unanimous choice of the committee, including Trustees Joseph Albright, Martin C. DeJager and Edward H. Stein. The committees recommendation will have to be approved by the board at its Saturday evening session but its confirmation is taken as a matter of course. It is announced that there can be no opposition develop.
Miss Steinmann has been first assistant for some time and has acted as librarian at the hear of affairs since last spring, when Miss Ball was granted a leave of absence to regain her health. Miss Steinmann is a Grand Rapids girl, who has gained her experience in library matters in the library here, and is thoroughly familiar with the workings of every department, so that the committee is convinced that she is competent to assume control of the institution in name as well as in fact.
In the selection of assistant it is a question whether it will be given to Miss Ada Canfield, the present second assistant, or to Miss Anna M. Besancon, who is the older in point of service. Two of the members of the committee are for the selection of Miss Canfield and one is for the appointment of Miss Besancon. The members are agreed that in the event of Miss Besanconís selection as first assistant, Miss Canfield should be second assistant as now, and that in event of Miss Canfieldís selection as first assistant, Miss Besancon should be promoted to the position of second assistant.
The question of having one librarian in charge of the reference department will be discussed. All of the assistants, saving those mentioned and one other, are applicants for the position. It is thought that it will be best to have each assistant capable of taking the place in the reference department.

Miss Steinmann will probably receive $1,000 salary, that having been the salary at which Miss Hall took the place. The maximum is $1,500.

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