Murder of Josephine Oom
(Grand Rapids Herald, 16 November 1905)


The Grand Rapids Herald will pay $200 for information, brought first to The Herald Office,
which will lead to the arrest and conviction of the murderer of Josephine Oom.

Assassin's Victim, Members of Oom Family and Scenes of Tragedy

Josie Oom, the murdered girl.  Picture taken in her graduation gown.

Home of Oom Family In East Bridge Street


Left: Jennie Oom whose finger was shattered by bullet.
Right: Adrian Semeyn, brother-in-law of murdered girl.

Scene of tragedy in East Bridge Street looking west.
One cross shows where the rig stood when shots were fired. 
The other cross designates post behind which assassin hid.


Left: Scene where tragedy occurred on East Bridge Street
Right: Rig in which Josie Oom rode to her death.  Crosses show where bullets struck.
Josie sat on the left side of the buggy.

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