Views of the Pantlind Hotel, 1908 - 1964

Postcard of Pantlind Hotel
(Scanned by Evelyn Sawyer)

Views of the Pantlind Hotel, 1908 - 1964
from postcards were contributed by Douglas M. De Barry, Jr.


Douglas and Catherine (Michniewicz) Klinger

His grandfather and grandmother, Douglas Klinger and Catherine Michniewicz,
met while working at The Grille in the Pantlind Hotel in 1928. 
He was a cashier and she tended tables. Catherine was the daughter of Adam Michniewicz,
a Russian/Polish immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1904. 
He worked at Berkey and Gay as a metal finishers.
Douglas and Catherine were born, raised, and married in Grand Rapids on 2 July 1929.


Pantlind Hotel in the Center - 18 September 1908

Pantlind Hotel Dining Room, 12 October 1909

Pantlind Hotel in the Distance at Night, 17 September 1913

Pantlind Hotel, 9 February 1914


Pantlind Hotel, 18 November 1915

Pantlind Hotel, 24 November 1923

Pantlind Hotel Lobby, 12 July 1925

Pantlind Hotel Block, 1 September 1925

Pantlind Hotel, 24 August 1938

Pantlind Hotel, 10 August 1942

Pantlind Hotel, 18 July 1964

Pantlind Hotel, the Colonial Room

Pantlind Hotel, the Grille

Pantlind Hotel, One of the Rooms

Contributed by Douglas M. De Barry, Jr.
Created: 21 April 2007
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