History of McKay Tower

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The McKay Tower was built in 1915 at what is now the north end of the Monroe Street mall by Joel Guild and was a story and a half tall. In 1925, twelve more stories were added and sometime in the 1940ís two mechanical floors were added making a total of 18 stories. This was the highest building in Grand Rapids until in 1983 the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel Tower (formerly the Pantlind Hotel) was opened. It is located at the southeast corner of Monroe Avenue and Pearl Street.

The building was named for Frank McKay who bought the building in 1942 and renamed it. When he died in 1965 he willed the building to the University of Michigan.

Mr. McKay was a well-known businessman in Grand Rapids. The university sold the building in 2000.

Created: 23 April 2006
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