Masonic Hall, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Scanned Postcard - Created: 2 September 2006

The New Grand Rapids Masonic Temple
(Article and Photos, Grandville Avenue Record, 5 November 1915)

Vice-President Marshall

    The Masonic Inaugural Fair, November 19th to 27th, is an event that all Masons of Michigan are looking forward to with great interest.
     It will give Masons and their friends the first opportunity to inspect the splendid new temple that is the home of the order in West Michigan, located in the heart of Grand Rapids.  The new structure is six stories, costing when furnished over one half million dollars.  The structure will take care of the needs of the Masonic fraternity for years to come and has every facility, being the best appointed temple in the middle west.
    The Inaugural Fair and opening have aroused state and national interest.  It is announced that President Wilson will press the button that will open the Fair;  Vice President Marshall and other of the cabinet will be in attendance.  Governor Ferris, his staff and other state officials with state and national officers of Masonic bodies will also lend their presence during the event.
    Entertainment features of the Fair will divide honors with the impressive Inaugural of the new building and for nine days Grand Rapids will enjoy the most brilliant feast of good things that Michigan ever witnessed.
    Every nook and corner of the new temple will be devoted to some feature or attraction and the spirit of frivolity will reign supreme.
    Some 3,000 Masons and others will take the new degree, "The Fourth Wise Man"; a grand vaudeville show; six bands will furnish music; dancing, restaurant and cabaret novelties will provide entertainment.
    Every Mason in Grand Rapids will act as host to the visitors; the entire city will be decorated and besides the Masonic bodies that will take part in the great Masonic Pageant, the State Military and other organizations will be in line.
    The Fair will be a regular house warming event to which everybody is welcome.

Created: 8 November 2006