Postcard of the Grand Rapids Savings Bank Building, postmarked 21 August 1919
(Scanned by Evelyn Sawyer)
This was later known at the People's Bank Building.

Grand Rapids Community Savings Bank

Grand Rapids Savings Bank Branch
Corner of Division Street and Franklin Avenue

The site of the People's Building in 1836 was a barn used as a schoolhouse for pioneer children.
After the Civil War, a three-story brick building was constructed.  It was used to house the Grand Rapids Police Department from 1871 to 1882.  In 1901 it was remodeled for the Grand Rapids Savings Bank.  William Alden Smith became president of the bank in 1913.

In 1915, Mr. Smith announced plans to build a new headquarters on this site which would be 13 stories high.

The Grand Rapids Savings Bank failed during the depression and People's National Bank took over in 1933 and was there until merging with Old Kent Bank in 1958.

Copies and Scanned from G. R. Herald, 17 June 1923 by ES
Created: 16 October 2006